DJ Vadim – For My Writers ft Juice

Ruffini Rossini should be done people's property vandalism should be done on paper OCD is the written word visual backdrops for hip-hop is graffiti alive in an electromagnetic color color King Stoppers one nation first I was born in America made in a factory I've been cloning there's a million nothing's coming after me and once I'm put in the hands of the right person my aim is to test that old property I was inside a package does that glasses all I'm ever really interested in hey yo I'm like a gun in your hand backpacks knapsacks and when I'm done right all the work I do is that fast so I'm ready to carry something in your hip-hop writing more subway trains rapping it's also connected fear it's not something that you just do know what I'm saying and those of us who really film in our hearts and our minds and our soul will continue to be doing

3 thoughts on “DJ Vadim – For My Writers ft Juice

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  2. Tight Minimalist Hip Hop beats and Sharpshooting Rhymes at their best.
    Max respect to Vad and Juice for the real shit.

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