Di NGAIHZUALI – 3 (Mizo Novel)

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21 thoughts on “Di NGAIHZUALI – 3 (Mizo Novel)

  1. I thu sawi te tha thin narawh e kan tawng humhal kawng ah hian chuan tan kan lak tlan tak meuh2 ngi ni e kan hnam dam na pakhat ni ve sia

  2. Ka ngaithla hman chiah e..tuntum chu ka buai lutuk a..i aw hi amawi ka ti keizawng i aw zun ah hian ka uai

  3. Awm maimai paha kan ngaihtuah deuh te hming lo ziah leh thin hi chu tawng veleh hman tlat😌😌

  4. A kham awm loh thei eeee I story hi ka ngaithla Kim deuh vek tawh in ka hria😁

  5. A rûka induhtawn,mahse inhrilh ngam bawk si lo…Tleirawl ṭan tirh,star rûk neih ṭan hun lai kha a lo nuam ber mai.

  6. Nizanah ka ngaithla hmanlo a.. Engtin emaw tak unau nihloh pawn an nu leh pate ah inzawmna an neih duh hmel e. Ka rilru te alo na lawk vel😂😂😭😭

  7. Nangmah hi ka duh tawp che…. ♥️♥️ A takah. Chibai lâwp2 che ka chak.. 😇😁

  8. in ngaihzawn hma, a harsa lai vel hi nuam ka tih zawng tak, min duh leh duh loh in kar lai vel, tan lak ngai lai hun hi😂

  9. Kei chu Di ngaihzuali hi a tawi thei lutuk a a kham awm lo theih khawp mai hei ai hian a ti sei deuh theih em.?

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