Detroit’s Dudley Randall used poetry and persistence to change the face of literature

Detroit is a unique place. Its people make it unique. It’s people like, Dudley Randall, which make it unique. Dudley Randall, was interested in helping
to promote the culture, and adding to and opening up, you know,
the American literary canon so that it would no longer be segregated. So his response was instead of complaining
about people not publishing you, we should start our own publishing houses. His poetry dealt with race and the racial
experience, it wasn’t limited to race. He had a deeper and better understanding of class. He was also much more liberated when it came
to things like gender. He did not believe in censorship, he believed
in freedom of expression. This man worked all the time, he worked so hard. And he was not working for self, he was
working for others. He deserves a lot more credit than he had been given. The spirit of his poetry has a lot of breadth
and depth that’s gonna make it be important and remain relevant, for you know hundreds of years.

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