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see there's no one in the car wait I bet he's got drugs in there he's definitely blocking traffic let's see what for though oh what's up guys how's it going we found cops we found cops they're doing competition and since they're doing cop ish we decided to film in and now she's got her camera floating semen if I haven't seen your email yet I will get to it I will go and reply to everybody tomorrow oh it's officer douchebag thank you folded towels or no chin Eric's over here getting the ankle no idea no idea we're just here just making sure the piggy stay in line that sells important oh I'm sorry man interesting yes I will get back to you ASAP I'm sorry you're not busy what's that Patricia Walton Alpha she-wolf 666 Jules sorry I've been busy we've been working Chris sky hog Porter farmer we're downtown Denver I don't know where I am stout Street at 24th hey rich Guzman hi Jean I don't know we just found cops doing there's cops doing cop ish I do that douchebag hey hey of it I bet you fucking happy fucking cops today man yeah all right really quickly just because I'm here hi and off to the next one it is a pretty horse oh yeah you know there's something else going on pretty babies oh that makes more sense than youtube uploads or odd uploads up YouTube updates every time it updates a give you something else and changes your stuff and you got to go back mess with it again and here we go we got doors opening stuff this should be good looks like it or someone that they just like trash you know well that's why we came down here we figured we'd find cops are asking homeless people looks like a party over here we are invited oh yeah oh fuck yeah fix your shit oh that's one of the douchebags unarrested Abadie Hey this lady hates the camera are they messing with you guys Erik's it's been doing that she is being smug I'll give you guys the full picture I like that they did that for them that's pretty cool that's a definite change for the better there you go there you go don't touch is what sounded like the vehicle today drum should I dry hump the vehicle Oh no new her dress today I think Eric's good what he's definitely doing his thing we have stealth cop car a little beautiful we're being safe everybody just having some fun try to make sure we're not doing anything bad we're bad cop get on back we don't want you hurt ma'am we know what you okay we didn't say you were bad cop sir I didn't just say and another day in paradise that's what's so thanks for not ruining someone's life and now we move up to the next one overly officers Pretty Boy turn them cameras off turn them off let me show you I'm watching myself you said I'll come fuck is that so we're not here to start with the homeless people okay hey on the scene I think the cops are down the block this way yeah shuts off I think I think the cops are down this way they're pointing at me I'm like legit pointed at me what's up let you guys know one thing you never I mean I understand you guys are filming that being my little scene right there right you know don't put it exactly right on the page because the cops started searching over there yeah all I was trying to do is get me turned towards him I tried to explain it to him but didn't want to hear so I do apologize for all that and you can spread the word for me I'm not trying to start problems I didn't want a problem with him but I'm gonna let somebody walk up on me and start threatening right spit in my face I'm a former US Marine man I hear you I'm not gonna take shit yeah the reason why I walked away I'm here to keep the police in line and make sure that you guys yeah you know what I mean yeah and I don't want you to think it was anything and if the dude comes down and you talk to him or whatever yeah no I'm sorry good time what's up well chapo audits soon you're in here Travie calm I'm just ready I stay ready so I don't gotta get ready you already know what am I wearing oh crap yeah let me hang on a second here can you take this and point it at me it's kind of attached to me subscriber gave me a shirt folks oh yeah so I put it over my hoodie Colorado we're in Colorado what's up clash yeah subscriber gave us all sure it's actually bikes is wearing one too okay pikes what's that me they're ignorant fortunately shows it's not their fault okay yeah I did not get a movie I'll look again why should the stuff after uh exactly that's a banana in the tailpipe already all day long that's what we had to come out here to do we're gonna hi folks well there's one guy that was like look like you about to get arrested then monkey almost got into a fire everywhere we go everywhere we go someone always trips yeah same old same old exactly rear honorable lookout and Pikes I hear there's a lot of activity near the donut shop maybe there is don't film me don't film me they just got your stuff bro well yeah way too many drugs of that part yeah some people just see themselves get on camera and want to lose it see the gun in my face it would have been game over but I don't want to fight people and I definitely not trying to fight some homeless dad it's just having a bad day what's up what's up what's up well we didn't know Thank You Texas GT a super appreciate you man I appreciate all you guys subs are what make what I do possible thank you guys very much for just being here don't take their soul with your camera come on no look at this oh man this looks like the cops like worst day no-holds-barred auditing yeah oh sweet man I guess I'll take it yep we're gonna keep on moving in the steady forward is direction I think they're that