Doing a Literature Review with SAGE Research Methods

you've just started a research project and you've been told that one of the first steps is to do a literature review but what on earth is a literature review and how do you do one no one likes being left in the dark or feeling like they've been asked to get somewhere they've never been without a map but that's where sage research methods comes in our our platform has 'you need to get started on your research journey it's as easy as typing literature review into the search bar and scrolling through the results as a first step you could filter the results to show the dictionary definitions this will help you get your footing the first step of any journey is figuring out where you're trying to go next you could explore the encyclopedia entries on offer these will tell you more about the purpose of a literature review and help you think about how that relates to your own research maybe it will spark some ideas you want to explore further now you know the direction you need to start moving in but the real wealth of sage research methods is in the high quality content from sages research methods book publishing program you can search for chapters written by experts and find step-by-step guides tailored to your discipline be it psychology or early years education research now you've got your route mapped out all the way through your literature review if you're looking for examples to help inspire you sage research methods can help there too by filtering for journal articles you can read examples of literature reviews written by experienced academic researchers whether you need inspiration to get you started or a confirmation that you're on the right track visit sage research methods and you'll soon have your literature view completed sage research methods what every researcher needs

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