Depression and its treatment

Mood naturally fluctuates and everyone experiences highs and lows in their lives But in some cases changes in mood can become long-lasting Debilitating and can impair someone’s ability to hold down a job, or sustain meaningful relationships It’s estimated that around 10 percent of people will at some point in their lives suffer from depression a mood disorder characterized by several symptoms feeling sad Distressed Unmotivated Excessively tired And losing interest in once pleasurable activities known as anhedonia Many people with depression also suffer from anxiety Neuroimaging studies reveal that many brain circuits that normally regulate mood are dysregulated in depression Located deep within the brain the amygdala processes highly salient stimuli such as rewards and potential threats In depression the amygdala is overactive and responds excessively to negative events In turn the amygdala connects to a set of brain regions that hone the physiological and behavioral Response to emotional stimuli these areas include the medial prefrontal cortex the nucleus accumbens the hippocampus and the insula The hippocampus is involved in memory formation and along with the prefrontal cortex is particularly vulnerable to the effects of stress Depressed people are more susceptible to stress which can cause physical changes in the brain including atrophy of the hippocampus This and other changes in depressed people may cause inappropriate responses to emotional events The medial prefrontal cortex is involved in regulating how strongly we react to emotional stimuli Treatments such as antidepressant drugs cognitive behavioral therapy and electroconvulsive therapy affect the structure and function of these and other brain regions Animal models such as mice are critical in helping us understand the cellular and molecular changes underlying depression and develop better treatments Although it’s impossible to know if a mouse is depressed My subjected to chronic stress show some symptoms similar to depressed humans Such as anxiety like behavior less social interaction and a lack of interest in normally pleasurable activities While not all human depression is triggered by stress these models may still shed light on the biology of depression and they’re the closest scientists can get while studying mice as With humans chronic stress in mice can lead to atrophy of the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex Mouse studies have also shown altered neuronal plasticity in various brain regions including the hippocampus prefrontal cortex amygdala and nucleus accumbens In a healthy hippocampus Experiences can lead to changes in the connections between neurons resulting in learning these changes are referred to as plasticity chronic stress can reduce this plasticity Healthy brains also continue to produce new neurons in one part of the hippocampus These new neurons slowly mature and integrate into the circuitry where they have a strong effect on hippocampal activity and behavior These new neurons are also affected by stress. They reduced in number in stressed brains These effects may result from reduced levels of neurotrophins proteins that increase neuronal growth and plasticity Reduced plasticity may stop the hippocampus from being able to properly regulate the stress response Which may lead to a vicious cycle where stress perpetuates more stress The hippocampus is particularly affected But there can be reductions in plasticity elsewhere in the brain and together these changes could contribute to other symptoms of depression like an dona Whether these cellular changes seen in mice are involved in human depression remains unclear Most antidepressants available today rapidly increase the amount of the neurotransmitters serotonin and/or norepinephrine in the synapse However improvements in symptoms in patients and mice usually don’t occur until weeks after starting the treatment While the reasons for this delay aren’t fully understood Prolonged treatment with antidepressants can over time act to reverse some of the changes induced by chronic stress increasing neurotrophins expression and rebooting hippocampal plasticity Non-chemical treatments for depression including electroconvulsive shock also promote, hippocampal plasticity in mice Antidepressant treatment can also reverse stress induced changes in other areas of the brain including the prefrontal cortex and reward circuitry different treatments may target different regions to improve symptoms Recently the drug ketamine was found to have rapid antidepressant Effects in patients with depression as well as in rodent models with effects lasting for days the mechanism behind This is an area of active research Ketamine blocks a type of synaptic transmission Leading to activation of a number of signaling pathways an increasing neurotrophins expression these molecular changes result in increased plasticity in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus and likely contribute to ketamine’s behavioural effects By studying the changes in the brain caused by chronic stress And how antidepressants like ketamine work to reverse them? Researchers may find new targets for treatment or new drugs that could act more quickly More specifically or more effectively than currently available treatments

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  1. I have fought with depression since my divorce three years ago. But fortunately I discovered the solution to my illness which is “fetching kafon press” (Google it). My self-esteem went back after days of days of reading through your guide..

  2. People who aren't serious enough
    To understand what depression is.
    I have depression yet people dont take it seriously. I just hate it realy

  3. Guys I wanna know do you feel like your on earth but at the same time your not do you feel like your brain is telling you that you are for forgetting everything but your not everything that use to be fun is not DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU WANT THE OLD YOU BACK !!!!!!! DO SOMETIMES SELF DIAGNOSE YOURSELF because OF THE WAY YOU FEEL ??????