way my beautiful wife was born in Virginia mama you already know yeah he was I figured what's up Jason I'm really the lucky one yeah what have you catched the one time they try to write I told everybody look what they did down there the Detention Center they put up lines [Laughter] that's a big big hair has on right I can't jump it situations to keep me back yes go into Winston's yeah I've been doing camel wide since I was like 13 I started on camera filtered there you go it just got really warm I have that effect on regions Oh all right so we're over here by universal herbs herbs herbs there you go there you go Keith I will let you know I'll get ready after I'm done no herb this is how you spell it over here it's the herbs yeah I don't know man yeah sometimes in his area to dry you need to get to like a fucking I read the stock to get the scanner going but now we have the scanner now we're standardizing are we good are we going let's go let's go fuck it I'm out done did it in 10 done done fuck the police that a tornado alarm I'm trying to pay attention to the chat too doing lots of walking and looking around turn turn turn are you gonna do it happy fuck the cops day your voice cracked when you did that your balls didn't just drop it Pisa learning he'll get there this is a very great example what's that of how this works when we do stuff guys we have part of the group a few minutes behind us that we wait for and then we keep on moving I am going to quit smoking cigarettes eventually you guys will see it on the channel hey Eric is coming up the rear so he even said you're you're coming up the rear I heard you're coming up the rear yeah let's go troll out 17 between 17 and 15 between import and wine too and I believe that a reasonable person would interpret between to not include right so that's an open dot not a closed dot is that that sergeant's car right there is this that sergeants car right here anyone anyone anyone is that that sergeant's car right there oh yeah same like plate yeah fuck with it yeah it is yeah yeah what the follies yeah I remember this place we talked about him when we came past paintball time flips up cock-block hot spring welcome welcome for throwing kind of a party down here in Denver there you go it's a fucking party I'm here to film it and add some commentary go give him a ticket that's a no parking that's no parking no all right yeah we should figure out the Denver Police Department's number or yeah someone get my ticket booked dudes in trouble this thing's parked illegally I thought I recognized you so we should call in this illegally parked vehicle sergeant yeah just have it towed just have it towed someone call the tow company because you're on my phone right here I'd like to see his emissions papers plays because you are required to have a member in the nurses watching hi nurses I like nurses not a mark cop so I have a tote someone call the tow company oh yeah you like that yeah well you know oh hell no I'm not gonna get in trouble this is this is why she's go ahead pull it out that's why I wasn't worried I look down she's fingering my blade or the handle of my knife all right let's get this thing towed someone call the tow company there's 60 you guys in here [Laughter] I wonder what's around this area hey in these apartment just fucking tow it what's the cross roots doubt in 20 seconds oh I'll bet you we get to do some roided up private citizen that comes out and sees us filming it yeah if he doesn't have a badge then he's worse off than a cop what's that on top sugar the tank we have oh yes there is no light bar this is completely unmarked car even when it comes down to the plates now watch yeah yeah it's got a light bar behind the tent all day long but then you got actual tags on a government vehicle do something he says Oh another cause DPD there's a case back there dude or any chance he's in it through the cage taking a nap busted you how are you sure then okay so we just talked to this sergeant that was in this car and he jumped in it and we got the plate number so the plate number matches who's calling it in sir proud is savage Weiner on his chest the address for the tow company what's the address here 1 e 1 a scout Street no parking it's 2180 right there stout and then we've got the Renaissance stout Street block right across the street oh yeah the corner of 22nd and stout Street they're calling there we go yeah between his shirt and the haircut he's starting to turn into a stud did it edit it and look at this party that we're throwing we're gonna wait for them all to come out what's going on you guys are web witnesses so the tow company says they have to call the police call the police caught to get it move TOCOM someone we've got Keith Bruce called the tow company the tow company said that the cops have to deal with it so call the police oh call the police the only time it's okay seeing that tow truck company get up here he'll run down here quickly oh the tow company said they are not interested that's all right the cops I'll have to get send out there people wait gonna get the movie to do it yeah yep your honourable is gonna be our phone caller oh yeah we're gonna get the truck driver arrested okay dad loves you sweetheart Kyle say hi to makea he goes through there's an huffy who out there just pushing in the middle of the street that's fine there we go give me 80 people I appreciate all you guys being here there's no parking no parking it's a dark blue Chevy SUV yeah it's austere uniform Oscar 2/2 6/6 yeah yes I have five streams running I am I missing anyone well you got Pike's Erik goes rider monkey your