Discovering Authors: Martin Podskoch: Connecticut 169 Club

thank you very much for coming out and you've got a beautiful eye barrier I'm originally from rail wilkes-barre Pennsylvania my grandfathers were coal miners they came from Slovakia and Lithuania and they had take all the terrible jobs just like the immigrants coming into the United States today you know from Mexico Puerto Rico all different parts of the world and it was not until their children and grandchildren were able to go to college and then you know be able to advance themselves so I was lucky I went to a little College called King's College in wilkes-barre it's run by Holy Cross fathers that run Stonehill College in Massachusetts Sacred Heart College and a little college in the Midwest called Notre Dame and also one in Oregon Portland so I studied history and government I wanted to be a high school history teacher I loved history but there weren't any jobs in Pennsylvania so I went to New Jersey and I taught near New Brunswick and my first teaching job was four at the grade can you imagine how I felt you know I was did student teaching with juniors in high school and now I was fourth graders you know 10 year olds and I had a blind boy in the back of the class Eddy screws in ski a deaf girl in the front and I had Danny who was hyperactive and I had 34 kids so and I didn't know what I was doing really but you know I knew more than they did I think expect for the math and they had worked just coming out with new math and luckily we had a divider it was a former kindergarten room and so the guy on the other side he took the kids that were really good at math and did the new math and I did the old math and then we went to then I taught seventh and eighth grade history I love the US history anybody like history here just one Oh current events okay and then I got a master's in reading I went to Newark State it's called cane University now and I started teaching remedial reading and we were in a new middle school and it was called Jonas Salk middle school and Kathleen guess who I got to meet Jonas Salk came for a dedication a couple years after and so it was awesome just to meet the guy who helped so many millions of people throughout the world so they wouldn't get this terrible you know polio then I met my wife who's from originally from Middlefield near Middletown her dad was a dairy farmer went to New York State had many farms last farm there was Pine Plains not too far from Rhinebeck and then his last farm was in a little town called Oh Nico nears which is part of Sterling near the Rhode Island border near ich kann killed turkey farm anybody ever go there for ice cream you've gales been there so it was great to learn about farming and we were married in a Canterbury Church and then a reception in plain field and the restaurant and the motel is out of business that was 47 years ago and that we were lucky to get a job in the Catskill Mountains a little town called Delhi which is near Oneonta and there I taught seventh grade reading and you really didn't have reading most of the time reading stopped in the classroom basically around sixth grade but they had me teach seventh graders just reading and they had an English teacher too so I was able to do a lot of interesting things creative things because there were no syllabuses you know I did what I wanted to do and I did individualize reading so I had kids choose books to read and so everybody was reading different books you know sometimes I might do like The Outsiders together or I might do an Adirondack book together so it was great to do it making movies and I raised our three kids we had a old farmhouse along the West Branch of the Delaware River and that was when you could just like from here to there is the Delaware River and go swimming we had a swimming hole and we had a ten acre farm with a big barn cow barn silo and we paid twenty seven thousand five hundred in 74 can you believe it but it was a dump it was abandoned for two years and it was a fraternity house before that for the junior council so there were smashed windows but when you're young you know and you're the only one working so it was great to just do one room at a time and then when we retired we came to Connecticut first in Colchester for five years near the Salmon River and then we bought a place on Lake polka Tepig where we live in 2011 and we were fortunate because my parents grew up in the depression they saved money so when they passed away we were able to buy a house put solar power build a new house green house solar power geothermal had a Prius car we'd like to get a Tesla someday so I was just talking to people at the library conference there at the Groton hotel and they said five years 30% of our cars will be all-electric they will have less moving parts you won't have to do it oil changes and you just plug it in and so less pollution so that'll be great so I as an said I first got interested in writing because I used to have authors come to my school tried to get the kids interested in reading by having a real author I went to parochial school so we only read one book during the year it was a Basel text anybody ever have a Basel text you read one story all day look up the vocabulary answer the questions sound familiar to anybody so how could you like to learn to read we we didn't even have a library in our town you had to go to wilkes-barre or Kingston to be able to go to it so when I became a reading teacher I just wanted to get my kids to meet real authors so I first started with the book it was called my side of the mountain I don't know if anybody ever read that book by Jean Craighead George and a boy said Mr podsnap about Delhi