“DEBATE NIGHT!” — A Bad Lip Reading of the first 2016 Presidential Debate

***You can turn these captions off using the CC button below Left! Right! Debate Night! Welcome back everyone There’s still more surprises in store, but right now the contestants are playing a round of “I Can Do This!” And go! Well, I can do this: phbhphh Hoo HA! Hoo HA! Well yeah, I can do this: “Hep bah heva tubba too-pah peesa, hey hey yeah, everybody sing” Mmm, I doubt you’re quite THAT good And I assume I can ask you to sing, Mr. Trump? Okay I don’t want no big, fat, ugly baby I want a baby on fleek uhhh, that’s really nasty to squash a baby’s self-confidence like that Hey, hey, hey, hey, I have to say: You Suck. Squawwwkkk Well, that’s just stupid That is stupid. We know what that sound means: Mr. Trump, you’ve been selected for “Five Favorites” FIVE FAVORITES! (Cinco Favoritos!) Let’s begin Will Shatner Elliott Gould “cheep” Raw Lice FIVE FAVORITES! (Cinco Favoritos!) Well done, now Secretary Clinton a bonus question for you:: It says here that you plan to put an appliance into dead blind people Well, don’t think about the appliance Sometimes everyone has to believe That is a nonsense answer It’s nothing Ummm, it makes sense if I say that it does It’s Time to Act! Get ready everybody, because it’s Time to Act! We’ll provide various scenarios and situations and both contestants will act these out And Secretary Clinton, you’re up first. Hi Scott I will NOT give you a thousand; you’ll take $25 for this dress Hey, you can’t talk about my friend. Amber makes me presents. And I think she’s good at glitter Well, I hope you find all your kids, you know i had PLANNED to help you find them but it’s really windy now Uhhh. wait, this ain’t the way to the car! Uh oh – I can’t move – my face is frozen Well done, Madam Secretary Now it’s time for Mr. Trump to have a spin at the game. Look, Bill, it’s a penguin But you have an old plane. Santos, look, you have an old plane. Where are your feathers? Where are your feathers? Why can’t you fly? Okay Got it Hey Rocco…. Rocco, you want a shrimp? It’s not normal shrimp It’s giant Well maybe not THAT big It’s huge, okay? There you go! Nice job Mr. Trump hey guys… Two up top and two in the saddle I drank it down, but it’s tastes like wood Why don’t you move to Africa? Yeah move to Africa. I wish that you would because I will never move to that country. Yeah, she’s winning and stuff. Did you catch that? Woo! Oh yeah! This is so fun, it’s like going back to school in imported shoes and one perfectly matched pantsuit. I don’t want to talk about this, actually, because it’s time for “Honestly Now” It’s a chance for the contestants to share how they really feel about each other up on stage It’s rather vicious, yet a lot of fun too So, looks like Mr. Trump is up first Uh oh. I don’t like how you look, I don’t like your name, I don’t like your anything Well that is nice, ’cause I just hate you. And your fuzzy hair is silly The cute guys like ME have a thing you want And you know you want to lick my feet You know you want to lick my feet! And you should know you’re not always so safe! That’s pscycho…. let’s call the police because finally Donald said those words. Yeah, so…. Whoa, I just remembered I’ve got a dentist appointment so I’m just gonna wrap up right now and eat my salad before I go I rung a bell when the homies got hurt, ahhhhhhh I need no one Ahhhh, ah ha ha ahhh – DOH! That’s it We’ve gots to go! Left! Right! Debate Night! Mr Trump, wasn’t it you that said that black guys despise nutmeg? Well, you know, you look at it around the country and maybe they don’t use it a lot Whammy!

100 thoughts on ““DEBATE NIGHT!” — A Bad Lip Reading of the first 2016 Presidential Debate

  1. If the dickhead used a professional tool for placing dishes… such as: https://link.ui.com/# (Ubiquity's AirLink)

    He'd soon run into issues with his theories

  2. "It makes sense if I say that it does." I'm gonna use that line from now on 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. 2 corrupt warmongering pedophile rothschilds puppets.
    Killary's the lesser evil obviously now

  4. can anyone spot a mismatch in the lip sync…??
    i wouldn't ever believe that they aren't actually saying all this had i not Known that they aren't.

  5. Hillary Clinton is so disgusting I can’t even look at her lying face on a funny blr without throwing up

  6. This could of been ridiculously hilarious if you added politics to it favorite parasite? Democrats… lol

  7. “I hope you find all your kids, you know i had planned to help you find them but it’s really windy now” sounds like an actual excuse she would give lmao. wonder if that’s the excuse she used when explaining why they trafficked children from Haiti during the disaster 🤔

  8. That's not a bad lip reading..
    That's a correct lip reading…

    Things make more sense now…

  9. Hillary and Donald are both gross. 🤮
    I'm ashamed of you for bringing these two dickheads to the podium.

  10. "Well i planned to help you find all your kids but its really windy now" 😂😂

  11. You just made me look like a crazy person on the train. Laughing out loud like a psycho. 😂

  12. Does anyone have the link to the original? Is so hard for me to imagine it looks any different than this 😂

  13. It’s hard to believe this isn’t actually what they are saying, and they aren’t two alien life forms from other planets just passing as human because of some doctored audio reel the government puts out. Could explain the direction our country in going in anyway

  14. The Hillary Clinton voice sounds like a younger Ben Shapiro.

  15. Fucking scumbag Democrat piece of shit lying bitch smelly cunt Hillary rotten Clinton is the devil


  17. So the guy who made this hates women and thinks men are stupid. Yup that's about right…

  18. This was actually a really good one. I haven't laughed this hard, since I heard Herman Cain say, "Let's go parachuting on Tuesday." Lol

  19. "Two up top, two in the saddle.. I Drink it down, but it tastes like wood"…. Truly an inspiration.

  20. Put a hooded robe on Hillary and you have Emperor Palpatine, twice as evil and no make-up needed.

  21. I'm from Australia and I don't know much about politics but didn't that fuckwit on the right lose the election?

  22. Only thing that isn’t funny is that she still not in jail for mishandling classified information. She must be above the law but she’ll get hers


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