honorable Colorado look out come out and just be like file a complaint and drive off through that and here we go I don't give the shits I just stir them what does channel awesome since you did that all right spell your channel name it's f you are oh and a B you're on there you go you're on able go like and subscribe thanks guys I need a thousand subs so I can fly screaming yeah thank you thanks them together look out there we go they say feel like you don't want any contact Thank You Joanne I appreciate that is Australia we're gonna see if they're gonna go ahead and do their job if that's a cop he said he had other videos up on there and that he's throwing stuff on there but now this is what he's doing thank you Miss 3:03 if he's a gamer that's cool I'm not cool with it whatever there we go my phone just asked me how Lawson Park was I think Lawson Park was kind of crazy good job new guy good job 303 insert a I'm gonna crack up when they told you I guess you do or the cop gets out here you just got a hundred dollars a step back all right there's stabbing out here at Walgreens guys it's a 10-minute walk it's a 10-minute you think it's to get us out of there we're leavin a crew here what's up Appalachian Liberty we're gonna go find somebody who's stabbing someone or themselves we're not completely oh yeah that could be the DEA FBI secret location it's awesome I don't know I guess someone jump over into like monkey scream and ask him if he wants anything from 7-eleven or if they want anything from 7-eleven um monkey Eric and the lookout stayed behind those girls and those girls are the one lady that was hanging out with us we're just following us around really yeah I don't know how he just pick up people that do I can see the lights from here they're not gonna tell they're just gonna send the dude out to move his ride Eric and everyone give them hell oh yeah I cross when it's good Eric needs to party if I can do that for an hour this is the Federal Building user Eric will have to figure out how to do that one by himself there the other probably I said they're probably uh yelling with that dude sergeant yeah fuck yeah funny cop got there before the tow truck did he's taking off yeah so that's what goes that's what you're hearing goes no oh yeah we are gonna go in fine well there's someone in the a-train middle of downtown Denver right though jump on it go to town I'll show you the d-line these guys are the last line of defense against the tyrant crops please all support what they do Wow Keith thank you I super appreciate the support man I'm super thank you for that super jam and really silence coming what siren oh siren still silence coming in I super appreciate all the support you guys gave me just having you guys here is awesome that was really awesome I like it oh yeah there's cops everywhere up there we would get stopped by the light oh excuse me sorry but I guess they're coming my way okay cool it cost money to do what we do for sure you guys just being here supports and helps me a lot they just came upon an enthusiastic fan so they may be detained for a minute teller she did hugs them all that's awesome strangers pulling her hair go over to hug him that's awesome she's a pickpocket like I said you guys just being here all the support I love it thank you guys it's overwhelming how much everybody she'll support on this channel that there's the Denver cop right there he went that way and he didn't he burnt the red light that copper at the red light I watched him do it I don't know what time to get dark go mama there's a fire truck arising oh yeah this is gonna be good I got 78 79 black and share everybody someone stabbed somebody I guess that sounds pretty bad huh we got district six which means the Guzman someone tell them that if I'm right it should be Guzman we got pretty boy female cop tenth unfettered shut the door instead carrots yeah that's funny they were all likely recognize that here all day there's a cute face with our cutie is I don't know they've been giving kids guns I hear with our new hiring spree I don't know I don't know she could arrest me any day oh yeah now they take their cops dad she's looking all confused I assume it's the guy's bag that they've got in there she was actually putting stuff back in there if I started filming and Guzman is not down here which is crazy planted drugs that's awesome she's definitely got drugs on it portable portrait birds nest where am i she shaved the back of her neck Zana and there's some weird we're on 16th and stout guys and Guzman's not down here in that sergeant car is he this is district 6 guys plus we got the creeper guy over here knowing to that handcuffs off because there I don't know what district whose meters move too but we're definitely going to end up finding out eventually Guzman is at district 2 now someone just said – yeah sorry can I take some pictures of your horse Travis the horse yeah yeah give me nobody no free rides sergeant's like I'm out of here this guy's running back and forth look at him go look at him go you hate life right now Robert radio is dangerous how pregnant can you get before you can't shoot people on the street professionally is that sexist not anymore that's right move along it's officer haircut man job for director asset here comes our TD now here comes his relief to somebody that can actually direct traffic there you go yeah what did you ask I'm sorry shihan-dai mommy knows best the safety that's to see so she can be seen you're almost to the tracks get to him little more we want another Texas video with a disability think they taking a break the laws of physics