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welcome to let the Koran speak I'm sure your hosts in our series for n is it really the Word of God we'll begin by exploring the question how can Muslims be certain that the Quran is not the word of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him what evidence is there to prove that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him received revelation from God himself let's sit down with dr. Shabbir Ali to learn more welcome to the show dr. schmear pleasure to be on so we're on our first episode of our series Quran is it really the Word of God and today we're talking about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and so briefly you know we do know Muslims believe that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad over the course of time over the period of time how I guess it's just generally glossing over it how can we be certain that it was actually revelation from God coming to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him yeah when we speak of things relating to religious belief we don't speak about absolute certainty but we do want to know do we have reasonable grounds for believing that this is the Word of God I mean this is an ancient belief it has been transmitted to Muslims over the generations for 1,400 years and the question to a modern Muslim is why why do you adhere to that tradition many people have abandoned their traditions many ancient religions have proven to be unworkable impractical and some of their beliefs of phal been found to be mythological legendary so modern people have difficulty with their traditional systems of belief so the question to a Muslim is what while you maintain this belief after 1400 years why don't you look back at it and say oh this is all mythical somebody said it's the Word of God but is only the word of a human being it's just the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century maybe he wanted to reform his people and that's a good objective and being a noble person he wanted to teach them good things and in order to get more authority behind his message he tells them well you know this is really the Word of God in order to convince them so why don't we take a belief of that nature so that we don't have to regard the Quran to be the Word of God so my answer to that is that we should look at the reason and evidence and proof which look at the history and see if indeed the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was making this up along the way for good reasons or for bad reasons or whether in indeed there there are reasonable grounds for thinking that the Quran really came into his mind as a revelation from the Almighty God and he just simply acted as a conduit to deliver that message to the world so how do we I guess how do we that's the biggest question right is it possible that over because it was over a period of time that the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon so is it possible that it's something that you know he I don't know came up with well well here are my reasons for thinking that he didn't is just come up with it on his own that somehow there were ideas welling up within his mind and he himself became convinced that these are revelations from the Almighty God so that when he spoke about it that's what truly he he believed my first reason for for thinking that the Quran actually is from an outside mind to the mind of the Prophet peace be upon him is that he himself sincerely believed this now that by itself does not prove the case because a person could sincerely believe something and his belief could be wrong but at least if he believed it himself it means that he was not conniving and trying to make it look good in order for people to believe him we have an example like from from the among the ancient Hebrew prophets a prime example of the Prophet Jeremiah he sincerely believed that he had a message from God and he was preaching it to people even at times when people would not accept his message he just simply maintained it because he believed that that was from God and he's just telling it like it is even though it looks untrue at the moment and unreal but but he just says it he's not trying to gain friends and win friends and influence people and the invocate Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him we see a similar phenomenon at work for many long years for thirteen years he was in in Makka in his hometown he was a persecuted prophet people belied him they spat upon him threw dirt upon him i pelted him with stones on one occasion and they ill-treated his family and friends his followers they tortured some of his followers and with some of the Severus tortures the Prophet peace be upon him bore all of this and sometimes the noble man can can accept if you beat him or torture him but but he would relent if you start torturing his colleagues and friends and loved ones and relatives but the Prophet peace be upon him in all of this maintained his principle that this is a revelation given to him by the Almighty God and and he can just simply deliver it he can't change it can't take it back this is just the Word of God and William Montgomery what a non-muslim and the historian of early Islam a professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland said that if the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was not sincere if he did not himself believe that this is a message coming to him from the Almighty God and there's no conceivable reason why he should have continued his mission he should have just given it up altogether and maybe he could have said something like you know I told you the message of God you guys don't want to hear it that's that's the end of it yeah forget it right I just told you I did my duty but he kept persistent with his message at a time when there was no hope from a human point of view that his mission would be successful it didn't seem like this is going to lead anywhere it just seems that this is going to be rejected and that's the end of the story but he persisted because he sincerely believed that to be the Word of God and what about what do we know about you know even prior to the Prophet Prophet Mohammed peace be upon receiving revelation we know a lot about his character and how he was viewed in the community at the time so can you share some information religion yeah from some of the Bible biographical reports about him it is said that people regarded him as al-amin and Sadiq these are names that if they attributed to him in the Arabic language al-amin meanings the meaning the trustworthy one sadiq meaning the truthful one so a the question the Quran began to pose to them now a bit of time as the Quran is being revealed to the Prophet peace be upon him over the early period is how can you just imagine that this person that you knew to be the trustworthy and truthful one would lie about God and in fact one one of the things the Quran says repeatedly is that the greatest crime a person can commit is to say that God reveals something to him if indeed God did not reveal something to him so if the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him were just simply delivering this as his own thoughts and his own ideas about how to reform people and he is crediting that to God deliberately forging a lie against God then he is in is in the deepest contradiction possible because he's saying look the greatest sin the man could commit is to say that God revealed something to him when God didn't do that and at the same time he is doing precisely the same it's an add up yeah it doesn't add up so psychologically it does not seem that this is the word of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him deliberately concocted to fool people it is obvious that this is what he sincerely believed that this is a revelation given to him by the Almighty God do we have evidence I guess historically look in Islam about to prove that Prophet Muhammad was illiterate because I've heard also that that point would you know confirm that he wasn't he wouldn't have been able to come up with something like the grind yeah well in the ancient world people were generally illiterate so we would have to have some proof that the person was literate at bears the exception now was the case nowadays generally people are literate so if we say you know somebody did not know how to be here right that would be rather strange yeah in our modern times but in those days you know most people were illiterate and then there were the people who were known to be literate and the Prophet peace be upon him was not one of those people there were people who were trained in compositions and they held fairs to demonstrate their mastery in composing eloquent poetry they hung up some of the written pieces in the Kaaba the sacred house of worship at the time and the resort was literacy something it wasn't very common during that time no it wasn't very common in fact an illustration of this point can be seen from the aftermath of the what was referred to us the battle of badr some of the non-muslims were captured who came to attack the Muslims and when they were defeated and captured they were some of them were given their freedom if they could teach some of the Muslim children to read and write and and that shows that reading and writing was not so very common it's not like you can't capture anyone off the street and say kid can you teach my kids how to read and write there were some specific individuals who knew how to read and write and the Prophet peace be upon him was not known to be one of them the Quran actually refers to this this state of the Prophet peace be upon him by calling him and Nabil o me and that means o me means motherly and they are grammarian say that this term is used for the illiterate person because as the the young child is still being coddled by it by his mother and he did not go to school and learn how to read and write so similarly the the term motherly is applied to the one who even though he's an adult he has not learned how to read and write and in the twenty nine chapter of the Quran the the Quran actually addresses the Prophet peace be upon him in the 40th worse and says that you did not write this with your right hand nor did you read a scripture before this otherwise those who wanted to doubt would have had some reason to doubt but in fact that this now is a confirmation that the Prophet peace be upon him was not reading the previous scriptures probably because he didn't know how to read and second that he did not write this with his own right hand probably because he didn't know how to write like why would he call other people to write it for him if he could have written it himself and I sallam extraditions shows that he called unscratched to write down the Quran as he was reciting the Quran so the idea is that somehow the Quran would be implanted into his mind from an outside source he would be in a state of like ecstasy or trance he would awaken from that state he would recite the word and then one of his scribes would write it down so all of this shows that he himself was not trained to read or write and he had other people to do the writing for him and now the quran' is being put to the world and it proves to be a literary masterpiece so the question is how does this book which has become the first Arabic text book how could this book have been produced by a person who was not trained to read a write or to compose like the literary masters of the time we have lots more to say but I'll leave that for another episode thank you very much dr. Samir you're welcome hey youtube we hope you benefited from this video if you liked it or if you did let us know in the comments below and if you're interested in learning more check out some of our other videos and don't forget to subscribe so you can get new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday

