Def Poetry – rafael casal – Barbie & Ken 101

sometimes i feel like i’m sitting in the
back of barbie and ken 101 a class were all in but never seem to
learn from some general ed requirement for students of
american culture one that convinces even the brightest of young women that sex is survival of the thinnest and im sick of this education that does not serve our best interest. my teacher has no face she is every revlon model women have ever chased her lectures can be seen in the backs of magazines, beauty ads and marketing campaigns. shit, just turn on your TV, this just in: “A skewed perspective for todays youth: yal’ ladies ain’t thin enough, fellas ain’t trim enough, want to be sexy? yal don’t go to the gym enough..” – cut to commercial. Come on, just tune into their maintinence team, tell you you’re ugly then tell you how to fix it with maybelline, please – they are just molding barbie to fit the new trend. Next their gonna have: “Club-hopping Barbie! (with thongs as accessories)” “Video Hoe Barbie (Abusive boyfriend sold separately)” “Under-aged Barbie (Koby Bryant/Michael Jackson/Insert inappropriate male here) included Or “9/11 victim Barbie” and Ken is proud to get recruited. problem is – all these teachings are womens decay, and my girlfriend is sitting up front and she’s getting an A this is where I start getting really pissed off, ok? When the f*ck did it become all about: “tuckin in the gut I wanna get the bigger breasts/ shit, I wanna fit a little better in a dress/ so let me get a little skinny, gotta fit into an itty-bitty size slimmer just to liven up the chest/” PLEASE, teacher teacher – I want to give my oral presentation, because I have a problem with the class and matter of fact, I have, a damn problem with your whole administration, youre the reason my girl won’t sit across from me in restaurants The reason she thinks shes overweight in over ten spots, less gut less pudge less looks, less real more looks more love more “Barbie appeal” oh shit, f•ck Barbie & Ken, their the reason 15-year-old girl’s arms are slit the reason 12-year-olds think skinny is a compliment, and now its too late I cant write my way through these bathroom doors, so I raise my hand in class cuz I cant take it anymore. Teacher teacher your lectures are backwards, you’ve got mothers and daughters forgetting what matters. Cuz above hips ass lips legs and ugz The most real-•ss sh•t are women who don’t give a fuck So screw all your teachings, your lessons and plans you scewed, sick distant relative of “the man” you’re plan for brainwashing my baby I reject I’m walkin out of your class and I will proudly take my F

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  1. Dude, you honestly have a great view of the world on the whole. You never bought into the hype and bullshit that's everywhere right now. I also thought I'd let you know that This video got featured on Upworthy -> w w w .upworthy. c o m/theres-a-good-reason-this-18-year-old-kid-talked-back-to-his-teacher-walked-out-and-got-an-f-5?c=upw1 . I hope you never lose your clear view of the world. This video earned my "Subscribe".

  2. The line that made my stomach drop: "The reason why 12 year old girls think skinny is a compliment." Yes!

  3. What a commonplace response, Nick. You are DEfining it as art. It does not make you refined. Noise is noise. For some people there is no art without noise. Have fun, but don't misrepresent what you do and like.

  4. Incidentally, this was forced onto my Facebook account. I didn't ask for it, and I don't question your ability to like whatever you like under whatever name you want to call it. You can call it poetry. That doesn't mean it will ever be known as poetry in the long run. It will not be.

  5. This is the first time I've seen an old guy trolling YouTube. There's a lot of art that I don't like, but it's still art. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it any less than what it is: an expression by a person using their own form of release to paint a picture for themselves or others to view/listen/feel

  6. Nice job. Good message. Stay HEALTHY ladies, whatever that means for your particular body.

  7. Well, actually this is a type of art. It's called slam poetry. I honestly enjoy this type of poetry better than the other stuff they teach in school. You may think this sounds something like rap, but actually it is way more than that. It is a way of expressing your feelings by being loud, proud, and emotional. I know you are entitled to your own opinion and so am I. I'm just letting you know mine. You seen like an older gentleman that is probably why you don't understand this type of art. πŸ™‚

  8. This is a major issue in Korea, I think, possibly just as much, or even more so than America. I wish I could show this to my students, but the profanity wouldn't bode well with the Korean teachers. Although I worry more about the fact that my students don't really understand the concept of inner beauty. I'm surprised the poem was written a weak before the show. You've got talent and a good mind.

  9. I am hearing impaired too, and was wondering if there was a transcript too. I listened to it 3 times, and I got the jist of it, and I whole heartedly agree with his message (at least the parts I could understand.)


    This is a tumblr that has most or all of his poetry! Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  11. I hope you know that every time you get up on that stage and perform, your speaking on behalf of hundreds and thousands of people who agree and support you 100%!!! Your poems move and inspire me so much, and for that, I want to say thank you! Your work is going to stop that 15 year old girl from slitting her wrist, and help the 12 year old girl realize that skinny isn't the ideal. We need more people like you in our society!

