DETECTIVE PIKACHU writers want to tackle a SMASH BRO'S movie

talking about Pokemon specifically detective Pikachu specifically detective Pikachu in Super Smash Brothers because that's what this image on the screen is right here this is Pikachu Super Smash Brothers because apparently the guys who were behind the smash hit I don't know if I would call a smash it I'm gonna call it a smash it but the smash hit detective Pikachu have now unveiled what they want to be their next project and yeah yeah it's they're interested in writing a Super Smash Brothers movie now I have talked about this before I have mentioned that it would be wise for Nintendo to do a Super Smash Brothers movies to create a Nintendo Cinematic Universe and have it lead into Super Smash Bros like the Avengers lead up have it all lead into Smash Bros now it's a very weird concept and then have to get some pretty good writers to make it work too like I mean I think if they if they did anything really fans would probably be all on board with that to be to be fair but still it says over the weekend detective Pikachu open 258 million the biggest debut ever for a video game adaptation couple that with box a couple that box office with decent although not great reviews and a plans for a Pokemon Cinematic Universe the cinematic universes Tim team-ups a long before 2012 Z Avengers Nintendo was teaming up as iconic characters including Pikachu for Super Smash Bros so you know there's that I guess Pokemon aren't entirely owned by Nintendo but fine yeah at this point everyone associate sit now says Super Smash Bros would almost certainly be the biggest video game movie that ever could be made and the writers of Detective Pikachu would be interested in such a project but we have to be done the right way and this is coming from the Dan Hernandez the writer saying I think that the key to doing anything like this is to make sure that the other introductory movies are sensational it'd be a dream to write something like Legend of Zelda but before you can get to that Smash Bros stage you have to write the best damn version of Legend of Zelda that you possibly can and the same with Mario and the same with Kirby and the same with starfox now a lot of people out there probably are gonna sit there and look at me right now and go what wait why do you want to see this why is it you want to see a Pokemon Cinematic Universe why is it you care about this that are why do you want to see Super Smash Bros movie I think it'd be freaking cool I think we pretty cool I think it would be for one okay a couple of reasons one I want to see Nintendo get off its ass and actually adapt some of these properties in a way that is done well as much as a lot as much as it as fun as it is to rag on the was in 1993 Super Smash Brothers movie our Super Mario Brothers movie it has a very special place in my heart it is a very special place in in me and that I love it even though it's still remarkably pretty terrible I still love that movie and I'd love to see them do a Mario film in a way that really really really brings the universe out there right give us give us a Mario movie give us a Kirby movie give us a summit could you imagine could you imagine a CG Star Fox could you imagine that could you I mean come on come on imagine imagine how you would cheer if you if you heard them say you got a boost to get through I mean just imagine they drop that everyone would lose their the audience right those in the know those with the meme the the meme warriors out there they'd know it the most but still imagine a pikmin movie man right al ahmar out there doing his thing and then at the end of it they find a way to take care you know everyone gets brought into this this a you but you don't have to do like that you know screw it treat it treat it like Mortal Kombat the movie does treated like Mortal Kombat the movie where you have like your human character which I don't know it could be sneaking so we have it be snake or have it be Mario or whatever and then all of a sudden he gets sucked into this world and then everyone's there you don't have to maybe do a build-up into it but you could probably focus on one character and have him be like the Johnny Cage Sonya Blade and Luke in and and Liu Kang of the Mortal Kombat movie from 1995 and then have them just go into the world and go okay this is this is what it is we're just going to accept this reality and that's going to be the thing I think it could be done I think it could be done and I think it would be best to be done if there was an introductory lead into it but they could also treat it like the Netflix defender series or you've got all four previous shows have their own seasons leading into the defenders so you could have you know we did here something a while back about about Netflix potentially working on The Legend of Zelda right in an illumination is working on a Mario movie so it's like you know do TV shows and put him out there you know it could be it could be a thing could be it could be a good a good movie it would make a lot of money let's be fair if they dropped the Super Smash Brothers movie and it was done well it wouldn't it would make so much freakin money but at the same time at the same time I can fully fully fully understand why people would be against it I can fully understand what pitfalls the filmmakers would undergo I could fully understand that if one thing didn't work if one thing didn't jive if there was a loose link in the chain the whole thing could potentially come crumbling down therefore destroying these brands any for any kind of cinematic outing but at the same time the concept of bringing all these characters together to fight was weird back in the day when it first came out on the n64 I believe it was the n64 was it know that Mario Kart was on Super was on was on a Super Nintendo but it's mash was 64 and then you know but people love it people love it they want it they want more of it so why not want to give them a movie why not give them why not give them a movie you know what I mean just just give them a goddamn movie just do that do that for me how about that anyway

22 thoughts on “DETECTIVE PIKACHU writers want to tackle a SMASH BRO'S movie

  1. Charlize Theron as Samus. She wore something similar in Prometheus. Just saying…

  2. I disapprove of a "Super Smash Bros." movie. It would require solid movies of a LOT of Nintendo IPs as origin stories first–just focus on "Pokemon" for a decade first. They're biting off way, way more than they can chew–just look at Jon Favreau drowning in Disney remakes just trying to get "Magic Kingdom" through thoroughly expensive pre-production, if you catch my meaning.

  3. It will be the Nintendo Avengers. Most definitely need a Legend of Zelda movie first.

  4. This is really an American bullshit cinematic trope to basically make a cinematic universe for almost anything. $$$$$$$ is what heartless and stupid Americans love, sacrificing high-quality, good story-telling for the American bullshit hype for an empty, soul-less movie with the over-saturated CGI, VFX crap fest. I hope Nintendo has a bit of taste to not let go of any of its intellectual property to satisfy crappy American's appetite for shitty movie they enjoy so much.

  5. I thought they were just going to do this without doing other films. The ideas they are describing sound like they could pan out.

  6. Do a Pokemon cinematic universe FIRST and then talk about a Smash Bros franchise

  7. Some times i look at rocket and think what if Fox looked like that

  8. Nintendo is way too protective of their properties to really let any of that happen, I think.

  9. Also isn’t a Mario movie being made by Illumination? So would there be a live action and animated Mario movie?

  10. Unless Universal ( who makes Super Mario Bros animated) plays ball with Legendary I doubt this will happen

  11. I think other movies should be made before Smash Bros. Maybe there should be a Zelda and a Star Fox movie along with other ones before the Smash Bros crossover.

  12. awesome as it sound i don,t know if the story and everyone looks good and not turn how sonic turn out even though getting fixed either way we will have to see if the mario makes it first and not tank sonic too but star fox movie yes please .

  13. "You have your human character who gets sucked in to this world & everyone's there."

    Mii Fighters, anyone?

  14. These people need to have their Pickachu-related movies exclusive for the Switch's online service.

  15. I kinda saw this coming after the sonic movie was announced. There needs to be a Mario movie, and Zelda movie too.

  16. I see no objections as long as Ryan Reynolds still does the voice of Pikachu in the Smash movie.

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