where I'm teaching said you're kidding me paddle I he opened the book and there it was boy leaves New York City and comes to Delhi in the Catskills to find his grandpa grib Lee's farm and then how he goes into the woods and lives fall winter and spring off the land tames a hawk to be able to hunt for him and you know doing all these things natural things and Jean George won the Newbery Award for that book she also won julie of the wolves and i looked in the back of the book and I said Chappaqua New York I'm in New York so I called information for Chappaqua and I asked for jean-georges they gave me her phone number so one night I had courage and I dialed the number and a lady answered and I said is Jean George in and she said speaking I'm just a teacher from Delhi Oh Delhi what a wonderful town and I told her how we're poor we can't have authors coming and pay them to come how would you like to be our first author for a book fair I'd love to come and I think we didn't have to pay anything so then I told other writers jean-georges was coming whoa so we had fifteen authors and tick kids teachers from K through 12 could choose authors to to listen to we had newspaper writers photographers later on we just called it the media Fair so for 25 years I had free authors every year and I had Eric Carle stay at my house he wrote The Hungry Caterpillar came from the Berkshires stayed at my house and then in the morning after I made breakfast for him my daughter sat on his lap and he read The Hungry Caterpillar sounder by Bill Armstrong he taught at Kent school for boys he took a day off came stayed over Jean George came to my house my friend took me the day before we picked the wild leeks I don't know if did anybody ever go into the woods and get wild leeks and made her wild leek soup she said Marty this is the best soup I've ever had so how about Howard Koch anybody ever hear this guy in 1943 he won the Academy Award for writing the movie Casablanca called him up from Woodstock right down the road hey would you like to come I'd love to come 87 years old here he is coming into the library talking to all these high school kids he said during the 1950's McCarthy senator called me and other people communists I couldn't get a job after winning the Academy Award he said I had to go all the way to London in write books under pen name he said you kids if you believe in something and the whole world is against you stand up for what you think is right Heywood hell broom from CBS came I just I had in Valentine's you ever see ballantine books remember in the 50s he started the whole paperback revolution he took the Pearl off the shelf see that kids I got this book published you know The Hobbit I had this book published so I mean so I was immersed in all these writers they'd stay at my house guess what visited a fire tower told the publisher about it they said somebody should write a book about it I got a contract $100 advance now Susan I heard you're a writer I got $100 advance oh my god I thought that was fabulous right but that comes out of the profit because he got 90% and I got 10% of the profit so that was the funny thing but so I went from fire towers let's say well this is the book I'm gonna talk about now now does anybody know we're in Connecticut this the cover for my book is I think it's mystic there it is you're right this is the North Baptist Church and I heard it's changed now the name it's they don't call it the north and south somebody said Union and I met the guy who works at this library behind there I didn't even know there was a library behind there the no wank mystic library did anybody go there and he said he was helping with the upstairs part they said it looks like a ship upside down and it was all a ceiling covering all this and they took all that ceiling down anybody ever go up there at the second floor so I've got to go to see that so I was lucky to get this on the cover and it's fabulous when I went on better Connecticut with CBS with Scott Haney I gave him the book and he said Marty what a cover what a book you know and it's I mean it even want in Connecticut magazine December issue I was on Fox News two weeks ago The Hartford Courant so people are finding out about this and the whole idea is to get people to visit all hundred and 69 towns in Connecticut so first question we're giving a prize now who could tell me how many counties there are in Connecticut eight what's your first name again Chuck ten points remember that in okay cuz at the end we're getting a prize chuck chuck is gonna keep Jack ten point okay now I was in the little town of Monroe North North wait the western part of the state anybody ever go to Monroe you've been there with that big reservoir there and everything so this lady came to me she said Marty I've got four kids last week we've been doing this for years trying to see if we could visit all 169 towns and we got to our last town she said now with your book guess what we're gonna start all over again because it's a passport book you have to get it stamped or signed so my book if I could find it I'll pass this around I started going around you'll see see the gold thing there you go to town clerk some town clerk's will put the gold seal and put the town's seal it right in your book so it could pass that around just to see and so here her name is Shirin she took these her four kids look at kind of may imagine how many little kids been to Yale University you know and going exploring here I went to Goshen and I got the town clerk who wrote the part see I had to do is get writers from all these towns 169 towns to write about their town just like I had Judy she wrote about your town of Groton okay so I called