Definitions Verse 2

CHANGE change is the thing that’s looked upon for fame the very thing that confronts you during puberty stage it’s what man really needs to do just to
conquer its ways and if we ever see the truth change is what put it in play the positives to the negatives that reality gives change is a force beyond anything I could possibly speak changes the thought of
God that changes the depths of the deep listen to me change is the
season change is the reason change is the death of self to be reborn with true
meaning change is beyond the complete understanding of mankind its mechanism swinging the pendulum back and forth to your life the truth inside change can really open your eyes to change the path of your road and expose Destiny’s lie change is the tempo, the rhythm, the
focus, the style Change is the knowledge, the power the change is Now.

2 thoughts on “Definitions Verse 2

  1. Change occurs constantly. Within you, around you and through you. What change have you seen today?

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