Details About The Lord Of The Rings TV Series Revealed

After a quiet start, it seems that Amazon
is finally gearing up to return to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. From release schedules to casting choices,
and astronomical budgets to familiar filming locations, here’s everything there is to know
about Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series. When Tolkien fans learned that Middle Earth
would be coming to screens for the first time since Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, it’s
only natural that their first question would be: “When?” Sadly, an exact answer hasn’t become clear
yet, as no official release date has yet been announced. However, there are a few pieces of information
that might offer a few clues as to when the series might drop. First and foremost, there’s a legal factor
to all this. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter,
Amazon chief Jennifer Salke confirmed that part of the deal for the rights included the
condition that the show had to be in production within two years. She added that the hope is to have the show
“on the air” by 2021, with some even hoping for 2020. While it may feel a long way off, you don’t
simply conjure a project of this size and scope out of thin air. The idea that Amazon could be able to pull
the first season together within four years of purchasing the rights is about as good
as anyone could ask for — especially if you don’t want to sacrifice quality along
the way. While exact budgets are always hard to pin
down, especially early on in production, there can be little doubt that Amazon’s adventures
through Middle Earth are going to cost the studio a tidy sum. Right out of the gate, the rights alone cost
Bezos and company a whopping $250 million. As if that wasn’t enough, rumors immediately
began swirling around how much Amazon planned on shelling out to actually make the show. Entertainment Weekly reported early in 2018
that the first two seasons alone were going to double the cost of the rights — that’s
half a billion dollars. Since then, that number has only gone up. At this point, when all costs are considered,
a cool billion stands as one of the lower estimates out there, while others have pushed
the figure comfortably north of that mark. While it’s easy to trot out the old line that
“it takes money to make money” — especially in an era rife with luxurious production budgets
— the idea of dropping somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion on a single television
show is about as excessive as it gets. Over the course of a few weeks in early 2019,
Amazon Studios posted a number of interactive maps to their official Twitter account, each
accompanied by new annotations and a line from the famous poem inscribed on the One
Ring. The first few depicted the Middle-Earth Lord
of the Rings fans will all know and love, albeit with a few hints that the maps actually
portrayed an earlier version of Tolkien’s world. Rohan, for example, was labeled ‘Calenardhon’
— the name of the Gondorian province that preceded Théoden’s Rohan by at least 500
years. On March 7th 2019, Amazon Studios posted one
final map along with the last line of the poem: “One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness
bind them.” The last map had a much wider view of the
world than had the previous versions, and this macro view of Middle Earth exposed one
critical piece of information in the bottom left corner that changed everything: the island
of Númenor. The reason this not-so-little island is a
big deal is because it only existed during the Second Age of Tolkien’s mythology. Founded after the catastrophic war that ended
the First Age, the island nation served as a home for the Númenóreans, a society of
divinely-blessed humans that flourished during the Second Age — in fact, the Numenoreans
were the ones who founded the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor on the mainland. But thanks to the disastrous rule of a tyrant
king and the influence of a certain ne’er-do-well called Sauron, the Numenoreans were destroyed
and their island sunk beneath the waves shortly before the Third Age began. Since Amazon’s map depicts Númenor, it has
to mean that the studio’s creative team has its sights firmly set on the Second Age. While there’s been little other information
about the setting, the revelation that Númenor will exist during the show’s run has brought
a new kind of excitement to the venture, as it means fans will get to experience a part
of Middle Earth history that has never before been explored on screen Considering this series will be such a huge
undertaking, you would think that Amazon would have put in place a fellowship of actors pretty
much immediately. But that hasn’t been the case — or, at least,
if it is, Amazon is keeping quiet about it. “Alright then, you keep your secrets.” “Huh?” So far, only one cast member for the series
has been confirmed. In July 2019, Variety reported that young
Australian actress Markella Kavenagh had been cast in a regular role on the series. According to the publication, Kavenagh will
be playing a character named Tyra. Curiously, no character with that name exists
in Tolkien’s writing. The Walking Dead star Tom Payne also stirred
the waters back in early 2019 when he stated in an interview that he wanted to keep his
luscious locks partly because Amazon was “casting Aragorn,” clearly implying that he wanted
a shot at the role. In another interview, Sir Ian McKellen was
asked about who else should play Gandalf if the wizard makes an appearance in the new
series. McKellen replied: “What do you mean another Gandalf? I haven’t said yes because I haven’t been
asked, but are you suggesting someone else is going to play it?” The return of Sir Ian McKellen would actually
make sense no matter when the show is set in Middle Earth history — Gandalf is thousands
of years old, after all. However, the return of any other actors from
the original Peter Jackson-helmed trilogy seems unlikely, if for no other reason than
the timeline the series will reportedly explore. While casting choices may be scarce so far,
