Does this INSPIRE you? Aubrey Marcus Poetry

what’s up Internet? My name is Tridentlion and on this video I’m gonna show you and tell you about my newest
collaboration with Aubrey Marcus I’ve been a fan of Aubrey Marcus since his
first appearance on the Joe Rogan experience podcast
Audrey Marcus is an entrepreneur CEO of a human optimization company called
audit since Audrey created his podcast I’ve been a fan of his so I’ve been
super excited and very grateful to be able to do this collaboration with him. the collaboration came about through
hobby markets as people reaching out to me through Facebook and being that I’m a
huge fan of his when they asked me to do the video I said absolutely and on this
video you’re gonna get to see the collaboration video that I made for him
well enough chitchat I present to you the video collaboration I made for
Aubrey Marcus and the topic is about how you are perfect you are perfect you are
consciousness animating a human tree your tree is perfect the roots have
twisted and turned breaking through the rocks
clutching underground mountains of Earth to hold steady against the wind of life
storms your trunk has thickened and bark to hold the weight of a million choices
in an ocean of emotion your limbs have stretched toward the light of the Sun
love inspiration creation your metamorphosis as sure as photosynthesis
as long as the Sun shines your consciousness is perfect it is the
mirror upon which perception is cast reflecting scenes of time in the play of
eternity it is the thinker aware of its thoughts it is a piece of the all light
of Source Shepherd it in your heart until upon singularity it will return it
is nothing you can clutch with your hands but yet it is there the light of a
firefly or the breath of a buffalo in winter you are perfect you are a
spectrum of color and the cosmic kaleidoscope you are an instrument
playing a note in the universal symphony you are a facet of an infinite diamond
the infinite flaws creating flawlessness without your own unique shape and color
your own unique sound the masterpiece of creation would be incomplete
you are perfect forgive all of your past know that it was perfect to shape you as
you are and now strive for more because to play this game to its fullest
potential we must reach we must encounter new resistance to sharpen our
sword a new experience to add color and music to our breath perfection is not a
destination it is a process thank you so much for checking out this
video if you enjoyed the collaboration please give me a like if you’re new to
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  1. Thank you for this TL! Aubrey is truly a poet. Also really like the chill step in the background. Congrats on hitting 10k.

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