Despicable Me (4/11) Movie CLIP – No Annoying Sounds (2010) HD

(DOOR OPENS) – Can I hold your hand
– Uh, no. We got adopted by a bald guy.
I thought this would be more like Annie. (KYLE GROWLING SOFTLY) (SNARLING) (GASPS) No, hey! – Kyle, these are not treats, these are guests,
girls, this is Kyle, my dog.
– (SNARLS) Ooh! Fluffy doggy! (GASPS, YELPING) – What kind of dog is that?
– He’s a… I don’t know. MARGO: Do you really think this is
an inappropriate place for the kids?
‘Cause, uh, it’s not. – No! No! Stay away from there!
It’s fragile!
– Well, he’s supposed the plan will work with to… EDITH: Hey! It’s dark in here. – (DOORS OPENING)
– (SPITS) It poked a hole in my juice box. As you can see if provided
everything a child might need. – All right, uh, as I was saying… Hey! Oh!
– (CRASHING) – Somebody broke that.
– (FIZZING) Okay, okay, clearly, we need to set some rules. – Rule No.1: You will not touch anything.
– Uh, what about the floor? – Yes, you may touch the floor.
– What about the air? – Yes, you may touch the air.
– What about this? (EXCLAIMS) – Where did you get that?
– Found it. Okay, Rule No.2: You will not
bother me while I’m working. Rule No.3: You will not cry or whine or laugh or sneeze
or barf or fart. So, no, no, no annoying sounds, right? Does this count us annoying? (POPPING) Very!

100 thoughts on “Despicable Me (4/11) Movie CLIP – No Annoying Sounds (2010) HD

  1. It takes 16 minutes to also get that juice box (clearly I check every video if there is a mistake)

  2. Don’t judge me but I don’t know all of the girls names and the girl that wears pink when she went in to that spike trap and red came out for who made this seen ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND I was so shock when I saw the red but luckily it was just her juice box and she’s still ALIVE

  3. “You will not touch anything”

    “What about the floor?”

    Smart Aleck!

  4. هلا فيكم شلونكم طيبين انا مره احب هذا الفيلم جدا حلو كل يوم التابعه توت حبونا

  5. You will not cry or whine or laugh or giggle, or sneeze or barf or fart

  6. Do you know the spikey coffin, it got me an idea for a coffin prank.
    "When people go inside a coffin the door closes, in 7 seconds the coffin door opens and no is there"

  7. Spot the differences


    Then like if you found the differences


  8. I had never noticed that Gru is german, just did because of the way he does the three

  9. 2:17
    U will not cry or whine or laugh or giggle or sneeze or burp or fart

  10. Hugggfddxxdxtfyguhjiiopokikujiokiikooogkjujjijjgjbjb7bjh. Hughgggvjvigkkkkk. Jhkgigibubyngyuhuuhunujnhhuh

  11. This Movie Just proves that even the baddest of the bad villains can turn out really good in the end. My favorite villain was Vector although he was very bad he was also very hilarious

  12. 1:15, why does Gru hav suck a spiky wardrobe and then leaves it in the living room of his house?

  13. The one thing I hate about Gru is that he didn't even cry or wine laugh or sneeze bark or fart

  14. Faz t👩🏻🧘🏻‍♀️🥳💪🏼👍🏾💝🇦🇪😍🇪🇸🤩🎊🏩👰🏻🤤👰🏻🏩💔✨🎆🏠🏳️‍🌈✏️🧚‍♀️📝🥉

  15. 2:17 You will not cry
    2:19 Or whine
    2:20 Or laugh
    2:21 Or giggle
    2:22 Or sneeze or burp or fart.

  16. Any medical students here who knows Dr Carlos Pestina in kaplan Surgery USMLE, I think Gru is based on him lol

  17. Gru logic:
    -Unphased by one girl seemingly being killed in an iron maiden
    -Panics when one of them faints

  18. Unicorn Kimberly : is this count annoying
    Kaetlyn the kitty at her sister
    Kaetlyn the kitty: VERY😾

  19. What about the floor? YES
    What about the air? YES
    What about this

    found it

  20. 1:05 Marco-what kind of dog is that
    Gru- he passed the health and safety test del with it

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