the Historical Society we're too busy we can't write five to six hundred words about our town so I asked the library no I asked the town clerk she said I'll do it so I had that and you could go to sometimes you might like to get a stamp so you could go to the post office and just put a stamp there and they'll stamp it although one town would not let somebody do it I think it was Hebron the guy who in the post office her lady wouldn't put the stamp on there but you get the date and and the town yeah they have they have wine passes etc to go try to go to all the wineries here's one I went to Oxford and they if you go to the western part of the state where's our fairfield lady Susan did you ever go to riches maybe that's this isn't this further north Oxford everybody there likes we go to Oxford here I am not too far in let me think about this town Old Lyme okay and right when you going to Gillette castle you get off the ferry there's this little store as sandwiches etc and look at the headline Country Market they even had an ice Stamper and Zachary signed it because Zachary couldn't believe it he's right in the picture and his mother owns that store my granddaughter gets the byline because she took the picture then I went to sterling okay on the Rhode Island border its place called eat killed turkey farm anybody ever go there gales been there people raved they love to go to eat can't kill and there they raised turkey they're all free-range okay and they have this dog big blue he guards the flock so no eagle no Hawks Fisher Cats killed him very expensive meat but somebody said it's about $5 a pound but Wesley in college you know in Middletown guess where they get all their turkey and ice cream eat con kill I took you want to go out go to these colleges I don't know if you knew this you could go to Trinity College you could go to Wesleyan you just go to their dining room Bon Appetit is the caterer at Wesleyan so you get this wonderful meal seven dollars all you could eat they have buffet everything I took my granddaughter's there same thing up in Trinity anybody ever go up to Trinity College they have a nice theater they have sometimes foreign films etc go right into their cafeteria and you could get nice dinner cheap date how many been to Litchfield arethusa this is a fabulous dairy and they have an ice cream place and a restaurant then I went to Washington anybody ever go to town of Washington okay how many have ever watched the Gilmore Girls the whole story of the Gilmore Girls is supposed to be in Washington Connecticut and the mother is raising her daughter and she has a bed-and-breakfast okay so I said oh boy I can hardly wait to take my granddaughters to Washington and be able to see you know this bed-and-breakfast so I did I took my wife to the let's see what is this place oh boy there is a bed-and-breakfast grace Mayflower hidden anybody ever go there so it took her for lunch and I just went for the heck of it the death to see how much does it cost to stay for a night she said this was December she said special deal prices went down for one night to stay at this Mayflower in five under dollars and if you get the really expensive room $1600 a night Washington know because have you ever heard of the gun Academy they have their own the kids had their own hockey rink their own gym their library not just ordinary windows Tiffany windows big bucks up there so I went I did a book signing at the Hickory stick bookstore and she sold boxes of them of my book and I said where could I go to get some nice soup she says go next door to Marty's how many Marty's are there not too many so I went there and I said could is Marty around he could sign my book you know it's a passport book she said I'm sorry Marty passed but I'll sign it so there I have the waitress she signed it I went to the library to give a talk in Enfield so I wanted to look for soup so always hurrying about Red Robin anybody ever go to a Red Robin restaurant Red Robin okay um so I went there went there had some soup and I had the waitress sign it went to Bohr Barnes & Noble and the library inside it too so West Hartford you know classy West Hartford I went to Boston Market all the soup Kathleen for 95 you could eat you could have ten bowls okay and then this guy I also did a travel book to all the Adirondack 102 towns and I'll pass this one around to you I did five books in the Adirondacks and I noticed people just don't go to all the towns you know in the Adirondacks they go to Lake Placid Lake George Old Forge that's it I did gather my stories I had to give talks like this in all the towns and that's where I get my stories to write a book because there aren't any books fire towers CCC camps so I did this book and he also had to get that but where did I get the idea Vermont anybody liked to go to Vermont here Susan okay Chuck Ben and Jerry's yeah so I found out that in 1954 a guy wrote a story saying everybody in Connecticut it was name is Professor peachy said I want you to go and visit all of Vermont take the road less traveled in how many love Vermont it is gorgeous so that's why I got the idea if Vermont could do 251 club I'll do 102 Club but this guy he was a hockey coach at Colgate University okay in Hamilton and he just got so fascinated with the hundred to club that he has 3,000 signatures by going to all that just these 102 towns here is the town of Dannemora in the book see he went to the post office and he's got people writing comments and stuff like that as he drove up into the town of Dannemora I don't know if anybody ever heard of Dannemora well they have a prison right in the middle of town so he drives in he said Marty there were hundreds thousands of police