  4. Everyone who is depressed shut the fuck up. You’re not special and neither am i or anyone else. This world has been here for 14 billion years filled with 100s of billions of people who have experienced anything that you think is “depressing” 10 fold. This world is a tiny speck in the infinite universe and nothing fucking matters. Its sad but its true

  5. I have been depressed since i was 13 years old, now i'm 21 still don't know what to do with my life 😔😔

  6. Depression is all in your head. Keep it there. Get a closer relationship with god and people who care. Get exetcise. Get your diet straightened out. Lots of veggies and fruit. No sugar. Ask god yo help yu deal with this illnesd. Don t allow guilt to paralyze your life. Keep studying your illness. Take you meds as given.

  7. This depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) is so simple, so easy, and so accurate. I now volunteer at a shelter and the enjoyment I get from assisting other individuals. Before I read through it I sensed as if I was in an endless hole with no exit. I never wished to go out and talk to people for years and been taking antidepressants to cure depression..

  8. It's just impossible to live like a normal person 🙁
    i want the old me back

  9. It's horrible. I was too depressed to keep taking the medicine. Now I just vape weed. I used to be this energetic happy person and now I am like Squidward. I am just trying to get back to normal. I don't even know why I am writing this but thanks for reading or commenting. Maybe I just need to let my emotions out to cry and yell.

  10. I also have depression, but I don't understand a big piece of dis 🤨

  11. My first advice is to never ever use medication for depression, it is a money making racket that will eventually destroy you. Rather try to change your lookout on life, life is not a walk in the park for anybody, get a grip on yourself and stay away from drugs and alcohol.

  12. Never take meds until its too necessary…go fr holistic approaches fr treatment…meds r trap…

  13. Let's help this guy out:

  14. I was age 13 I am now over 40 years old.
    Being 13 I watching a film in the film the bad guys make the good guys suffer by not giving them air to breathe and whilst watching the film I eat so much food I was really really full and after 10 mins after eating food
    I felt really uncomfortable and I couldn't breathe proper it honestly felt like sumat burst inside my stomach and i felt really uneasy i had no air TO breathe whole of my body went really warm and i just had no air TO breathe i then went to bed trying to brush it off but after waking up i felt same but a tiny bit better my dad took me to doctors i complained i can't breathe proper but doctor always sed my breathing was fine…
    It lasted around 6 weeks this happend in 1991 age 13 I was only 13 years old and it deeply traumatised me and it stayed In my mind always and always I never erased it from my mind cos I was scared it might happend again..
    ( (does anyone think it's mental illness??))
    And through out my life I've suffered this . 1992/93 was ok .
    Then suffered same in 94/95/96 .
    I remember 1997/98 i was perfectly fine i recall it now i started smoking late 1998 And that truly made it worse and worse and 1999 was very very bad and felt like my stomach/WINDPIPE and foodpipe is knackered i just couldn't breathe i then had a scan for lungs and chest in 1999 but results came out fine..
    I went better by 2000 then from late 2000 to 2011 the whole of 11 years i was fine.
    Then may 2011 it HAPPEN again very bad and i was better by summer 2012..
    2013 again that lasted 3 months.
    Now 2018 this time its gone worse and worse!!!!! I've had endoscopy for food pipe and stomach and they can't find any issues inside me!!!! Family say it's mental illness I have … plz HAs anyone else SUFFERED this????????

  15. I have seen depression is caused by environment and society around.

  16. I think i have a mental illness maybe depression but no one here understand some people said i'm crazy cause they don't know another mental illness they only know scizophrenia. I believe i have depression. I want to go to see a doctor but my dad said u don't need to go to see a doctor u don't have mental illness it's a magic that people give to u 🙄. It's hard to live in the place like this where people still believe with old things and not advance. I have mental illness because i got abuse, bully first i didn't know about this because people here we don't know about all of that but at time by i know about this people here thinks it's normal bully, abuse and they don't realize it cause bad impact for them.

  17. I haven’t gone to the doctor yet because that little voice in my head is still in denial. “What are you so miserable about? You’re just being a whiny, lazy millennial, snap out of it and be a responsible adult already. You have nothing to be depressed about” So I’m depressed and then judging myself for being depressed because I don’t have a reason to be. It’s a shitty feeling.

