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hello I just want to talk about some changes that have been going on at the stuff we did initially review luxury products and we were a website where businesses could know their details on onto the site on their own page to get reviews for their products or services we've completely changed that as an author I've notice of people like books more they're like reviewing books more as well so I've decided to do ebooks we just do ebooks literary services and we've now just added script writing as well so if you're an author or you provide literary services such as a editor cover artists literary agent publisher whoever digital media company you can contact us and we will load you onto the page on onto your own page will develop a page for you and that's all for free what we are doing it at the moment because the site is just been turned into a site that just deals with books basic ason you might describe it and be friendly to that before it was more friendly to businesses so we're changing that over so at the moment we can load your page but eventually you will be able to open your own account on the site and you can deal with your listing the way you choose okay so I'll put my details on the message that goes with this video on LinkedIn and you can contact me direct and we can sort that out we've got numerous authors who that have been listed and that are currently waiting to be listed we've also got our first script writer during Abramson who I know as well he's absolutely brilliant a script writer so we're going to interview him he's going to have an interview so we've got all those American authors on there English authors digital media company also some really looking for a lot of literary services people have a publisher that's going to be interviewed very soon as well so I'll be talking about that in further videos and I'm really interested in getting it somebody was a cover artist so unless to be agent who would like to list their details on the site you on the site you can get reviews from people you know that you're providing services to or if you're an author your reviews of your books and you can collect them all in one place if you're on another site you've got one book with its reviews another book on another page with this reviews you can put them all together on the stat and you can basically show off what you do we are going to be offering paid advertising we've got banners all sorts on the site so that is something we are setting up at the moment as well so again contact dos about that as well but as I say we've just added script writing so if you're a script write or anybody in the film industry we'd like to hear from you as well put your details on there this site is it's not just gonna be about getting reviews yes we want to attract readers we want you know we want meet your reviews we want you to find out about new authors we want publishers to find out about new authors and authors to find how about publishers that we services people they can use it's basically it's not not just about having a page on they're actually going to function as a huge directory of services that people can use to find you know if you needed a littering you know somebody who does research for books or a cover artist if you are self-publishing or anything like that you'd be able to go onto the stuff and find them okay so I want it to function as a huge directory not just as a review website that's my main aim with this I've got big plans so these are when I'm trying to set up at the moment so please contact us and if you'd like to do some paid advertising on there as well these contact us you can contact me at essaouira se4 Apple I have to say if I fall because of my accent so si or a dot currency you double our Aoife Apple n Ross ro SS it's all one most current loss at okay again I'll put it in the you know the little description that comes for this but please contact us we as I say we want to me it's a huge directory that can be used by anybody in the world to find a publisher Elektra agent whatever you need okay so I look forward to hearing from you okay behind

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