  12. Why does he feel he has to put on a voice, as if he were an extra in 'Shaft'? Distracts from such a wonderful message.

  13. You are very wrong. Art is anything that expresses feelings and emotion. What he did was got the point across. And clearly people listened. Clearly you listened or you wouldn't of made this comment. This guy is an artist and had smooth meaningful lyrics. Noisy is not art? That is completely idiotic! Life and Art isn't sweet. Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothco, and Dali..etc When i read poetry I will scream to get my point across. Go read your nursery rhymes somewhere else.

  14. The spoken word and slam poetry have been making a comeback for a really good reason and this video is just one of them. From reading comments here – there are a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the terms and the purpose. Time to Google it.

  15. Beautiful speech, and wonderful performance. I agree whole heartedly. It shouldn't and doesn't really matter who or what you look like, honestly the only thing that should change about who people are, is who they feel comfortable being. 'Straight', 'gay', 'super-model' or 'casual' are choices people make because they feel comfortable being that individual. No one should ore really does have a right to force someone to change who they are as a person.

  16. Exactly! Who cares about the content? Why can't everyone be as simple minded and 1-dimensional as us?

  17. You want truth? He's complaining, he's dressed like a bum, "passion" is not a positive quality, and people are allowed to belittle his style.

  18. I like how you call him cute, ignoring his message that looks aren't important.

  19. You have no clue what "truth" is. He's shining a light on a huge issue, he's dressed like an 18 year old kid, and the day everyone views passion as a bad thing is the day humans need to start over. Also, everyone's entitled to their own shitty opinion, but just like shit, don't share yours with everyone.

  20. "Commonplace" Hah you like that word huh?. Now I couldn't care less if you didn't like his "noise" But no one wants to hear a annoying prick, complain about something that everyone else seems to be enjoying. All ya gotta do is not watch the video. : ) Anyway I don't care what else you have to say, but know this; Kids like that are what's going to get our world back on the right track.

  21. Speak for yourself. He's not shining a light. This whole idea has been gone over a million times by just about everyone on the planet. You're going to have to learn to deal with the fact that people like to look at certain types of people. It's not going away. Humans aren't suddenly going to decide that they don't like to look at good-looking people. That makes no sense.

  22. Partially true. Societal norms are the reflection of the mediums (communication mechanisms) of that culture. So yes, human communication and expression among the population shapes that culture.

    However, in modern cultures like this one, mainstream/mass media now plays a superior role in shaping the culture. Marketing, advertising, etc etc etc. Unfortunately, our beliefs, traditions, and values are now artificially shaped by these forces, instead of naturally.

    He's attacking the right thing.

  23. That's not the point hes trying to put across. It's the ridiculous lengths that poor girls go to, just to look like the girls in the magazines. The horrible diets they put themselves through. If the idea has been gone through by that many people, how come none of them take the idea to heart? Now I don't know about you, but the girls in the magazines aren't that pretty. They look un-healthy, and guess what? They are. Believe it or not, It's still a pretty big issue.

  24. Its scary how true this is. And that not only 15 year Olds have cuts on their wrists but 10, 11 and older do too. I love this video so much.

  25. If some girl is going to great lengths to copy another girl in a magazine, why would he mock her? He should try to help her.

  26. he isnt mocking the girl he feels bad for the girl he is mocking the society that made her think she has to be the girl in the magazine he is bringing awareness to the situation he is helping her.

  27. not to mention the girls in the magazines look plumped by comparison to what the look like in real life i have met gazelle though she may be a beautiful woman she is as far below the healthy weight level you can get without dying

  28. Who's making her think she has to be the girl in the magazine? I don't know anyone who goes around expecting girls to look like the girls in magazines. Have you actually met someone like that? The problem lies with the girl who tries to look like someone else. She doesn't feel adequate. That's not the magazine's fault, or the girls in the magazines' fault, or society's fault. The girl is not thinking right if she thinks she needs to be someone else, and she needs to stop passing the blame.

  29. You don't seem to understand the influential impact that mass media has on the minds and women living in that particular culture, including yours. Neuroscience, sociology, and anthropology are pretty settled on this issue.

    And yes, most men DO expect their women to look like the girl in the magazine. They are just as culturally conditioned as the women. They stop expecting this once they wake up to reality, when the honeymoon is over.

  30. Yes, we're all powerless victims of a big, mean world, aren't we?

  31. Translation: "I don't have an answer, because I've never thought this deeply about the subject before."

    That's fine. Good day.

