Do I Need Author Central To Sell Low Content Books?

what's going on stackers so in this video we're talking about author central and do you need an account to sell low content books now if you new here my name is paddy and every single day I like to bring out videos teaching you how to make money with nothing more and your internet connection and your laptop so go hit subscribe and hit that little bell icon so you can be notified for any further videos also if you're serious about low content book publishing then check out that link in the description below to go through to printing profits this will take you step-by-step on everything that I did to get my results now the price is still only 49 pound 99 but at the end of the week that's the 19th of May this Sunday the price will be increasing to 79 pound 99 so this will be your last chance to get it at this price so if you're interested go through and purchase today so author central do you need one of these accounts to sell low content books well the short answer to that is no no you don't now I'm not going to get all into author central what it is and all that all it specifically is is like a bio page for your publishing name whether that's your name or a brand name or whatever but that's all it essentially is now you don't even need one to publish your books on Amazon as long as you have an Amazon KDP account then you're fine you can just publish anyway now me personally I've done over 6,000 pound in royalties since December November I only made a couple of sales because that's where I was just getting started but I made all these royalties without even having an author central account so you do not need one now one of the perks of having an author central account is this so you see this publishing name just here if they had an author central account right here would be clickable and it would take you straight to their author page like right here we can see that that one's clickable and if we open that we go to their author central now let's go back a little bit and go back to here so this isn't clickable because they do not have one now if we click on here then it's clickable and if we go through we can still look at their books now the only difference here is right here on author central if you do have an account and that gets clickable this is going to bring up all of your books and just your books now with not having an author central like this person or like me let's go back one more step when we go to look at the product and we click on here if there's any other similar publishing names so let's use this as an example nifty Prince if there was another publisher with a similar name to this that didn't have an author central accounts then their books are going to show up here as well and I found that is only if you have a similar name if you have a unique name which no one else has then it's just going to be your books that come up here now like I said the author central is not vital if you want one you can go and get one but if you're like me I have I think it's 10 20 publishing brand names now so to have all these authors Dru's for all my publishing names would just be a headache now correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't really looked into author central because again I don't really need one but you can have three different accounts under one email that's what I believe if I am wrong please let me know in the comments below but yeah so you can have three author pages per email so if you've got 1020 or forum pen names like me I would have to have so many different email addresses connected to the author pages or author central and that would just give me a massive headache and as you can see from my earnings it's not actually vital that you have an author central account now remember if you want to go and check out the printing profits course the price will be increasing you have one week left it will be going to seventy-nine pound 99 at the end of the week so if you still want to get in at a bargain price go and check it out now I hope you enjoyed the video if you did don't forget to give me a thumbs up also go and hit subscribe and hit that little bell icon so you can be notified for any further videos that being said I've been paddy this been stacking profit and I'll see you again soon

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