state troopers soldiers all over the place CNN was there what was going on the big jailbreak out of this ninth 18:30 prison how did these two guys escape the one lady that worked in the prison fell in love with one of the guys and she told them helped them to be able to get out told them how to get to this to remember this in the news Dannemora the police for weeks were searching the woods in the Adirondacks okay so he goes up to the CNN thing would you sign my book and they said well this is a great idea we should do a story about this so this is the crazy thing you meet people all over the place so hopefully you'll be able to get this so what I started doing I divided my book into sections say New London okay County you're counting so when you're dead when you got to this section I have the town's alphabetically and you could start doing a certain section so I started crossing out the ones that I had visited but believe it or not now I visited all of these towns and I did I really crossed those out so New London County is done but that if you buy a book today or sometime in the future and you start traveling you could do that and then in the back of the book you keep track you try to see if you could visit you know all the towns put the date down because if you get to all the towns guess what you get a million dollars no okay you get an award now I'm trying to think of what would be in a word we could give them would we give it the Nutmeg award would we give it a prime number that's what they do in Vermont they give you you become a prime member okay and they have a lund in Montpelier and the governor comes and gives those people you know who are members but I wanted something historical so for the Vermont or the Adirondack one I gave what they call the vagabond award does anybody know historically who the vagabonds were in the 1920s they went camping every year twice to the Adirondacks sometimes down to Virginia edison Ford Firestone and John Burroughs The Naturalist from the Catskills I don't know if you ever heard of them and the reporters following called them the vagabonds so that's what I gave for that so I needed something historical somebody who traveled around Connecticut anybody know don't say anything in Kazan knows the answer anybody Kathleen well there was a guy 1865 to 1886 he was a homeless guy you were clothes of leather and he traveled around the state in his last six years he made this 365 mile truck trip from the Hudson River to the Connecticut River and back in 34 days approximately he lived in caves he took pieces of leather leftover you know people's boots and he stitched them together imagine wearing leather clothes and they said this is a book I was in Essex library and telling about this for days after my talk I had a package in the mail this lady bought me the book because it's hard to find it's out of print but the leather man and all it is is excerpts from you know daily or weekly newspapers in the towns that he visited because that's the only knowledge they have they have no idea what his name was where he came from they think he came from France didn't speak English and people just fed him he I was at the conference today a librarian conference in this lady said my grandmother told me her great grandmother told me how she would feed this guy they would just leave the food out for him some I forget where it was in Hamden maybe so I'll pass this around so if you visit all the towns at a dinner we're gonna have every year we're gonna have a dinner this year we're gonna have it in the geographic center of the state Berlin now you don't say Berlin Berlin but there's a picture of them there and so I had a person do that from 1883 is when he did this every four six years until he died this 365 mile trip and some of you may have heard this guy on about six weeks ago he came from England he's studying at Quinnipiac College for a master's in teaching and he went to a cave because he's on one of these long-distance Walker's he walked across the Sahara Desert he walked across England so when he came here he went to a cave what thick is this leather man stuff so he read the book and he said I'm gonna do that whole trip so he started in Sparta I don't know if you know where the cemetery is near the Hudson River and he did the trip and he wanted to do it in seven days he had he was hooked up to a satellite dish satellite and it went to his website and you could follow him hour-by-hour where he was on this trip so it was st. Patrick's Day just finished dinner and I looked on the map and he was coming into Middletown my god this was my chance so I got in the car I called up my writer from Guildford because he had a computer I don't have a smite I had still had a flip phone so he's telling me in Middletown I said where is he at now Joel he said he's coming down route 66 right at the intersection of Middlefield and he's coming down so coming towards Staples so I Drive on route 66 and it's dark now oh my god how the hell am I gonna find this guy so there are these two headlights two people walking down on route 66 I pulled over right behind them into this driveway Connecticut forest and park I don't know if you know where that is their office and I said got out of the car are you the leather man in his British accent said yes I am so I went out there and I handed him the the leather man patch I said this is the award because you're going on this this journey he says I don't deserve this because I haven't visited all 169 – you deserve it so I said can I buy you some food you know cuz guys got it he's doing about 50 miles a day you know to get this in seven days and he's walking with a limp so I didn't think it was