Democracy Gauge – Poet and author Mak Manaka

thomna for our regular democracy gauge feature in which you rate our democracy with three colors green means that a democracy is healthy yellow means that we must be careful and red means that our democracies in Dasia now poet and author mark Menaka feels that they still a lot of inequality in south africa 25 years into democracy monica is a writer and performance poet from Soweto who has four books published already which include if only and in time now with this late father madam Ella Monica a well-known playwright and his mother Nam Tsukuba Monica a pioneer of African dance in South Africa Mac was destined to be in the creative space moving around on crutches a paralysis which is a result of an accident when he was only 12 years old and accidents that inspired him to write and inspire that nation Kingdom Marku Miller whakapapa good impartial Aloha Aloha telencephalon bouzoukia harlots are bellowing demonic a makunoichi to hold on my raha para Monica whale at Hannah Hannah what open of Humana Corina that's who I am and Qatar goes on sixty proof born and bred Co para product of funda Center and this year I think I am 36 I basically but I am known to do poetry but I do today what I do now what I am is completely attributed to my parents you know it's actually I I can't say that son of a priest who will become a preacher you know I can't really say that but it's so turned out that the son of a writer becomes a writer too I want to show because come true at home one was always king sort of surrounded by writers and these people by artists as a whole you know these people are called a boma Loomis Hmong Mong Omaha's Hmong Mong you know and it only dawned on me later on in life called a border what's wrong I give her to give up to what Raghavan – Nina Coco society you know but residing and and but I will always do what my parents are doing good job that during the work of their doing art but during the work off of trying to uplift society trying to lift the community and treasure I've always known that as a child you know so after my accident the poet who becomes a little bit heavy because now you can't live in the township having you know disability in the township but some kind of of a punishment from God you know and you find that there is this PT look in people's eyes that are like Spears running after you kill Evan Almighty so actually teapots about tomorrow now shame you know and at the time because that used to frustrate me so much I took that frustration and put it on to paper of course I think not in the danger zone but out I'll do like this right yeah I will choose I'll choose these two really right because we should be cautious of what we are doing today in order for us not to get to the rate because the way things are looking like we are going to their rate ultimately Nawal well pearl maka Bonnie produced today's democracy gauge feature a technologies all citizens and is powered by us ABC News this is morning live let's take a quick a break

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