Definitions Verse 3

LIFE the action of not being dead. The formation of existence that is spiritually feed. The foundation of really giving the act of exchange Our most precious possession that we all loosely maintain life is the functional path of itself victimized through ignorance and compromise for wealth life is continuous yet we fear it’s end but in fear life can lead itself to where the darkness begins life is energy it fuses within self like day to night the nucleus we are particles everything
else is just parts of life ignite your soul know this is what entering the G is like G Oracle the G represents life as curve that circle that I talked about and a little cliff it’s actually a silhouette from a door the silhouette takes the form of the number of seven which in turn speaks on
completion these doors are revolving it cause life never really ends so every door every choice something new a new beginning the closing of something
else. The G you know that curve the hyphen being the path a gateway to a
opening which would be the circle once again but this circle is solidified its
completely there and also the very first letter of the title of Oracle and if
anyone were to look up what an Oracle is it is someone who was sought after for
guidance so with the name G Oracle I really just
went full-fledged into it but within this song I’m saying in night your soul and
know what entering the G is like entering the G is actually going into
this whole world of spirituality metaphysics understanding human self
understanding others understanding connections seeing the bigger picture of
the biggest picture that you can possibly imagine walking within your
path all of this is entering the G as you grow unfold self-definition as Mind Changes Life

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