gonna make it in seven days so he says yeah we're gonna go he was walking with just somebody just for a part of the trip from the Connecticut forest and park anybody a member of Connecticut forest and Park Association so he said we're gonna go to Starbucks so I said I'll buy you you know some food so I drove down there got all set got a table all set for him in about 10 minutes they walk in you know here is exhausted you know so I have a table I said they're in you could sit right there and he saw four chairs you know comfy chairs can I sit there he took up his is shoes you know just to give his feet a little rest and he wanted a double latte it alot of caffeine in it do you know cuz he had to keep going to walking and I showed him the book and he had read it and he's telling me all the stuff that different case said when he was going to Thomaston you know where Thomaston is okay by Waterbury that's where they made the Thomaston clock oh there is a cave there so along the trip sometimes people would join him so he knew this guy from I think it was maybe Watertown and his son so his son 14 year old son volunteered he's walking with them and all of a sudden you had this downburst lightning thunder they made it to the leather man cave and they spent the night there was so bad and that's why he was slowed down a little bit but he told the different things that were happening I'm along the trip and how he met a girl and he's gonna get married turn July she teaches that earth does something at UConn so I guess he's gonna stay and I asked him to come to our dinner in September 7th in Berlin so that would be good to have him Nick Bart Bellantoni okay anybody ever have him isn't he fabulous if you ever get a chance on a Nick bound he's so energetic oh my god who's just he came to our library too so that's it now this is the trip that he the leather man would make up the words down to Meriden along the Connecticut River Essex and then he would come down through here Branford and then he went around New Haven he was not you know looking for a lot of people and then coming down and then to Hamden now Fairfield is down in here yeah okay so he didn't go that far and then he came up through here I fir you know not too sure in the book he had biblic check it out oh there I am Woodley Stewart is his name Evans and where I handed him a little guy just like the leather man and he's dark-skinned and same height and about the same weight so he was tell him that's it there we are at Starbucks so I got to meet him there he is pointing out you know the pages of some people would sneak to try to lure the leather man to take pictures and these are the olden days when you know photography was they would try to get him to get to get a picture of him where is the idea travel come from I told you I read up a story in 2008 about the Vermont 251 Club and here was a guy a couple from Schenectady they heard about it and they would just have volunteers keeping track of people you know who was the first person second person third person such a going and and everybody keep their own record you could lie if you want to you know I would say oh I did it and still get the prime member award and it was all dr. peach and he taught sat taught at Norwich I'm in the Manchester library talking about professor peach coming you know and writing the story and he died about a year or two after he wrote that article in 54 this old-time guy that was answering all the questions comes up to me like we're doing answering questions he said Marty I went to Norwich Academy professor peach was my English teacher can you imagine the people I meet so I thought that was astounding and there they are in Montpelier getting their awards so if Vermont could have 251 and there 251 towns then after writing five books about the Adirondacks and traveling all over meeting these wonderful people and you know it because you're a teacher I didn't have the money stay in motels guess what the people would take me in for the night and who's taking me in for the night here anybody volunteer I bring my sleeping bag my pillow and a towel that's what I do in the Adirondacks one time I got to Mayfield and somebody was supposed to take me in for the night you know cuz I spoke to this the Historical Society and may feel and they said sorry Marty my wife has got company over you can't stay over would anybody in the audience want to take in Marty for the night and guess what somebody this old guy raised his hand he had the the lumberyard in town he said Marty I'll take you so I wound up at this you never know where you're gonna stay so there's where I travel and I as I said people are so nice they take me in last year I gave a talk in Hague on Lake George this lady took me in log cabin acres of land on Lake George her grandfather bought all this land up and he had these racing boats these wooden racing boats in the 1920s and 30s they would have this race I don't know how many how many times they would go around there and that was a big thing there so so there's my book which I passing around I had the state senator encouraging people visit all of our beautiful Adirondacks and you'll go to ice cream places up in the Adirondacks and guess what how would you like to go to that place wishys ice cream somebody at their library conference yesterday she says I'm from croghan and I used to go to wishes and Croghan below I mean this crazy and there are the vagabonds and look at the way they went camping suit and ties they didn't go to what Outfitters or REI or what's the one from Maine l.l.bean closed look at this climbing trees walking through the woods that was the way they camped and they all had electric lights in their