Ditch Diggers by Eric Borden, Pasture Poet

I was at a little kid’s birthday party
it was his first birthday party and we got to talking about trades and kids that
didn’t want to go to college and stuff that we’re going into trades and a guy
said well you know the world needs ditch diggers and he didn’t say it in a
flattering way and those were the people that I work around and grew up around
and I just kept on coming up with lines and thinking of the people that I’ve
seen through the years of working in the trades and working construction and just
tried to find a way to pay respect to all of them (music playing) you say the world needs ditch-diggers and
that statements true enough but if you’re saying because you think you’re
better than us then with you I’ve got a grudge for we
are every creed and cover we are woman and we are man we fall into what society
calls blue-collar and we are proud to wear that brand our hard hats are our
resume tattooed with stickers a time line who we are where we’ve been what
we’ve built with our machines our skills our hands see everyone is built to do
something and we were built to build this world we’re doing what we were
designed to do since we were just little boys and girls yeah everyone’s built to
do something and we were built to build this world we’re doing what we dreamt of
doing since we were just little boys and girls so when you’re heading down the
road you see those operators cutting grade on those big machines and those
iron workers cut well shaped at the time those skeletons of steel those laborers
those carpenters getting ready for that big pour take that bridge you’re
traveling across from three lanes to four and the crane operators who will pick
and pluck and place and set with precision and with ease while their work
and sometimes that our office sways upon the breeze the linemen in their bucket
trucks and the excavators out putting in the pipe the plumbers who get the good
stuff in the bad stuff out and the HVAC techs that give you the comfort in your
office and in your house from the high lines to the pipe lines we build repair
and service the infrastructure that fuels your life from the Golden Gate to
the Brooklyn Bridge we’ve built the monuments and the buildings make up the
silhouette of the skyline in the city which you live from the highways to the
byways and the runways to the driveways these things we build well they’ll still
stand long after we are gone a testament to our passion do our part keep this
country moving on some of us are born into it is synonymous with our family
name it is bred into us for generations and
it pulses through our veins and others well we’re those kids that played with
Lincoln Logs and Tonka trucks and all the like toys and we grew to be men,
we grew to be women who knew Construction wasn’t just for boys some
earn their skill and for this country they did proudly serve to them I say no
higher respect good one truly earned and the reason why we do what we do well it
is simple to us but it is too complex for passerby to figure so I asked them to
ask themselves how does it all get done how does this world get bigger and the
irony is the answer is it rests on the shoulders of all of them ditch

1 thought on “Ditch Diggers by Eric Borden, Pasture Poet

  1. Ive got a couple friends who have college degrees who dont make what i make as a high school drop out, when they were still living mommy and daddys money, i was out sweating it the heat in the petrochemical industry. Thank you sir. The first time i heard this poem was during a tough time in my life.

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