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I’m gonna do the video like this you
guys I want to talk about whether or not spells have to rhyme everybody welcome
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words spell words words incantations I want to talk about whether or not spells
have to rhyme why they rhyme and should they arrive and do they only count do
the only work if they arrive we’re not all writers okay and even if we are that
doesn’t mean that we specialize in rhyming poetry that we would write
things that a Shakespeare would be proud of right we don’t always have like the
alliteration or the end rhyme in our brains just like bobbling around in
there waiting for something to happen and when it comes down to it even if
your spell does rhyme it needs to make sense because the universe doesn’t give
a crap if your spell rhymes I guess I just jump to the point the universe
doesn’t give a crap if your spell rhymes what the universe needs to know is what
you want to happen so if you’ve got a lot of beautiful nonsensical rhyming
words in your spell and they don’t really get to the point of what you need
to happen then why are they there what’s the point so what this goes back to is
that words are power our words are power we give them power and as soon as they
go out into the universe things happen and that’s a spell right so the rhyming
is actually more for our benefit than for the benefit of the universe or the
benefit of the spell rhyming helps us remember in
incantation it when you’re dealing with oral traditions and things like that
spells didn’t like always used to get written down and if you’re performing in
a group you want it to be easy to remember so that everybody can can
chants together everybody can say the spell together or if it’s something you
really want to be able to focus on and not have to read it off of your piece of
paper while you’re doing the spell you want it to be easy to memorize rhymes
can really help with that so they definitely have their place and their
purpose but no they’re not necessary and if you’re not a great writer or you
don’t feel like you are you don’t have to worry about it it’s not it’s not a
big deal um you just need to write your spell just write your spell from the
heart write it so that you connect to what it is saying and just get it to the
point where you feel like it’s getting to the point and you’re good to go I
like to work rhymes in for certain types of spells like I said if I’m doing
something with a group of people or with more than one person or it’s more of
like an elaborate ritual then I like to work some rhymes in if I can but not
everybody likes them too so again this goes back to magic is personal if you
want your spells to rhyme then I highly suggest checking out power thesaurus or
thesaurus comm so that you can look up words that mean what you want them to
mean but maybe are spelled or sound a certain way you can also google the
words that rhyme with blah words that rhyme with blank and find the word that
you need or you can tweak the line find a different rhyme so that you can make
it all fit in if that is what is comfortable for you if it’s not if you
don’t care about rhymes if you just want to get to the point or if you don’t like
how they sound or you’re not or tree or whatever your style is it
really it really is up to you I’m not gonna say it doesn’t matter it does
matter everything you do matters but it matters because it matters to you just
like what my witchcraft matters because it matters to me if you are interested
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and let me know what you think do you like your spells to rhyme do you not
like your spells drime do you feel like it’s a very important tradition that we
should all keep alive because witchcraft which is in solidarity active thank you
so much for being here you guys I love you so much have a blessed and beautiful

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