45 thoughts on “Diamond Construct – Submerged (Official Music Video)

  1. first time hearing you guys, fuckn nice keen to see you play with thornhill this year

  2. Check out my review of this track! https://youtu.be/PeiL1jnA8nA

  3. Everyone: No one can make a song using only breakdowns
    Diamond Construct: Hold my beer

  4. When someone tells me to stop listening to this shit, I’ll hit them with the 2:53

  5. Idk why but I just love 3:17 visually and with everything hitting at the same time worked out perfectly.

  6. Sounds like a broke dick version of This or the Apocalypse from 2013.

  7. To all these critics saying this is generic , get off your ass and create something new yourself , in the mean time , enjoy this slammer of a tune 😍

  8. Looks like Squirt Gun Kelly got hit so hard by Em, he knocked him all the way to the hardcore scene..

  9. I only realised now that this is the same guy who directed the video for Fireworkds by Make Them Suffer

  10. rEeEeEe33eEE iT cANt sOuNd sIMiLaR tO aNyThINg oR ItS gEnEriCC

  11. Wtf is up with all these scrubs commenting, "generic"? It's a fucking banger so either ride the wave with us or gtfo.

  12. The instumentals aren’t that bad, but the vocalist isn’t very good and will end up fucking up his vocal chords if he doesn’t learn how to scream properly

  13. Those drums sound so fucking awful. Modern production is the death of metal I swear.

  14. Reminds me of August Burns Red meets oh sleeper. Good ol days of music for me. Keep killin it dudes.

  15. Yeah I haven't heard anything like this like a million other times before…

  16. Honestly, not my type of vocal style. I don’t like that aspect of the song. But the rest of it is good. Nice instrumental and well executed videoclip.

  17. Whole band is good but I would work on the vocals that just didnt sound right going from hardcore to soft

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