Dick Figures – Bath Rhymes (Ep #20)

yeah uh huh R&B in the house that’s Red & Blue not rhythm & blues shorty make that booty clap put that butt into my lap cruising down these ghetto streets jamming to my dubstep beats rawr rawr rawr shit a dinosaur! shorty hand me my broadsword oh shit now he’s eating you oh fuck now he’s trying to eat me too ya right! i’m a robot guy shoot lasers out of my eyes dingleberry says to me [dingleberry] shut the fuck up! Woooooooo! turn up my headphones turn up my headphones turn up my headphones turn up my headphones turn up my headphones now I’m heading to the club make it rain and pop some bub applebottoms in my face pooping all over the place uh huh uh yeah turn up my headphones turn up my mic y’all ready for this… and I’m out of time I swing my cap to the back [blue] i can toast to that I make my ballsack slap on her booty crack I am leveling up I’ve got bub in my cup I got that ass in my lap [raccoon] now make that ass… CRAP! make that ass crap make that make that ass crap make that ass crap make that ass crap make that ass clap make that make that ass clap make that ass clap make that ass clap yeaah! turn up my headphones turn up my headphones yeaah! uh huh turn up my headphones turn up my headphones these are sounds that sound cool y’all ready for this shorty got style I got swag on my feet I got her booty in my hand it’s like a thousand degrees I am red hot fire I am sex and appeal I want her thighs around my face for every one of my meals all the ladies like my movement and my talented voice and if I wasn’t your roomie I would complain ’bout the noise this raccoon is poppin’ bottles blue is droppin’ the beat I need the heimlich right away I think I swallowed a bee yea oh yea [raccoon] make that ass crap turn up my headphones turn up my headphones turn up my headphones [raccoon] make that ass crap Woo! Fellas, and ladies on the dancefloor makin’ babies Fellas, and ladies on the dancefloor makin’ babies these are sounds that sound cool in the microphone [blue] huh I’m cool I’m cool

100 thoughts on “Dick Figures – Bath Rhymes (Ep #20)

  1. They have Figured Out everything
    And the main characters of Chick Figures are actually Red and Blue's kids

  2. dick figures and ladies on the dance floor making babies. that makes sense

  3. who here in 2019 where every karen would sue youtube over this single video

  4. i never knew stick people can be this adult kinda rated

    Edit: also edd Gould aka the creator of eddsworld entry is here According to the people they listed in the credits

  5. Bru what the f*** that was so inappropriate but good song bud

  6. Ahhh the good ol days…


    this does put a smile on my face

  7. dude i cant tell if my mind is exaggerating,but god fucking damn those times were golden,youtube was at its peak and life was amazing.It feels horrible knowing that it wont ever get as good as these times were

  8. Picture this you're super young 9-13 listening to this with earphones bumping up and down trying not to say "make that ass clap"… those were the times

  9. this song is incredible i miss dick figures and deep space 69 they were my childhood

  10. 1:21 That honestly looks like James Baxter's style, especially with the fluent motion

  11. I cannot believe I was only 10 years old when I watched this, and for some reason still remember every word of this song 8 years later…

  12. Needed to go back to the old times of YouTube & this was the first thing that came to my mind.

  13. Wow, this was very cool to me back in the day, now it's just…cringey

  14. You know what's amazing to think of.
    This was probably one of the first fan animated collabs on YouTube. At least, the earliest I can remember.

  15. What an amazing time for YouTube. Now people are just offended by literally everything

  16. The part where blue says "if I wasn't your roommate I would complain about the noise"
    Reminds me of me and my roommate ahah
    I was 10 when this came out now I'm 20 and I gotta say sure times were simple back then and wish that I could go back but no matter how hard we try we cant so we just have to remember that good times are always right around the corner.

  17. At 2:20 if you get it right on time it shows red crying and the girl is comforting him . Poor red

  18. ahh yes. the 2011 – 2012 era of yt. i sure do miss it. i wish they still worked on dickfigures actually. thats what got me into drawing actually. odd…

  19. Just sayin I was way too young to be watching this when it came out. Good times. Good times

  20. 8-9 later, and this song is STILL THE FUCKING SICKEST SHIT THERE IS‼️‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. I remmember listening to this in my car without head phones

    I was like six or something

  22. 8 years ago I was too old to be liking this as much as I did… and I still do. Time keeps on slippin' into the future.

  23. 1:26 I remember when I discovered this when I was 7, then I sat on air, pretended to bounce a little bit, and look really disgusted. Because I was dressed in all blue.

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