Deep Urdu Quotes PART 2 !!| English Subtitles | Emotional Poetry |Heart Touching Urdu Quotes

If they can’t understand your silence….they won’t be able to undertstand your words. You can compensate for everything…..except for a broken heart. Sometimes its really difficult to translate sorrows into words. The lessons life taught me was never mentioned in books Looks gets a person interested…but its the personality that captures heart. When you are in love….. you don’t see any defects. Good people played a big part to inspire evil in me. Love is respect not a charity……you find it by luck not status. Not everyone can understand Pain behind a smile, Love behind anger and reason for silence. Words don’t have tooth …..but they still bite. A time come when you neither like or dislike a person because because he no longer lives in your heart…..So neither love them nor hate them.

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