all that that one that guy we're clip with officer cute stuff does he not answer questions there you go there you go yeah I don't know about anybody whoa and we class yes yeah ooh he wants one you want one did you see them now where do we go hey I I'll bet you 20 bucks I could do more push-ups than you you want to try it I got 20 bucks on me come on you got things to do you can't come be with your community you can make 20 bucks or lose twenty bucks you know yeah I'm gonna get I'm gonna get drinks and shit real quick all right here I guess I don't care okay all right so now we're gonna go shopping you guys ready for this are you ready for this game genie anything ding ding ding guy doesn't want to do push-ups I know what that's about sure later whatever thank you whatever I got cherry all right how are you I'm good I don't I'm sorry just no bags it's okay Novak's we're good so for the lessons things let's proceed to cashier – are you making the commercial I'm filming myself right now but yeah I've been I've been videotaping nice yeah it's fun yeah that tells you to see how people look at you you're right it does I completely agree with you you see when you come on that's my new dress right I think that it lends a lot of just honesty right people can't lie about stuff thank you that's awesome it's the first time I've walked my camera into the store not had someone flip out who's crazy who's crazy oh we got ghosts are they coming are we going up there is all right guys worried for that we're there all that to buy a drink yeah you're right it happened whoa the guy with a camera is creepy me or you have Pike sorrow monkey and Pikes are coming to us hey monkey and planks are coming to us monkey and Pikes are coming to us I don't know sixteenth in style okay what's going on with Eric you guys know he might need a ride I don't know how the lookout broke off with Eric what's up Prince Vegeta News Network how's it going train father God I am good we're having fun all kinds of fun Erick's at 28th and Lawrence Eric got kidnapped by the fan so we're gonna go do our thing Eric might have gotten kidnapped by a fan so we're gonna go do our thing what's up new feet how's it going so we're just walking down the street we're filming you know here hold up yeah Lawrence 18th and Lauren 18 he says 18th and Lawrence birds at Lord's and 20th at the Flower Show what's up MCW Joker sure that's doing where do you want to go this way I've been warned maxima xx and Lauren it's it's a few blocks over well actually it's more than a few blocks but it's a minute walk yeah another 10 minute walk prepare we go up and they make a lot all right here we go you know the Buddhist temple please oh he's got the Buddhist temple Oh let's go Phil man when Eric got arrested down there Inglewood Cherry Blossom Festival with Bryan what's up what's up what's up how are you daring to the car to leave I'm like he's like what is and pick up that all the way please repeating over and over do don't say at me and Prince holds it outside holds it up in the air and the people on this year like I don't know nothing about anything like that because it started walking by the white hands the Buddha's temple that was trying to be out here doing good things what's up Frost so really we're walking around Denver looking for cops and cop ish we've been partially successful and then really we're just having fun with you guys doesn't get it out of that yeah finding cop abuse urges cops doing copy ish there at 19th and Lawrence right now Curtis we're headed up that way to that area right now and here we go there you go 18th and Lawrence vehicle building Eric is that it 18th Lawrence so where's monkey and are they all together I don't know I don't know what's going on don't get it out of that data right oh no no oh no you would you would what's up Auto Salvage outlaws this one way or a boycott of home relative at the end of this by the chief building so I was the second week I was arrested the cops knew me and the middle chairs table and I got a hairy restriction so I stood on the other side of the street with the bullhorn Eric said he lost monkey oh that's because I found monkey he's right here he's giving the cops hell what the boys I do have monkey we're on a rapaho 18th I just watched monkey davin officer that's nice okay so I guess we're going back did he really good is he still over and it's not good pull up Oh is he still over there Erich soll in the was is healing first of all guys let's go do Festival stuff dude I did record way more than you want to know he actually took it like a man you did and we didn't fuck him for anything either no we didn't and he wanted he wanted to see every time I've dealt with him he's always been someone he said yeah I got it I dunno gonna stand in Crested Butte I can Gunnison Denver Colorado in downtown Denver we we could we got the lookout right here oh we're getting the crew back together I super pretty dog door [Laughter] still got the scanner going I'm sure we could plan something for south of Colorado or South Colorado Oh like farther south probably oh no I didn't plan this very well marriages weinery just five free stuff that's what happened you banded me they don't know didn't jump really you say you have a lot better Oh No funny because the start mess it up sergeant where'd you get this I got that from liberty freak TV oh yeah everybody needs food auto salvage outlaws that's a real thing go [Laughter] you would monkey starting dinner in 15 okay mama and Pyke's body camera no be wise feeling better goes back and opens this thing no no I know you turns body camera and I'm