Dear My Love, | Musical Poem

I am writing a letter, for you, My love You are the first flower Blossomed in my heart You are the full moon In my night sky you are the only one In my lonely Island you are the one Who broke my loneliness Iam Confused Whether having anger or eager For a relationship I thought being alone As loneliness having fear as angry ness You shooted me I am wrong Not feelings alone Induced, Also the tears Not words alone restricted Also the arrogance Not my ignorance alone denied Also you denied ME When you gone away You completely ruled me Reason You are my BOON Oh my GOD Now only i know this I thought Only physical attachment As love You said Caring and respecting also i like to give, What i forget to give, I like to appreciate What i forget to care Hided one need to be in visual Separated one need to be united broken one need to be Healed fallen one, need to be blossomed i don’t have guts, to see i don’t have words, to tell my arrogance has shattered What i liked to ask liked to tell liked to live as a question i am lettering you Your’s lovingly Yours

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