several names have been dropped on the production end of things. Star Trek: Beyond co-writers JD Payne and
Patrick McKay have already been announced as the showrunners. In a statement, the pair announced: “We feel like Frodo, setting out from the
Shire, with a great responsibility in our care. It is the beginning of the adventure of a
lifetime.” Alongside Payne and McKay, it’s also rumored
that Game of Thrones’ Bryan Cogman and Breaking Bad’s Gennifer Hutchison have seats in the
writers’ room. Amazon has also locked down Jurassic World:
Fallen Kingdom filmmaker J.A. Bayona to direct the first two episodes of the series. In addition, Bayona will serve as executive
producer along with his partner Belén Atienza. Unsurprisingly, one other name that has continually
been brought up in relation to the series is Peter Jackson’s. Rumors have waffled back and forth regarding
Jackson’s potential involvement in the series. While he initially flat out denied being involved,
multiple reports have refused to confirm this fact, with Amazon’s Jennifer Salke herself
stating that the lack of any specific news wasn’t a negative. In addition, Jackson himself later added that
he was keen to help however he could, even expressing an interest in looking over the
scripts. At present, it’s impossible to say what will
eventually happen. After all, Jackson wasn’t even slated to direct
the Hobbit trilogy until the last minute. For now, though, he seems a peripheral influence
at best. With so much money and time being poured into
the project, it’s probably fair to ask: just how many seasons are Amazon preparing to make? While specifics like exact episode count will
likely be unknown for quite some time, the studio is reportedly laying the groundwork
for a solid five seasons, along with a possible spinoff. While it’s always gutsy committing to such
ambitious plans all at once, the promise of five entire seasons spent in Middle Earth
is encouraging, as it gives the showrunners time to tell the story without hustling in
order to meet artificial deadlines — a concern that infamously caused problems for Game of
Thrones’ truncated final season. The possibility of a spinoff is intriguing,
too. Tolkien’s stories often focus on a single
character for extended periods of time, with characters like Bilbo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee,
Beren and Lúthien, and Turin Turambar all stepping into the spotlight at various points
across the Middle Earth timeline. Spinning that long tapestry off into one or
more tie-in series is a concept with great potential, but only time will tell if the
idea has any merit. The question of where exactly the project
will be produced was officially answered in mid-2019, when it was announced that a “huge”
part of the show would be filmed in none other than Peter Jackson’s old stomping grounds
of New Zealand. The Pacific island nation famously served
as the home to the bulk of the production of both The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies,
and Amazon has apparently decided that nowhere could quite beat the country’s awe-inspiring
scenery. “Fair enough.” Originally, Scotland had been considered as
a serious contender for filming. However, Radio New Zealand put forward the
claim that the Scots had lost out on the project due to the UK’s “tumultuous Brexit situation.” The return to the land of the Kiwis is rumored
to focus around the cities of Auckland on the northern island and Queenstown on the
southern one, with local facilities apparently already busy with pre-production. Auckland has already felt the impending arrival
of such a huge operation, as businesses in West Auckland have reportedly had to sign
non-disclosure agreements as they gear up to do brisk business while Amazon Studios
is in town. Way back in May 2018, a rumor sprung up that
suggested Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series would focus on a younger version of everyone’s
favorite Gondorian monarch: Aragorn. Since then, reports have obviously moved the
timing of the show back into Middle Earth’s Second Age, which leaves it firmly out of
the reach of Aragorn’s lifespan — after all, this is a stretch of time that ends nearly
three thousand years before the ranger was even born. The question of how Aragorn could fit into
a series that is purportedly set three millennia before his time is a curious one, though. Could he be merely be needed for an initial
framing sequence as he rules Gondor in the Fourth Age, before the show flashes back in
time? Or could it be that the earlier seasons will
start in the Second Age and ultimately end on Aragorn in his youth during the fifth season? And there’s still the question of that spinoff
series, too. For now, however, how Aragorn is involved
in the series — if he is at all — is still a mystery. We live in an era where everyone from Marvel
and DC to The Walking Dead and Star Wars have built the concept of an “extended universe”
into their long term plans. Naturally, then, Amazon would be foolish not
to at least have one eye on an extended Middle Earth universe of their own, especially when
they’re working with the dense and storied lore of one of the most popular world-builders
of all time. While specific franchise plans will take a
long, long time to unfold, Amazon has already announced one potential piece of universe-building
in the form of a new Lord of the Rings console video game that is already in development. The game does not appear to be directly linked
to the show, but that hardly disqualifies it as a part of the greater continuity that
Amazon is in position to propagate. Like the show, the game doesn’t have a release
date yet, but it appears to be a free-to-play “massively multiplayer online” game. In a statement, Amazon Studios said: “[The game] will give fans around the globe
a new, immersive game experience for epic exploration of the vast world of Tolkien.” Whether the game ultimately ties into anything
from the coming show or not, it would appear that Amazon’s journey into Tolkien’s world
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