like oh so you turn your body camera on honey who says I doesn't so your preferred that for me right yes I don't believe that he didn't know who I was he's the same sergeant Tildy rally yeah they just woke up fuck bullies happy fuck the cops Day weekend oh yeah yeah Bruce said so who could take your shit Thank You mr. every like and subscribe she likes my shirt that's what's up I'm happy you like it we're gonna start using it alright now what are we doing that's what I want to know yeah we're customers customers by proxy little even we're heading back towards this direction after he moves his car and it's woman pulls over oh my god I'm such a big danger she's from Kansas she just drove from Ohio to that apartment complex living with her son they were visiting with his son his baby just pulled up after a nine-hour Drive right there did you at least you guys my name you know all this money Karen and I are married don't you know that I've got for the other team no I didn't think you were married any laughs what's up CNC how are you welcome ganga SQ i hope you start feeling better yeah shout out without my cheek through when the window wasn't working with the tinted leave them guys alone I can [Laughter] they had to write they had to notice how we haven't had any problems on safety signals are we do another shit miss period restarting yeah he's going down this week can you pass my info to Eric please yeah I can do that my case if I have to go to trial myself otherwise it'll be next week next month Wednesday this Wednesday I don't know yeah I got a look at my paper yeah if I have to if I have to do it pro se I'm set for trial but I just got an attorney my shirt I got my shirt at the same place that you got your shirt we're gonna get the Denver fire rolling by here firefighters actually do save lives the next time you're talking shit to a Denver cop he's single – ha ha Eric says so am i you should be watching it I guess that doesn't work as well doesn't it I tried man there you go there you go it's a six-minute walk you're very welcome yeah hey Paulson is his name I'm happy that he's the one that snaps the guys are here where you you two keys we see you down the Florida to the right yeah I have that recording static recorder that's it's about three blocks away that'll be a good one 80 teeth and lake Eric's like no not me yeah we're lame like that you can walk a lane back here that's us time to walk the lane you get a jaywalking ticket see what you do no we're not Pike's beat hey oh that everyone can see like serious why's that Thank You Reverend a jsq we appreciate the support man yeah I'm friends with morning Facebook he was fuckin doing so much fuckin exposure to Baltimore PD you like it you like it that's once they got a piece of coffee I can view anything anything anything I want what what what what you want to fight I'm filming do you know that don't get in my face and then get in your face yeah I know I don't qualify NOFX I want period blood coming out of your throat there's a bootcamp right yeah this Kitty fucked up fucked up bad girl instructor made at Stanford for first and last viral so during first fire walks made a report in during the entire hour banging on the handprint screaming at the top of this long sir sir – private reporting to 1050 – all secure I'll see back secure all rifles secure all personnel America basically yeah the scream it's the top of your lungs he's doing it out instructor comes out at the end of the hour teacher said well since you feel horribly to stand your pochi standing this post and you're gonna keep screaming and I want blood I won't blood before you're done second hour of the post you know door opens up with a quick bitch he says sir this food has the blood that the drone struck to request it takes doing something looks at roads back in space then it blood oh yeah yeah you don't fuckin wanna fuck up and he's gone already alright you know that Mashti for the through take a look like a bird you know all right No yeah just barely touch the grass right so then Abadie can pour out grunts fires yeah yeah from real Drive so there was no tow truck at four o'clock in the morning is to our wait money on a fucking trip wait on it oh and buffalo there no I think it's farther there you go that was your shoe bata it's straight down this road actually on this road yeah and then there's haters right here sports calling they're falling rock tap out go one up just a bunch of games in there it's a cool little bar so I guess we're gonna go to the Scientology Church when I was a kid we got harassed by some human security worth fucking frisking this is the loto downtown yeah Johnny five-o and Belle are gonna meet us so I think I'm going to go ahead and stop this dream and then I will go back live in a minute once we get up here a table so thank you guys all for being here thank you for explorers East and making everything that I do possible everybody be safe we will see you guys here in just a little while thanks for being here guys we love you all Denver police 666 there you go thanks guys all right everybody be safe

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  1. I wish you guys were in our town. These po dunk cops around here are so currept. So are the judges.

  2. Oh tell the Nazi police to join the military they need sacrifices!!!! Army for the cops right….too stupid to be in Air or Navy……they have to take tests….no dis Respect for vet's who were dupped!!!!

  3. Oh and what is Granny's Ninjas DEATH toll…
    Tell on the square Force..rather be the Hunter than the PREY.


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