  18. Thank god for modern medical advancements years ago we thought most of these ailments were demonic possession !! But through science we now know that it is either a toad or a small dwarf living in their stomachs

  19. I won a battle against depression and helped 4 people to come over it..
    My brother , cousin sister , uncle and a friend ..
    I am thankful to god that I suffered depression and now helping depressed people…

  20. I remember a different me, a man amongst the stars in peace. Wish i can feel like that again i miss the old me. Its a lonely world and a tough struggle every day.

  21. Your skin isn’t paper,don’t cut it
    Your face isn’t a mask,don’t hide it
    Your size isn’t a book,don’t judge it
    Your life isn’t a movie,dont end it

    I just wanted you to know
    That nobody is not perfect and no one will ever be perfect
    Always look on the bright side and never belittle yourself because i want you to know that even if alot of people down you i wanted to say i love you even if i dont know you i love you i love you because of who you are
    I love you because your beautiful and no matter what happens never give up.Stay strong and look at the bright side

    To the 95% of people reading this

    you are beautiful just the way you are❤️😘💋


    Fond the pretty face


    Cant find it?

    Look in the mirror!❤️

    Lots of love!❤️❤️❤️🥰

  22. Learn different ways to fight depression.cos everyone faces… Depression


  24. I am also depression becuase of Man Patircial Society I Hate Girls Man Always Judge By His Job Salary Which Irritates My ANGER

  25. Risk factors of depression are triglycerides and CRP, and shared by a heart disease.
    I found my triglycerides was low during depressed, but high after becoming more active.
    I have repeated depressions and it is always same.
    Why? depression to become more healthy ?
    Then you have to work out (exercise) but almost impossible under depression.
    I may need exercise when I am not depressed in order to lower heart rate, thyroid hormone and metabolic parameters such TG/HDL.

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  27. Has anyone here tried a raw vegan diet with healthy fats like avocado and nuts.

  28. Pls read my book on how I overcome my depression:

  29. I’m on medication and still constantly feel hopeless. I just can’t find happiness no matter how hard I try. I’m lost

  30. can someone actually suggest a treatment? i didnt get the whole video….it was too scientific.

  31. ★ My brother had been using antidepressants for a long time in order to cure his mental state, but a month earlier he committed suicide and it was a tragedy for our family. Please do not use these medications unless under professional supervision or better yet do not take them at all and resort to natural alternatives, whether healthy food or physical medicine and physical exercises. The side effects of these tablets may be greater than the illness they were taken for.

    Don't be defeated in yourself, take good care of yourself and of those around you because life is a journey and you do not know at any moment that you may lose the most cherished and closest to you without any introductions or warning.  Remember that your mental health is more important than anything else. 🌹💗

  32. I am afflicted with depression and what is known as a cure for Araujo help
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  33. my retarded relatives tell me that i should just think my way out of my severe clinical depression…if i ever get well i will never speak to any of my relatives again.

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  35. please try 'rescue'remedy bach flower remedy. it us available in amazon.

  36. Life us sad am never gonna be happy again😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  37. I am suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts

  38. The worst thing about my depression is, couldn't pass through or concentrate this video for more than a minute. Feel so fucking tired even after 8 hours max. sleep, have brain fog most the time, getting more prone to autoimmune diseases, and going through the day with the same numbness and a fake ass smile.

  39. It's hard suffering depression and anxiety at this young age😢

  40. Large pharmaceutical companies will not allow ketamine, a new drug for the definitive treatment of major depression, to enter the market for a great deal that sells conventional antidepressants.

  41. Thank you Thank you for sharing knowledge, listening to music can also reduce the burden of the mind in the brain. ♥ ℒℴνℯ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

  42. I needed to decide to stay away from my girlfriend who was the only one I can rely on because I broke her mind. I know I need to stay away for her until I become normal, but being without her is literally killing me. These days, my only hope is to be with her again finally when I deserve to.

  43. if you have depression and you overthink…you will find something in it.because there is something in deep.

  44. I just wanna know how to stop the pain. So many negative thoughts running in my head. 😭

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  46. Society doesn't understand depression unless they have it themselves!! They have NO idea…

  47. Interesting Read; this company diagnosis Anhedonia via brain activity:

  48. I didn't realize how serious I am until I watch those "symptom". I have them all. locked myself in room for 4 month. I even didnt realise it is a disease and that I need medicine.

