Dear Pride // Christian Spoken Word – Troy Black

Dear pride, not sure how to say this…we
can’t be friends anymore. You see, I’m hanging out with Jesus, a better friend
than you’ll ever be. Pride you promised me a norm of free,
warm, notoriety, but you forked out in the form of cold, godforsaken piety, torn
between how people agree to conform and who I know I should be. I heeded your
consultation but you were a mistaken guide to me. You guaranteed me dignity,
an end to the ratty self-hatred, but I couldn’t see at the time how badly I’d
been baited. You’re overrated, like a cult classic that’s famous for being hated.
You faked when stating my pain would cease when I was “greater.” You promised me
a high platform of self-promoting fame, but it was a cold, strange, deranged kind
of thing leaving me estrange, addicted to the high of my own name. It was just a
lame game to you; for me a cycle of pain You said, “Just keep climbing those
ladder rungs till you’re done,” but there’s no top. There’s a sudden stop and a drop. I’m
undone. I fell below where I’d begun, hating what I’d become. I can see there’s
no end of striving, nothing new under the sun. I remember those late nights when
you shared whispers in my ears, saying by your measure I deserve better and “does
God really care?” You said He owed me love and grace, like I earned my share. You said I
could demand a blessing if I dared, because great “faith’ is what I beared.
Then you drug me to the end of the road and you left me there. I thought you a friend who cared, but you betrayed me like a thug. I was kept in a pit of
despair, pushed down the stairs, swept under the rug. You walked me down the
path of shame where you said I’d never trudge. you pledged I could live off the
respect on others faces. I neglected deep places in my heart that lie would affect.
By the time I could detect your true nature I’d been wrecked. I checked my
heart and found a part of myself I couldn’t face. When I elected to have
your lives injected, my purity was infected. My actions were affected I’ve made
mistakes I’ve since regretted. I was supposed to be this role model, an
example of right, I forgot I’m intended to the perfect example, Jesus Christ. He
surrendered what He deserved, had no ambition to be served. Unswerving in His
intentions, He wasn’t yearning for mention. His value and pension were found
in the Giver not the gift. He craved His Father’s affection, “well done” from Dad,
and that was it. People forecasted God’s might, not His love and compassion. They
fashioned reactions patterning deer-in-the-headlights. Some ran in fright,
others peered helplessly into the overwhelming light of this humble
carpenter by day, Holy Son of God by night. One sinner in particular expressed
what her Lord meant to her; she bottled her life savings, poured them out on the
floor. She weeped regretful yet hopeful tears on His bare feet. People looked; she
ignore them. With her hair on His feet she adored Him. The Bible says a woman’s
hair is given her as a covering. Now I’m not discussing theological assumptions
of that phrase, instead I’m amazed at what her actions that day say. The
condemning eye was hovering, she didn’t care! She laid herself bare, kneeling to the
ground with no feelings to hide, she laid down her pride. Fully confided she lost
face at His feet so she could be found. Then Jesus reached down. He astounded as
He abounded in grace, He said, “go in peace,” and that she was saved because of
her faith. Where this gospel is preached, what this woman has done will be spoken, an honor to reach beyond her wildest dreams, not just a token. Broken, she
uncovered her shame but Jesus covered her pain. It’s been said before, I’ll say
it again: Love covers many sins Dear pride, you want me to hide my sins
but God says He’ll cover them. You advised me to run again, Jesus says begin
to abide in Him. Dear pride, you can’t provide the grace Jesus dispensed when
he died. Favor’s not meant for they who have “never sinned,” but those forgiven.
Next time you pick to try your steady tricks on me, be ready. I’ll remember the
lowly, heavy tears of a humble, forgiven lady. I can stick it if the only
impression they possess when espying me is that he was just a nobody, crying
in confession at Jesus’ feet. I’d rather die a nobody at the feet of
my Savior and King than live as somebody who keeps company with such a thing,
Pride, ’cause even at my lowest point and my worst day I find Jesus takes me by the
hand and He pulls me up to His side. When I stopped trying to lift myself where I
should be, I fell into God’s loving hands and He lifted me. Hey y’all this is Troy Black. I really
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40 thoughts on “Dear Pride // Christian Spoken Word – Troy Black

  1. What up brother how you doing hope you well need from your side please help me

  2. Pride is very destructive. I’ve been a victim of it too. Thank you for your work!

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  4. It was really beautiful but you read it too fast to really hear all of it (too fast for me anyways). Would love to have a copy of it. Do you have it posted anywhere?
    Thanks for sharing 💖

  5. I have one question how do I love God practicaly every day through normal things in life? I mean when you have a girlfriend you can buy stuff for her, you can spend time with her, go in some nice places, but with God – loving him seems way too abstract. And I dont see very much about how to love God practicaly in the Bible

  6. Dear Troy Black,I'm semi new to your videos,so I just wanted to say..well thank you.The few videos I've watched have helped this young angsty teen find his way to stable faith,bless you man.

  7. Lowkey thought it was about pride month, happily surprised it isn’t

  8. Dear pride,
    Goodbye forever!
    I'm living no more for myself 'cause I'm dead! I'm living for Jesus!
    God bless you all with humility and obidience towards Him !

  9. God bless you Mr. Troy you inspire me a lot and keep praying for you always. You're part of the few God used and spoke to me… This is your calling.. Find it and change lives. And so I also started this channel . Rhema series.

    If you're reading this comment, the Lord help you, give you strength to overcome every weakness and the power to exercise self control and confidence. Have a nice day and God bless you so much.

  10. I miss being a poet, but this is very beautiful. It inspires me to want to write again and speak.

  11. Amen Troy! And all praises to our living Christ .Keep telling truths in a world full of lies.

  12. "PRIDE" the most dangerous and destructive feeling we could possess. It is the main reason why most of the people are not having a right relationship with God because of "pride". It takes "humility" for us to boldly come and kneel before the holy God. Let's end our relationship with pride and find time to know and have relationship with humility that may lead us to have a right relationship with God. By God's grace, Amen!

  13. #PRIDE; The Greatest Sin! – Addendum to my original post (which is the first four words you see); I forgot Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which is a sin which can never be forgiven. So Pride is possibly the greatest sin, second only to Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. #ThanksBeToGod!

  14. We all have the same friend…
    You see how Jesus connects us all?

    bye bye pride!

  15. What God is doing through you sir, is amazing. I've been deadlocked in pride but now I'll come forth in Jesus's name. Thank you


  17. Troy if you were a true Christian as I am I believe the Bible 100% its scriptures do not lie can you please read Wernher von Braun's tombstone Psalms 19:1 figure out what the firmament is and let me say this the Bible speaks nothing of a heliocentric solar system we live in a geocentric solar system as the Earth explains over 200 times God bless you Troy and I hope you find the true meaning of the Bible and where we live! I love everyone good or bad green brown black yellow white it doesn't matter we came from one and we will all arrive in the great Kingdom above the firmament as God speaks but you must believe Jesus died for our sins he is real he is my savior my Lord Jesus Christ amen

  18. Well done brother one of the sin that God hate the most is pride may the lord help us to understand that deep lesson

  19. That which is asserted without evidence can be discredited without evidence -Christopher Hitchens

  20. God has been dealing with me being more humble, then I see this video. ONTIME!!🤗🤗

  21. I love how Troy Black is living proof that artistry, creativity and art can coincide with faith

  22. Hi Troy, I want to ask you if I should share this video with my ex boyfriend. We just broke up a couple of weeks ago.. it hurts me but he doesn't want to know anything about me. He told me once months ago he is very stubborn… Should I share it with him?

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