definition of Home

Home. Growing up, I noticed my definition
was different from the dictionary’s. Home was the feeling of grass on my skin, the sight
of flowers waving in the wind. It wasn’t defined as the place one lives permanently.
Home are the places that I love, with the people that I love, in the settings I feel most
comfortable in. Home is found in an adventure with friends,
speaking comfortably to a crowd, and dancing without a care. Home is found in exploring a new city, receiving
a comforting smile, and grouping up as a team Home is found in reuniting with old friends
and uniting together before departing from new ones. Home is where my family is, but not just those who are
related by blood. Home is the warmth you feel knowing that everything
is good and that things will be okay. Whether a place is familiar or not, Home
is something that I’ll find anywhere I go.

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  1. Your voice has to be one of the most relaxing sounds I have ever heard.

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