tent why edison brought a generator and Ford had his truck with a cooking thing on back and they somebody if you go to Dearborn the the Ford Museum that that truck is there and they're the reporters following these guys so that's the patch which I passed around and we have a dinner the lady said we're not having a luncheon we're having a dinner so we had a dinner there the next year we had Queensbury last year Ticonderoga this year Hotel Saranac so if anybody wants to come then I came to Connecticut okay and I said why drive all the way four or five hours up to the Adirondacks when I could just drive around Connecticut so I started driving around in doing interviewing these men who were in the Civilian Conservation Corps from 33 to 42 I just love doing these books okay this is my second book I did the Adirondacks ECC's my third book CCC guess what state I'm halfway done Pennsylvania no that's too big close by yes ten points for Susan okay Rhode Island I love Rhode Island anybody like to go to Rhode Island oh man I'm gonna be in the Charlestown library in three weeks I gave a talk in watts he starts with the W westerly library 126 year old building they even own the park next to it I've even been to wha Patchett and Arcadia so I'm there are only eight camps twenty-one you know in Connecticut so this is easy easy street I look but I love Connecticut or Rhode Island and they have the woods they've got the beaches they're not crowded you know like Connecticut or the or the other state so look at I'm traveling around my new state of Connecticut and I'm seeing God this is a gorgeous state they've got everything mountains lakes ocean farms quaint villages cities so now I had to find exactly two years ago I was searching at the library conference in Groton trying to find somebody I'd asked him hey Anne what town you're from how would you like to write 500 to 600 words little history in interesting places in Groton no then I'd asked what's your first thing we had Jack what town Groton Norwich okay mm-hmm and he said I'll do it okay so that's the way I first started out then I started calling up Historical Society clerk's town clerk's selectmen wherever I could find somebody who could write five to six hundred words too bad I didn't know Susan she could have been one of my author okay so here's an example you're got a little history so when you go into town you could read a couple paragraphs what went on in this town that you're driving through what are some interesting places from local people telling you not me because I don't even I don't know so send me some pictures the Bethlehem and look at the writers I was dealing with where's Judy's name was it him okay next page there is there's Judy tell melis okay so look at this I was dealing with all these variety of people and my fingers were getting sword to the bone I even wrote a story about my town East Hampton and I had my granddaughter help me and there she is during Christmas holiday I said Kyra how would you like to be an author she said okay papa so we sat down in three hours we had our 500 words done okay so it wasn't a big thing but some people take months you know because they wanted everything to be just perfect I had the state historian which I still haven't met yet anybody ever have him they said he's dynamic I need nobody and there my first day with the books this library or bookstore in South Windsor said Marty let's host the first day with the book so guess what we had nine of my hundred and eighty-three writers came and each one talked about their book in the writing and at the end guess what people came up and bought a book and the book went and all the writers got to sign their page because they're the authors so it was and this was my first time meeting these people because all I did was on the phone or email and still like today was the first day I met Judy okay now we're gonna – now wait Susan's got the advantage did you grow up in Fairfield Susan okay and ready okay you're thinkers on first hand raised what town look at this building it's called the River Chapel Library a gym a restaurant look at the glass these rich people in this town they didn't want it to be a development they bought up and did this this this bling hiking trail go there for free it's called grace grace farm anybody ever go there nobody's ever been there well once you join the club and you're good traveling go to see it it's free too and a great restaurant it's almost right by the border of West Chester County one more mile you go on route 1 to 3 where my son and daughter now live how about this one 10 points I'll give you a hint it starts with an S Sherman it's on the top of Candlewood Lake anybody ever go there and the Historical Society has the old general store and they have a gift shop ok now we go to Litchfield it's a covered bridge but what down Sharon because one side of this covered bridge is in Sharon what's the other side Cornwall Cornwall Bridge ok the oldest continuously use covered bridge look at that thing I think it was in the 55 flood it was washed out and they had to rebuild it how about this town starts with an N this is a railroad station it had a fire it's now a brewery North Canaan it's very confusing that area you've got Canaan North Canaan and part of Canaan is Falls village ok beautiful how many been to Kent Falls you people don't get out of Groton come on join the club it's a hike but it's gorgeous up there ok New Haven now who knows for 20 points the name of this building okay this is called the Harkness Tower the Harkness family had their son going to Yale he died while he was going to school there the Harkness has made their money with standard oil rockefeller so they