December by Manav Kaul | E 10 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales

Today, something’s a bit too mundane. Like those 12 moles on your body. Those 12 moles are like 12 months. I’ve always wanted to save the year. I’d clench my fist tight, but every month would giggle and
slip away from between two fingers, every time. And when the year would end,
and I’d open up my fist, I’d find that 11 moles had already left. But December would stay there, stuck in between the lines of my palm. Always. It was the December winter in Dilli, when we hugged each other for the last time,
saying our final goodbyes. In that mist, peeking out from your muffler, that December mole sitting on your neck, stayed with me after you had gone. The years end easy, but December doesn’t let go of my hand. Even today.

12 thoughts on “December by Manav Kaul | E 10 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales

  1. Awesome work sir….keep writing.
    And ttt please continue this series..

  2. It's so mesmerizing to listen to your voice. Plz don't stop this series ever.

  3. याद वो हर पल जब कुछ ऐसा घटा की तुम बदल गए मेरे लिए ओर मैं तुम्हारे लिए ।
    बहुत खूब साहेब 😄😊🙏

  4. Your voice gives me the chills. ❤
    Love the series! Amazing work ttt!💯

  5. Huge fan of yours:) love all your performances and now poems as well

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