Definitions Verse 1

mind… M I N D the cultivation of thoughts
on levels you couldn’t conceive the essence of your brain where three eyes
created its face the recluse of the insane
whose actions cannot be traced I’m bringing it in to
another level of the mind at this point I’m talking about three eyes making
reference to the Third Eye seeing those things that are not physical but more on
a metaphysical plane. three eyes creates the face of the mind “The reclusive of the insane whose actions cannot be traced” wonder what motivated certain people to
do certain things the mind is the
creative distributor of feeble thoughts the manipulator the innovator of worldly
costs the mind can confine
find everything that’s weaker to it if you don’t believe me
check those who you think are foolish the mind is the conscious and subconscious entwine the mind can very
well be seen to some as divine take heed to this rhyme as it functions
within all of your thoughts its occipital depth are what your cerebellum
confronts the mind is the analytical equational
break down it feeds false emotions to enable its
take down the mind can be
your enemy so please be aware your spirit knows your
mind that’s how confusion got there the mind and your spiritual
self that that conflict is ongoing it’s unrecognizable by some and also Trying, Detrimental Hurtful, Revealing, and True

3 thoughts on “Definitions Verse 1

  1. Being a G-0RACLE junkie, I truly appreciate the breakdown of your songs. I listen and have my own understanding and the you break it down and the song gets that much deeper. I also love how it allows me to want more

  2. Have you reviewed the definition of MIND? What have you come to understand?

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