built this tower in his memory and they have you could look see the spiral staircase you could be able to tour this tower and guess what my phobia is and I did three books on fire towers I can't even get up but I've hooked the story about the men in the towers okay and look at anybody I hear the carillon music they say you have to almost like hit the the things have you ever played a Carolyn have you seen it Smith College has it and there's some other place in Connecticut that has carillon music I don't I don't remember okay Guilford yeah and they they even have tours you have to go onto this island I love Guilford anybody go to Guilford they have a beautiful square and nice shops coffee shop same thing with Branford oh god these towns nice this is a Russian Church see it inside there okay 1920s the Russian Revolution a lot of you were engineer or a writer you're being killed these people escaped came to this United States and they formed the colony built little cottages they worshiped in this church okay it's in South Barrie right near almost about a mile from route 84 it's and they love this because they reminded them with the white birch trees of being in Russia they had their own Russian newspaper Tolstoy nephew lived there Tolstoy daughter lived in haddem right near the haddem ccc camp raised chickens you know had a little farm there okay Middlesex getting close now okay this is the one I live and I live in East Hampton which has the town of cobalt middle Adam okay and regular East Hampton and say it again correct forty points it's the brownstone quarry look at this place they quarried the brownstone you go to New York City probably saw a lot of your brownstone play places in New York City they brought the brownstone right from Portland this big core imagine all the stone they quarried out of there four houses sidewalks there's two towns here wait Susan what East Haddam ten points for Kathleen is that the firt no twenty shipped and you had him ten points I didn't ask for it though they she had no points okay how many like to go to good speed I'll be there next week how was the music man yet it's if you like musicals how many went to see singing in the rain what they did is they had a special grant somebody donated money they put a special thing to collect the water and then pump it up again so this guy's dancing on the stage and it's raining it was a just unbelievable there it is 1867 okay anybody like wineries give you a hint starts with the C know ten points Clinton look at this place it's called Shah Mardan II they said and they also have a little restaurant there anybody go there okay Hartford County this is Collins bill which is in the town of Canton I don't anybody ever go to Collinsville they said the museum is wonderful so I got to go to see this they even have an iron casket in there which is bogus look at the machetes shipping home all over the world axes boys these old axes they'll have Collinsville Manchester they this was the Cheney factory building listen to this class they had a hundred and seventy-five acres two hundred and seventy five mill buildings they had farmers in the area raising mulberry trees to be able to feed the silkworms it was unbelievable okay look at this and the Historical Society was given this one building there but then when rayon was developed DuPont that was the end of the silk factories and the Cheney Factory this is awesome 1837 house they have tours starts with an S the town this is in subing ttan and it's called the barns museum it was given to the library and the library runs this museum it's gorgeous – ladies take care of it and they take care of the garden painting running tours so if you get to Southington get off of 84 and go downtown London okay now no excuses Groton groton okay how many have been in the Nautilus what Town Stonington it's a part of the two towns parts of two tenths a slime it's in the little town of Niantic but it's this how many been to the book barn isn't Randy something he knows his books there he is Randy his workers keep that place spic and span everything is in order right I'll tell you you need a book there's the place to go okay talent uh-oh we're gunfire this is a tough one built by the WPA in 1939 I have to tell you this one Fox Hill Tower and it's in Vern and okay I'll be speaking there so I want to go to see this tower look at a gorgeous it is it's in the little it's in village of stores but it's in the town of Mansfield there are many towns that have smaller parts to them that we're joined together how about this one you go to this restaurant the only restaurant in this town you have a meal and you get free books in the town of Union on your way going up 84 to Wooster somebody said that's the center of Massachusetts I just learned that today okay you go there they have used books all around the place you just pick up the book and you have that with your meal and you go everybody gets a free book on this deserted Road you have to go on a side road to get to fish family farm okay Windham that was a big in they're the thread industry they have beautiful stone buildings made into apartments and they have a beautiful museum showing the history of that industry okay Rosalind cottage this is the last one and we'll go home okay Thompson has a Speedway look at really old and they have a golf course there but I haven't been to a theater so now begin your quest class as a member of the kinetic 1969 Club to not only visit all the towns villages but to get to know the people of this beautiful state let's all take the road less traveled and I would like to thank you very much for coming class dismissed you

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