Depression Isn’t Always Obvious

(alarm beeps) (water runs) (horns honk) – Good morning. – Hey Ricky – [Voiceover] Yeah? (crunching) (horns honk) – [Voiceover] What’s up man? (rattling) (alarm beeps) (water runs) – Good morning. (horns honk) (rattling) (alarm beeps) (horns honk) – Good morning. (phone rings) (rattling) (alarm beeps) (horns honk) – Good night. (rattling) (alarm beeps) (beeping, honking, rattling) – Hey, um I just want to let you know that Ricky took his life last night.

100 thoughts on “Depression Isn’t Always Obvious

  1. Since two years i just think i have depression and somewhere inside i know i am suffering. I am not able to comprehend . I haven't talked to anyone about this… I don't know what this feeling is:( . sometimes i cry for no reason.. yesterday only i was watching a random video on YouTube and for no reason i started crying thinking that one day i won't be here and might be dead I'll miss everything…i think i am mad..i hate meeting people, talking to them. I feel lonely and on the other hand i want to be alone also..

  2. Well i think YOU create your own depression, if you spend your life doing same routine it's your own fault, don't expect someone to come and change your day because it won't, introverts usually the first victim.

  3. I wish someone cared enough to say good morning every day. Instead my quietness just makes people uncomfortable so they avoid me at all costs. I'm going to be genuinely angry at myself if I make it to 30.

  4. I knew the cheerful “morning” guy was the one depressed. Because that’s what I am going through and I understand.

  5. Acc that wasn't a bad video
    Heads up everyone if I can get over it anyone can just gey pll in ur life that care about u

  6. I feel really down and unmotivated.. Stumbling and watched this video without sound… Somehow tears well upl

  7. My sister had depression for a good few months but now she is thankfully back to normal again. She told me she was experiencing all the symptoms.

  8. What got me out of depression was pretending to be happy, then it just made me be happy for real

  9. Just found out i had severe depression. Im always happy. How am i depressed. Ok nvm. Im always sad. Its painfull.

  10. How does one know whether it's depression or one is just in general a negative and emotional person…I have been confused about my mental situation for the past two years and really need help understanding what it really is. Whether it's really depression or am I just going through a bad time and over thinking it.

  11. No. Just no. If the intention of this video was not that the other in the background had just the same daily routine and equally sick and tired which you didn’t see as with the one in the foreground then the video’d be just very wrong. The one in the foreground takes pills in private too. And, when he’s around ppl he looks open and positive, faking it I guess. So, it means ppl are all really depressed, they all feel like urgh or so and eventually it says “just get over it, everyone has the same problems”? So, no. No. 😔

  12. One thing that keep me staying is that if i go who would take care of my parents? Who would hold my mom's hand when she takes the stairs cause she's too old to do it without anyone's help. When they all go maybe thats when im good to go

  13. I cutted my wrists off and it just hurts having depression. I don't have anyone being my back and no one supports me :/

  14. Oh my god, I got chills. This was the most accurate representation of depression

  15. If I had one wish from god, I would wish to never ever experience depression again. I would rather be physically in pain than in mentally. 🙁

  16. Wanted to comment that he should say good morning back in the middle of the video. But didn't know that it would turn out like this.

  17. To all people here who struggle with depression and anxiety…just like me..please don't give up on fighting, you are strong, beautiful and LOVED each single one of you. If you don't have somebody to talk to, talk to me I'd like to make you feel better if I can…i want you to be happy and to fight depression.
    You are needed believe me

  18. If you're gonna point the camera at a guy and have the 'message' focused on the other, then yes, it isn't obvious.
    Ironic how companies try to be deep about mental health and end up making me want to off myself after seeing their sad attempts.

  19. I suffer from depression, ocd, anxiety/panic attacks 3-4 times a day, tourettes, PTSD, and eating disorders. Every inpatient treatment place I've been, the stories I've had to tell people, left doctors and patients looking at me in shock. I've been through the worst of the worst. I've have had a hard life, and unfortunately had to develop a mask to hide away the pain. I use smiles, humor, and fake confidence that NO ONE could tell if they met me. I'm always smiling and joking. But the one thing I've learned in only 24 years of life, is that it doesnt get better, it just gets EASIER to MANAGE. I've attempted suicide at age 8, and at 21. And if I went through with either one, I wouldnt have experienced the great memories and beautiful moments that have happened after those horrifying events. People love you, even in the short time you've had on earth, you've made an impact. I've reached out for help, and close to a hundred people reached out back. I felt I had NO ONE, but I did. And so do you, there is ALWAYS something beautiful around the corner. I promise

  20. Lol depression what ? I am so good at faking happiness that I convinced myself that I am not depressed and I now am not depressed at all.
    Acting and believing is key

  21. This shows how you shouldn’t really take life for granted. Ricky who said good morning to him everyday showed no signs of depression, yet still tried to be happy. The guy the video focused on thought HE had it hard when really he just didn’t appreciate his life and try to change it if it’s too repetitive. He can still make that change but Ricky can’t.

  22. When you see some people all cheerful, know this is a mask that they put on each day. And they remove it when their alone.

  23. Did someone go through depression twice or is it just me ?
    I am in my second phase of depression.

  24. Yes. I am a depressed human being. I try to make people happy and end up remaining sad regardless of the outcome of my efforts. Thank god my psychologists helps me understand the difference.

  25. This is why I'm always trying to make everyone around me be nice to everyone else. Especially at work. Except they don't notice that I'm trying to exclude myself from being friends with anyone. They add each other on social networks yet I seem to ignore it when they ask me or change the subject. I always put myself down around social meetings and stuff even though people think I'm shy, I am, but it's as if my depression and shyness mask each other.

  26. I struggle with depression myself. I pretend to be happy but I'm not. it doesn't take that much to save a life. just reach out and say i care about you or even good morning.

  27. At first I was confused, but then when i heard Ricky say 'good night' and not be at his desk the next day.. my heart sank 😔

  28. You become so good at masking depression when you truly go through it. Depression hurts but it can be hidden very well.

  29. I tried to overdose a week ago. I was sick and tired of wearing a fake smile all day every day and telling im fine when im not.

  30. I just realized that everytime i am stressed (which is very often) i sleep to stop.And depression starts when you wake up and stops when you sleep.Is this a sight?

  31. I am sorry wish i could help you when i come to you iLL hug you this time and wont let you to go i wish we were friends maybe i could help you im not punctual i wish i was punctual this time youLL be always alive in my mind cause i wont forget you until we meet that day hope iLL die soon so we can meet but im a chicken you know not brave as you i wish i was🖤

  32. At least the person had someone who noticed him and interacted with him! The guy straight up ignored them look they were nothing. No one even notices me or interacts with me unless they need something. I just wish I could find someway to easily kill myself without having to suffer through the last few seconds of my life.

  33. Yooooo I guessed it was that guy and I was right. But this video is very true good job to whoever made it

  34. OMG this is so true it's me this is real I go through life everyday being happy but I'm really sad so instead I smoke some weed to chill out.

  35. THANK YOU. for showing that side of depression – the one where people are so good at masking it that it comes as a shock.

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