Donald Trump has no chance of re-election, says author Michael Wolff | 7.30

43 thoughts on “Donald Trump has no chance of re-election, says author Michael Wolff | 7.30

  1. Never underestimate the power of pure Evil, and the stupidity of American voters.

  2. Michael Wolfe is a liar. It's hilarious when Liberals pay attention to him.

  3. These idiots are still sprouting the same poll figures that had Killary up 99.9%, the same polls that said there would be a ''Blue Wave''… Yeah right.. I see America turning Blood Red in 2020 and the Dem party ceasing to exist…

  4. I made money off of Trump. My mouth is moving and bullshit is coming out of it. Trump haters loves it and money in my pocket. 🤣🤣🤣.

  5. My guess is he'll get re-elected, most Americans don't give a shite who sits his arse in the Ovulation office. But this bloke is spot-on to what Donnie is all about.

  6. The ABC is fast getting down to the level of the BBC, which is right down there with the scum of the earth.

  7. the left is the worlds biggest criminal cartel, thanks Donald for my rocketing superanuation, the ABC should move their HQ to Nimbin

  8. Probably the same bloke that said

    Trump wouldn't win and Liberals wouldn't win.

  9. I understand how Trump won in 2016. People were fed up with the establishment, and Trump had the 'image' of a successful outsider.
    People know better now. He won with 46% of the vote in 2016, and I'd be very surprised if he even came close to that percentage in 2020.
    He isn't gaining new supporters, and many have abandoned him. I was surprised he won in 2016, but understood how he won. I would be shocked if lightning were to strike twice.

  10. Those of you who are not Australian, please note that this is a broadcast by the ABC – which stands for 'Australians Broadcasting Communism'. To put it into perspective, the ABC makes the BBC seem like the Donald Trump fan club.

  11. I am a Texan. I was in Victoria and Queensland in October of 2016. I had so much fun telling the Aussies that Trump would win ( I called it for Trump in 2008). The adults seemed like they wanted to believe it……but simply could not. The 20 somethings instantly wanted my head on a stick. "How could you vote for a RAPIST!!!?" It was all rather tragically funny. It is NOT the "Washington Deep State"…….it is the Global Deep State. The Mockingbird Press runs rampant all through the Commonwealth nations. It is a matter of time until Jolly old England's complicity in the failed attempt to derail the Trump Train is common knowledge around the world. He will win in 2020 and the likes of Michael Wolfe will still be spouting their rubbish…….singing it out in four part harmony. They are paid VERY well, you know.

  12. Nonsense. Donald Trump will be reelected. We need a comedian to keep the world laughing.

  13. Books were a special thing before dickheads like this started becoming Authors. Rat!

  14. How can people logically see Donald trump runnning another campaign without Russian help and the majority of his staff is fired or in jail , he wouldn’t match up against any of the first 5 leading democrats he’s not fit for war . It’s like a pitcrew sending Donald’s car back on the track with a lil more than a quarter tank a couple bald tires and low coolant smh 2020 is gonna be a show to watch I don’t think he will even make it to the election tbh

  15. Ask little Mikey how much money he would like to bet on this absurd statement. This hack Mike Wolf has all ready been laughed out of America, and rightly so.

  16. Russia is such a dead weight country that it spends valuable resources on trolls who comment on YouTube videos.

  17. Michael Wolff if your wrong I want you to eat your own shit!!!!! This again is about selling a book. You were also wrong in 2016 you moron.

  18. If God is with him which He is he will win …………… worries

  19. Trump is taking too long to drain the swamp; they are going to take him out. US and the world are not ready for a Trump dynasty. Much going on in the background.

  20. Wow this guy is a big dumbass what world do these people live in? Let me guess east or west coast?? The only 2 places that dont want trump but every other place in between does. Really your going to look at poll numbers again?? He didnt thread the needle that's the campaign he choose to run that's why he won Hillary lost. If he wanted to run a campaign for the popular vote he would have won that too. If anyone honestly believes that President Trump wasnt completely set up is so dumb thier not even worth explaining to your a jackass and trump will win the next election.

  21. all those thumbs down delusional idiots who would still vote for him even if that orange buffoon raped their grandmother lol

  22. Putin has his back, the can easy hack the computers working om Windows 98

  23. I've never been more embarrassed in America since Bush/Cheney. Trumpo is bought and paid by Saudi, Quatar, Israel, Russia.

  24. keep repeating self and hope one day you get it right Robert Wolff , No one does it better then the left when it comes to doing same things, same ways, hoping for different results ..

  25. The American people have a criminal and I need a real criminal in office, this individual thinks he's above the law and on top of it he's a dictator I just hope that when he does get out of office did they prosecute this man for his crime that includes the rapes and the fraudulent Acts but he's done for business going back god-knows-how-long

  26. We can only hope and pray that Donald is NOT in the white house after this next election. We shall see if Americans really are that stupid.

  27. Notice the thousands of happy citizens who came out to see the President? Let your eyes tell you what is happening.

    I'm American, voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and will vote for President Trump in 2020. I think he's doing a great job.

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