“Despite” Voguing x Spoken Word

[Music] hey fag why the fuck don’t you just die an error a sinner among the Saints a punching bag for all those nice girls boys and everything in between to recreate the page and crushing conformity that shattered our souls and find our society that keep us all in line and that oil down of machine with our sweat and our toil the machine which never ceases to grind I lost my mind I survived the abyss I lost my heart and I lost my hope a better day we knew would never come and so I vote a slave Unchained and so I fight I exist [Music] [Applause] why don’t you act normal you look like a bore what’s wrong with your friend a child I thought I kicked I fired words like bullets I drank the cup of poison I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t see me i weaved a complex shield stronger than titanium and harder than diamonds I put it across my breasts too small for consideration I adorn it with a badge of pride in being better than normal not a child anymore but a woman I chose to be present I chose to be me you

1 thought on ““Despite” Voguing x Spoken Word

  1. "And so I vogue, a slave unchained." I liked that line and the built up was amazing. I loved the energy and passion with which you did this. Well done

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