  32. I've answered more than enough. It's not my fault that you don't understand.

  33. Actually, no you haven't, and you know that. But that's fine. Go ahead.

  34. "Sometimes I feel like I'm sitting in a class of Barbie and Ken 101"

    "My teacher has no face. She's every Revlon model that women have ever chased."

  35. This poem hit me hard as hell. As someone who has been effected by the poor body image the media displays to us young women, this has definitely made my day. πŸ™‚ <3

  36. poor you, who think 'art is' only what you say it is, who think 'art is' quiet, who think 'art is' slow. wake up. art is all around you. intelligence surrounds you. too bad it confounds you.

  37. hey, dickhead, its called slam poetry for a reason. it's "slam". and poetry doesn't need to rhyme. look at haiku. look at shane koyczan. look at any of the hundreds upon hundreds of fantastic poets in this world, and ask any one of them, "does a poem have to be slow, quiet, melodic, or have any form of feasible rhyme pattern?" any one of them who is actually a poet will say absolutely not. and there is beauty in noise. look at escher. he's anything but quiet.

  38. Art isn't a box. It should never be a box. Art cannot fix on a canvas. Art isn't perfectly dictated words. Art is what delves into the soul and takes your breath away. Art is messy, and big and small and unique and wonderful. Art gets it's point across and shares it's meaning without explanation. Don't live in a box…don't follow the crowd. Learn all you can, become more than what is expected of you. I expect you to not change, to continue to be narrow minded. I dare you, make me a liar. Grow.

  39. This subject has been flogged to death already. What's more it isn't valid. If people want to look and feel better about themselves, we shouldn't tell them not to improve themselves if they are dissatisfied, that they are already "perfect" it is unrealistic and leads to self entitled attitudes. Teaching people to have a realistic and healthy view of themselves is better than constantly telling them that they are already perfect.

  40. This has been around since even before I was in high school (30 years ago) and nothing has changed. All the girls I once knew are now anorexic gym bunnies who drop the kids off in the beamer, go to the gym, work, pick the kids up and go back to the gym (unless the botox is swollen, they take 5 hours off). Its sad. A bunch of 50 year old women so skinny and frail they look 80.

  41. Okay so that waz POWERFUL !!

    (u dont have to put all that stuff on ur videos. it takes away from what is being said)

  42. The saddest part is this is more relevant today that it's even been. And that someone is on Kim k's insta right now.

  43. This was corny as shit. Boohoo, women have it so tough πŸ™ I wish my problems were as trivial as feeling sad because physical beauty is valued.

  44. i dont care what anyone says!! this was a great , inspiring , amazing poem , the message was clear and very deep to me , everything your saying is 100 % true , i am in a academy at my school called social justice and we learn about this also. your words of wisdom really inspire me. please keep your poetry going . it is the BOMB!!!! dog -koko from Oakland CA

  45. The first forty-eight seconds of this BRILLIANT MASTERPIECE are my life exactly because television society tells me that because I don't look "pretty" (aesthetically pleasing ) but I'm smart people will reject me but I'm just trying to teach the younger generation (my sister ) that looks aren't all that should matter

  46. Even though I've watched this too many times before, I still get shivers when ever I listen to it. Such a powerful piece!

  47. this is the realest shit I never wrote commercial consumers beware your health and consciousness will die if u follow the sheeple.

  48. I just performed this for my college's poetry night and it was amazing. Thank you for putting into words everything I could never say.

  49. My teacher was teaching us about poetry so she showed this to us during class. Ever since then I got motivated

  50. so talented at 19! Love your work (binge watched a lot of your videos). Keep creating your work is powerful!

  51. Whattttt [email protected] str8 GANGSTAAAAA .. thus shit was dope as fuck!! Good job bro, all love from here in Montreal XD!! Dude u need some major player in da game to hear u spit , u been the next Eminem for a while now , I'm pretty sure if Marshall Mathers woulda listened to ur shit he woulda signed up a LONG Time ago ! :S … i just want u to make it big man u got all the talent to be the BEST …. i hope u get exposure from your new movie trainspotting, I think that's what it was called !? I watched a trailer of your movie and fell in love with ur character ! I thought u were going to be the next Channing Tatum just like he blew up with coach Carter…. so i Googled you and came across your rapping … and bro you got SKILLLZZZZ !! I wish u make it big with the rapping man ! U so deserve it [email protected] stay blessed bro

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  53. Maybe it was Blindspotting, but something compelled me to come back to this video, and see where my favorite writer started out. It's such an inspiration and even over a decade later, so poignant. Rafael is nothing short of a genius.

  54. Rafael Casalβ™‘
    shout out to him putting Sarah Kay in Blindspotting

  55. blindspotting (best movie is 2018) brought me here. i love rafael and daveed. this is epic

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