  49. It’s like there talking about me, I don’t remember what happiness feels like

  50. To everyone out there who's been struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations/thoughts: You are not alone and I believe in you.
    You matter. You are worthy. You are enough.
    There are so many things you can do instead of ending your life. Think about your loved ones. Listen to songs. Cry. Scream. Talk to somebody. "But,what if they don't care enough? What if there's no one I can talk to?" The thing is,there are people out there who care about you more than you think. There are people out there who are excited to see you everyday at school or work. You are just blinded by those thoughts and you can't see it.
    So,take a deep breath and question yourself.
    Is it really worth it?
    Do you want to stop here?
    Don't you want to experience your first kiss,pet your dog/cat,hug your friends and family,laugh until you cry,find your significant other,go to concerts,meet your idols,hold hands with somebody,see your friends again?
    Do you want to spread pain and anxiety to the people who actually care about you and they would do anything to make you happy?
    So,let me tell you one thing.
    It's okay. Everything is going to be okay. Hold on. Keep on living. For your mother. Your best friend. Your sibling. Your love. Do it for them. Stay alive for them.
    I am here for you and I know you can do this. You can talk to me,I will be there for you. I will listen and,trust me, I've been there. I've been feeling depressed for years. I know how it's like. And you are not alone in that.

  51. This is most probably going to be the rest of my life. Nobody likes me and I’m completely worthless. I am bullied at school every day as well which proves nobody likes me. Every day I fail more than I succeed and everyone gets pissed off at me. I hope no one else has to feel like this.

  52. I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I mean the doctor says, and I believe it to some extent, that it is an actual problem which needs medical treatment to be solved. However, I feel that this little spark of good mood I have sometimes, maybe 2 days a week or less, could be more like a permanent state (I mean the normal fluctuation of emotions and stuff) if I had a way to control it without pills. I don't know if you understand the point. I am so confused, I start treatment by the end of this June and I have pin my hopes on the pills. I know it's not the way it works and I need to change a lot of things in my life to put things in order. Now it's the exam period (4th semester) and I just cannot study and I dont want either to sit on the exams. I feel I destroy my career before it even started. Whatever.🤐

  53. We should focus on root issues and actual solutions.

    I believe antidepressants treat the symptoms rather than the actual cause.

    Humans are not big versions of rodents.

  54. Talk lot of shit but the time science find out the cure for depression half of earth planet dead

  55. Nice video! Thank you for this information. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Wellness provides major depressive symptoms and treatments in Fort Lauderdale. The best way to deal with depression affecting you or your friends/family is to consult an expert.

  56. i was diagnosed wit schizophrenia. being depressed for a long time and now i experience tinitus and brain fog a lot

  57. RUNNING HELPS TAKEI NG LONG TERM ANTI Depression not knowing the real problem is risky i always had Depression never took pills only to find out IT WAS ADHD.

  58. Antidepressants probably cause more harm then they ever alleviate. That's why there is almost no published medical trials on them beyond 6 week trials. Psychopharmacology are the abusers, psychologists are the enablers.

  59. I have cured many who suffer from depression. It doesn’t take more than 24 hours for you to cure again. The fee would be only 10 $. Try this today Instead of paying hundreds of dollars.

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  60. I was jobless at some point and cuz of that i was depressed. My Job provider said (at the time i was fighting not to go deep into depression), the guy said don't fight it, let depression take over. Stupidest idea he ever said. Little did the guy know, I got a job (decent one) months after. You can cure depression without drugs.

  61. "…to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified."

    Spirit of Heaviness underlined.

    There are no known materialist solution to Depression for the cause is not material. It is the spirit of heaviness behind it.

    If your car is broken, you take your car to the repair shop, if you can afford it, you can take it straight to the maker which knows every bit of your car's part.

    God is the maker.

    Seek the help of the maker..

    Here is prayer link that can guide you through to get free from the torment of depression.

    For more, to understand the dark spirit in operation, why not check out this man's experience and learn what is going on.

  62. Nice video. One permanent cure for depression is meditation. Check out innerengineering meditation taught all over the world.

  63. Video seems to be saying: Take drugs and everything will be fine! But alas, it's not that simple.

  64. I'm not sure when my depression started and I wonder if it started as far back as I can remember or some time in my childhood, or teen years – at the latest teen years I'm thinking. And throughout the years my depression I'm thinking has only worsened. Relocation disappointments and especially family of origin difficulties cause my depression to get much worse. Oh and also the bad, disrespectful treatment from people out in society worsened my depression – all this starting in grade school on up to college.

  65. If you don’t have depression you are so lucky you don’t feel the pain the rest of us do

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