Dear Sisters [Spoken Word/ Smash Poetry]

[MUSIC] This is a letter to all of the women who are
watching this video today who knows better than the Scarlet Letter (a letter that was
worn by a person convicted of adultery)than their sisters. Dear sisters, In my whole life and existence even when I
began to talk and breathe that I struggled every day to trust wholeheartedly men and
women especially men. From what we come to terms and face every day from bullying to
body shaming to even slut-shaming other women today. I heard so many things from girls and women
from a young age till the age they are at right now saying things like “I love her but
she’s a dirty hoe,” “She’ll be much prettier without that type of mouth or nose,” “She’s
not at all talented.” “She’ll never make it!” Think of the ratio. These are your sisters.
We do not exist yet we try to really exist somehow in our own existence but not in silos. I’m proposing to you right now that you are
outgrowing your own team and opposition to one another. Your own experience or lack of
each other. If we are all standing in belief for fighting for one another and equality.
There has to be some form of camaraderie and bravery. So, this is a letter to every woman
who is watching who thinks they know or knows better than their own sisters, in general,
to whisper about one another and backstab or showing such pure jealousy of their own
sisters. There is no progress when we march to a different beat of a song. There is no
progress when we march in different directions. Correction here – listen up and listen closely!
There’s no progress when we march in discriminatory sections. White women show up for your sisters of color.
Straight women show up for your sisters in the LGBQT+ community. Every woman, yes you
who is also watching this. Show up and have the guts to look at the differences in all
women because this seems relate like the difference is that it drastically of the question we
ask ourselves is: ls it really progress? We need to question ourselves or no progress
at all? We can not afford to divide each other since right in the early days of what we were
taught was to compare each other and to compete with one another no matter what it was or
who it was. We will compete with one another to the very end of our own death. You are
forever not devalued even if the woman you are sitting at or next to right now is to
be perfect. But, let’s be reak right now, there’s no such thing as being perfect. We
need to accept ALL our faults, our imperfections once and for all. You are forever not devalued
if your sisters are achieving greatness and achieving much more than you. You are always
of a greater price and value but don’t look at it as a price tag. If you value yourself,
value you and only you. Again, dear sisters, take a deep look and
breath right now and look around you as well as in the mirror and see yourself a little
clearer. Question: What type of woman do you represent and show for? Do hold yourself accountable
for your own actions, sayings, and doings. Show up for the sisters that you might not
know or even understand. Show up for those sisters who you might not even like you at
all or even they may not like you at all. Show up for all of us. For the unity and the choices, you will make,
begins with you and you who you choose to stand up for. And, the choices in unity, you
stand up for, ends with you also ……. [End]

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