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  1. I am an atheist and no Muhammad did not write the eventual Quran. It was written and compiled by his followers after his death

  2. Peace be upon him line is so hypocritical. If he is with allah. He don’t need u to say peace be upon him to be in peace.

  3. Dates times do not work put the people on TV and let's get same really facts

  4. Mahamed know that there’s no god so knowing that isn’t there hi can swear in just to defend his preaching to help his people as he had jealousy of Jews and Christians. He wanted his people to have book that’s why he lead jihad he killed

  5. The prophet, pbuh, was a persecuted one, he grew up poor and living under threats. Then god reveals the Quran to Him and all of a sudden he ended up having wives, slaves and being rich. What a wise man. !!!Started from the button now I am here!!!!!

  6. Ohh…Muhammed believed that the message was from god…hmm…very scientific !

  7. why don't you have the original manuscripts? was it because there were so many changes that your former leaders/writers changed to adopt to the present situations? if so, then your quran was not from God but a product of ambitious evil people who wants to control people everywhere…

  8. It's shocking how many people who hate the religion watch these videos

  9. Mr Shabir, regardless whether what you argue is right or wrong, I really respect you because you're a daring person, and acts very gentlemanly when you engage into debates with the Christian apologists. You don't curse, raise your voice or act like half baked self proclaimed thugs and imams/apologists like Hijab, Daawah or Zakir Naik. I'm not a Muslim but my hats off to you. I wish and pray that you continue to be blessed with more wisdom, sustenance and excellent health. Amen.

  10. for me, beside from being idoletries and lack of historical evidences that there is muslims during the time of mohammad, scientifically errors, and lies…i believe GOD can do everything and merciful to all of His prophets… only allah that mohammad call as a god that do nothing in his life to live as a living testimony for allah.. can you imagine mohammad claimed to be a prophet but untill 20 yrs and to his death he was not able to to learn how to read and write… specially he was elected as a leader because of his wisdom… so if this wisdom is from the Creator who can do anything there is no way for mohammad to learn how to read and write the quran by his own self…

  11. Prophet Muhammad PBUH had no choice, it was Allah's command to convey the mission of Allah!

  12. Based on the comments , nice to see a lot of curious non Muslims checking this channel out .
    Now please actually watch and listen to the video before you place judgement . It’s obvious some of you have not actually viewed it and just jumped to the posts !!


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    Al-Qurănan = Way (activation link) Knowledge utilize eye (receptors activity) possible (numerous activation).
    Al-Qurănan = Way – Knowledge utilize receptors activity numerous activation numerous.
    Nice video.

  14. to be true islam is a religion created by Muhammad and he said all the things favourable to him and these sheep's believing still today…..as everyone knows Muslims became menance to the world….where there are Muslims there is no peace….SATANOUS religion ISLAM

  15. I respect Dr. Shabir Ally and in my eyes he is one of the most sincere and honest of the islamic scholars. The other are mostly terrible liars. I just cannot understand, that he does not realize the irrefutable evidence for the huge problems in the Qu'ran and concerning the lack of divine revelation as basis of Islam. Actually, Islam has no basis at all.

  16. Every evidence in Quran suggests that he was the author of Quran!
    Like verses of convenience and booty etc

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