Detective Pikachu Writers interested in a Smash Brothers Movie.

you can TV a versus queen welcome to the stage of history we told hey everyone this mughal over here and I'm back again with some more super smash but let's Boltzmann content and today we're gonna talk about a little something different that's surrounding Super Smash Brothers all it's meant that some of you guys may not expect or it never heard or in me you may just went over your guy's head over the weekend now if you guys don't know or you haven't checked out yet detective Pikachu was released about two weeks ago and everyone pretty much it has some positive things to say some negatives and stuff but as far as video game adaptations of movies concerned to this current date I think detective Pikachu is one of the best video game movies ever conceptualized to this date I mean as far as being faithful to the source material being respecting the source material in fact as far as Pokemon designs transitioning over into a live-action film and I've took my daughter and my brothers and the rest family all went to see detective Pikachu and I walked out satisfied I really enjoyed it so I'm really looking forward to what these would do with the Pokemon franchise here on out as far as live-action concern so why I'm sorting out live-action well it seems like after this movie was made or even during the time to tell us a detective Pikachu was revealed a lot of people may fund or main teams about a Super Smash Brothers movie kind of like how the Avengers work and that all out shared cinematic universe now the funny thing about this is is that the detective Pikachu writer also has interests and wanting to do a Super Smash Brothers movie and the writer Hernandez he said this I quote I think that the key to doing anything right there is to make sure that other introductory movies are sensational it'd be a dream to write something like The Legend of Zelda but before you can get into the smash brothers days you have to write the best damn version other Legend of Zelda that you pop sneak in and the same with Mario the same with Kirby and the same with starfox which pretty much makes sense like to think about what works with Marvel with the Marvel Cinematic Universe the first had to achieve then get that audience like attention with making a pretty damn good first movie in order to break in with the shared cinematic universe now I can pretty much almost guarantee that they didn't really have a real roadmap for Marvel Cinematic Universe until they noon that Ironman work the first MCU movie was iron me an Iron Man was highly received hell I want to go see the movie like three times in the movie theaters because I really enjoyed the first Iron Man so you have to build that audience feet from the audience trust in the product and then from there you create your cinematic universe and the thing about this was since Marvel created a formula it's almost impenetrable and it just happens to work other companies of course when it comes to business and competition and capitalism everybody else tried to pretty much capitalize on this cinematic universe and just because you create a cinematic universe doesn't mean it's going to work you each first have to set up a premise witness or whatever and give you example the dark universe that Universal Studios try to make with Dracula the disc received of the werewolf and also Frankenstein in the rest of the other monster films like The Mummy with starring Tom Cruise and dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde that shared universe just failed it didn't work and because when movie studios try to do is they tried to set up pretty much they try to establish the universe itself and let audience know within the first film trying to set up all these other films and it just doesn't work first they have it you have to test see if the first film grabbed those people entrance and I think that's where people failed so the writer of the Tecna Pikachu really has a right idea about this either they consider a Super Smash Brothers film they first have to get the other movies introductory felons right they half the course correct it has to do it right in order to get everybody on board and as far as I'm concerned I really really love the idea of a Legend of Zelda movie and a starfox movie and Mario I'm kind of I'm kind of iffy on I mean like Mario to me is kind of like heart rate in transition to make it into a movie to me and my opinion especially when Mario doesn't really talk and stuff like that so it's it's it's kind of that'd be kind of the difficult task but they can pull it off I think and you definitely work so to move on with this as their a damn Hernandez states a lot I have to have in order for the movie stunt like this to exist so yes they will have to pretty much commit to this and pretty much have our property and have the properties all in order have everything lined up and everything will just have to make sense leading up to these events and I think the detective Pikachu writers have an idea and have enough respect for the Nintendo properties to me in my opinion to actually get something like this to work and I think the the things they really want to really work on next is a starfox movie what's I think starfox is it would be perfect for the silver screen and I would love to see how starfox will work but to actually get a Super Smash Brothers movie I just think it would just be awesome to get all the characters to work now how would they do it will we get like a anon anon Nintendo character get sucked into this world of super smash bros where all the worlds collide and you're actually thus parents in that movie through that character's perspective or will they just just like I said just take the different characters and start with their different movies and then you just combine them when this major event happens that calls the Super Smash Brothers events to occur I just think that'd be pretty cool so I definitely want to hear your thoughts on this so how would you feel about our Super Smash Brothers film or how would you just fill up out in the 10 Karia come into the big screen I think it can work I think there's a Nintendo has a goal a whole library of like cherish beloved characters they didn't make it work a Fire Emblem would definitely work if they do it right and make it like a Lord Rings or Game of Thrones inspired type of film that they can get that to work right a metro a movie will work which I'll talk about in another video make that feel like aliens in a way so they do have properties within which they can put together some awesome movies you just need the right writers and directors that actually has respect for the source material but I definitely hear your thoughts in the comment section below if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit like pass it around share it and also if you wanna hear more Nintendo news just hit the notification bell to be notified for more videos in the future this is Luke and Laura signing off see you again fiends later peace out it looks like he reached the end of the video well while you're at it check out some of my other discussion videos by clicking on the annotations below and don't forget to follow me on other social media platforms to stay up-to-date with future content signing off

2 thoughts on “Detective Pikachu Writers interested in a Smash Brothers Movie.

  1. hell, someone might as well do this movie, it's long overdue and goes up there with the autism that is Fortnite with screaming fans everywhere for this thing lol. They'd make bank with this movie guaranteed as long as it doesn't come out like the Sonic the Hedgehog movie lmao

  2. I think it could work, but like the mcu the characters will have to get their own movie first and now you can combine

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