Doki Doki Literature Club in a Nutshell (MeMoji)

hi my name is Yuri and I'm your childhood best friend also MIMO G has no Bo's so I had to photoshop this one on and now I look ridiculous but anyway welcome are you thinking of joining at school today protagonist oh um I want to join a club it has to do with waifu boobs oh well then you should join the doki-doki literature club plus if you come you get a cupcake so there's that okay welcome to the club this is not Sookie she's super cute love's manga and baking and this is Yuri she's super dark and mysterious like Hello I've already stolen a lack of your hair and tonight I will mix it into my tea and drink it that way a piece of you will be within me and lastly this is Monica I mean hello protagonist I'm Monica and I'm perfect in every way except that I'm secretly a psychopath wait what uh waifu boobs waifu boobs alright everyone it's time for us to read our poems now hey protagonist i'm gonna read my poem out loud to you okay ahem help me please help me i have severe depression it is becoming a problem i don't know what to do oh say ori are you all right I'm totally fine my poems are arts they shouldn't be taking literally okay but hold on there's more you gotta let me finish ahem please God help me someone help me I'm so depressed this poem is a cry for help please help me the end great poem sorry protagonist it's my turn now ahem knives knives knives your pen knives knives knives oh hi thanks for sharing Jerry I'm not done knives knives knives knives okay Natsuki what about juice okay it's time for my poem now I think you're really gonna like it protagonist and him waifu boobs the end Monica that was amazing thank you I worked so hard on it okay Club is over see you all tomorrow hey protagonist so I actually love you oh my gosh oh is it waifu boob time no too sad oh okay well I'll always be your best friend okay the next day Oh No so Lori killed herself oh no protag I can't believe you left her hanging Wow Monica that was way too soon of a joke my neck hurts oh that's the first time I've heard your voice you should talk more your voice is so cutest hey guess what I'm gonna stab myself now wait what it's because I love you do you love me sure yes whatever please don't stab yourself I'm gonna stab myself anyway wait why oh god she went and did it oh she's she's still doing it okay make it stop oh okay it's over hi protagonist it's just us now just Monica just Monica just monica waifu boobs waifu boobs monica waifu boobs so he was right I did join the right club you in my hand is a pen no right

34 thoughts on “Doki Doki Literature Club in a Nutshell (MeMoji)

  1. FYI for those of you who don’t know, Waifu Bewbs = Cute Anime Girl you want to Marry’s boobs ^_^

  2. J̩̦U̲͉͙̹̜̫Ṣ̳͡T͟ ̫̤͎̳̰M͈̘̬̮O̰͖͎̥̭͇N͈̳̮̹̩̺ĮK̨A̶̯͈ ̛͎̜̩̬

  3. Monika:waifu bewbs
    My sister:"drops dead laughing"

  4. The noise that Notsooky make me laugh so much 😂🤣😅😆😃😄🙉

  5. When I heard natsuki I was like what the heck is this (⊙•⊙)

  6. Knives Knives Knives
    Knives Knives Knives
    Knives Knives Knives

  7. Knives knives knives your pen knives knives knives knives knives knives

  8. I really loved the end when they sang together!😍😍😍

  9. I have already stolen a lock of your hair, and tonight, I will mix it into my tea and drink it, so that a piece of you will be within me.

    knives, knives, knives, knives, your pen…, knives, knives….

  10. 1 monika    2 sayori  3 yuri 4 natsuki 5 phyco monika 6 hanging sayori 7 crazy yuri 8 broken natsuki 9 natsuki dad 0 you choose

  11. Sayori: i love you protagest protagest: wifu boobs? Sayori: no not wifu boobs sorry next day protagagest: oh no sayori killed herself Me: no stupid monika killed Sayori

  12. Monika: dont mind me im just a pyshcopath!
    Protaganis: WHAT?!
    Monika: i mean Waifu bewbs?
    Protaganis: Waifu bewbs!!!!

  13. Knives knives knives your pen knives knives knife knives knives

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