All plans have been suspended The future’s blueprint so carefully rendered has been ignited, consumed, extinguished. There is no guidance in the constellations built for other ships. It’s time to live in the silent spaces. In the endless embrace of the unknown. This detour is permanent. It is fixed and unfixed. Boundless and full of entanglement It is the brightest, most wonderous path, through all the dark spaces.

18 thoughts on “Detour

  1. This is amazing!!! congratz, I really like it!!! the sound and ambience really captivates.

  2. My three cents –
    Message: It's not fair that such powerful ideas get boiled down to "go with the flow" but, I mean, it sure helps a lot.
    Aesthetic: Great conceptual execution. Cohesive and solid in visual, sound and overall design.
    Critique: Your "subscribe" watermark could maybe use a little design snazz. It's getting in the way of such a great looking video! (I'd just go with your awesome avatar if it was me!)

  3. Another magical edition to the epic library of M! Wonderful 👏👏❤️💥

  4. Such a trippy video!!!😍😍
    Suggestion: maybe add subtitles so that it's easier to know what you're saying(:
    Love your style!

  5. Obviously a very creative mind with a deep somewhat chilling sci-fi voice. …I actually loved this…of course this should of got you 1 thousand views in a few hours but then you need a critical spaced out mind to appreciate it. …short videos like this may be the trick and good thumbnails like this one. ..nice.

  6. Have you had any dramatic live detours? Did they add value to your life or make things worse? If you enjoyed this spoken word video painting, please let me know, and share it with others! If you enjoyed this video exploration you might be intrigued by this one as well: Thank you so much for watching and being a part of my creative community!

  7. omg this spoke to me been on this endless detour for months now great edit as always

  8. Wow this was a bit of a detour visually from your regular videos but it was great nonetheless. I'm still really intrigued in your creative process, buy maybe that should be kept shrouded in secrecy.

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