dearest sierra – a visual poem

[typing sounds] Dearest Sierra,
I know You’re scared
The world is spinning off its axis The world seems like it’s going to end
And in some ways Yes
Your world will soon come to an end All things come to an end eventually
No matter how much we fight it No matter how much they fight
No matter how much things crash around you Don’t worry
You’re not dying I’m here to tell you that you will be okay
I have seen tornados Sometimes I can’t see them because
They reside inside my own brain But I have seen
hurricanes monsoons
earthquakes and storms
I’m shaking and tumbling Falling to my knees
Letting the feelings pour over me Flooding me
Dearest Sierra I know
You were never a good swimmer There are rough seas ahead
But you will stay afloat I am staying afloat
You’re lost I know you’re lost
Be comfortable not knowing where you’re going Be happy in the silence
The silence of morning It leads one to think
Be happy thinking And trust your thoughts
Dearest Sierra, I
Know You’re scared
But please Please
Don’t forget to love yourself Sincerely, yourself [music]

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