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providing what's rolling live now the academic at a nonfiction authors Association of a basket and faster I think that's how you say as in previous years can cemented its responsibility of awarding over half a million ran in writing grants to deserving candidates of academic and general nun sex work this is through their animal and faster grand scheme for authors initiatives in celebration of their 10th year can you believe it the team announced and awarded the 2016 recipient of the grant tell us more about this we are joined in studio by Kia for polymer she is one of the 24 authors that one and Monica Sieber who is the founder and pasta ladies thank you for much for joining thank you wella goodness maybe join the start the conversation with you before we bring key into this conversation give us a little bit of a background age 3 10 years ago a lot of our our views for the first time this morning we'll hear about n fateh mm-hmm well as far as i was actually formed and 12 years ago and we started the brand at a teenager and it is and see our gear behind the formation of n father was really to protect the rights of authors and father is a rights-based organization but as time went on we expanded our activities and we expanded our reach and we took on this grand scheme which I think has made a big contribution to writing at the writing and publishing of books in South Africa let me bring quien because you mentioned something that big difference when you one of the 20 forces that have one how does that change the trajectory of your writing and your life as an author oh well the difficulty for for me personally and I suppose for many authors is that you start writing with the hope that one day somebody will read the book but you tend to lose hope halfway through the process because writing is quite a process and with answers are coming in to say hey we're here to support you and will also link you up with anybody in the publishing and the book industry that you need to speak to so that your book can actually to life that for me was was the push that I needed in the right direction and although in my particular case my book was halfway done by the time I got a hold of an feza as we stand right now I am only a few pages from publication and even with that they have actually been so amazing and providing all sorts of supports to make sure that publication does take place so what that's crazy about identifying the 24 recipients that of venom one than 2050 okay I'm chicken skin I'll see that every year we call for applications around about June of every year and we advertise the wards quite widely and it's all on our website so people interested should have a look at our website and then applications come in on form and their weeks the closing date is that the end of nerves October end of October then we set up a selection panel and we go through all the applications we received I think this year we've received over a hundred and fifty and over what was it about Kira's didn't view and if we joined this party yes I I can answer that you know a lot of the people who get Awards of first-time authors a lot or not but we're particularly interested in the first-time authors and the scheme has two sides one is producing books of course because that's what we want to be in the ever is encouraging people to write and kids enthusiasm for producing a book was something that we really wanted to support she hadn't written a book before and we loved her subjects about you know about a parent isn't about the about appearance and part of a person you know it was just a lovely subsequently took us off the page talk to me very quickly about about your book that come in my book is I felt what I wore it gives them a quite detailed account of my life having been born and raised in rustenburg in the village in rustenburg and how I had ginger certain things having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and later borderline personality disorder it's written from a perspective of a young woman in the village sitting and the primary purpose of writing the book was to tell people of my story and as well as dispel some of the pre-existing myths or notions that you find and in particular my community which say that mental illness is because you have been garaged or there's something wrong with you when there's actually treatment out there so I wanted to just put it in perspective to see here i am i am that person but i am actually on this industry Tiant and this is how you also get help so that's that's what the book is about finding finding a narrative finding a voice in order to tell that story we underestimate how brave you have to be to tell your story yeah quite and and I've come to a point where I feel that this is my time to say I am not ashamed of Who I am I am not ashamed of where I've been and I know there's a child out they was going to read my book and it's going to help them my book is about changing life and it's all changed life because somebody will read it and understand that they don't have to feel bad this is absolutely nothing wrong with you there are people out there to help you and that's the primary purpose of heaven written what I walk talking about health money here I can only imagine that partnerships are critical when you're hearing great stories like this and you want to publish those like me you have a relationship with Norwegian Embassy yes that's right art our association is largely funded from Norway and the embassy has been extremely supportive they love this ski and every year after the grants are made they give us a lovely party the party can do and all the winners of that year receives they've already received their money they receive the certificate and there's a wonderful atmosphere because one or the other the ground witness stand up and say something about this but I generation isn't it's a celebration of writing and you know is that something really important about how this grant encouraged her to talk about yourself because there's so many untold stories in this country and people are perhaps a little nervous a little hesitant intelligent choice and this grant encourages them to come forward and write about themselves Kiran is your book published my book should be published by June okay so it we all going to look up for it let's be found of and faster Monica zebra and authored Kia palamos she's written a book it comes out in june if you want to find out more by the organization just google the details it's antacid dot org and all the information about the horses the things that's happening there the 2016 recipients you'll find on the website they take a nap break don't get away

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  1. Great Keamogetswe and Monica. I have lived in Norway for 52 years, and love that they support ANFASA and today a Norwegian trade Union has given a price to the Danish journalist Tom Heinemann for his work on "Bitter Grapes". Keamogetswe I strongly support your brave action of taking the story out there about the real facts on mental health, and helping destigmatize the issues.

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