Don’t Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things

don’t allow yourself to be controlled by these five things many people spend their life at the mercy of circumstances living at the mercy of what happens to them living at the mercy of other people not living in the present because they’re stuck in the prison of their past if you want to live a great life don’t allow yourself to be controlled by any of these things number one your past number two other people’s opinions and judgments number three limited beliefs you project on yourself number four relationships and number five money [Music] number one don’t allow your past to control your present or your future life whatever happened you must let it go leave the pain of your past behind so it cannot ruin your future leave the darkness of your past behind so it cannot block the light your bright future your past is gone whatever happened whether unjust cruel harsh whatever the case reliving the events will never do you any good if someone did you wrong the only way you can win is if you let go and move on if you live in hate they win if you live in the victims story they win if you want to win you must focus on building your future and start right now release that weight from your back so you can be free don’t allow events from the past which are now gone to ruin this moment which is perfect this moment which is now to enjoy which is ready for you to live fully number two don’t allow other people’s opinions and judgments to control the direction of your life the need to in and Phil wanted can cause you to travel down paths you don’t want to travel people-pleasing is a curse that should be avoided at all costs before you do anything ask yourself am i doing this because I want to do it or because of my fear of judgement from others if I don’t you were born unique for a reason you are born to stand out to be appreciated and loved for who you are don’t dim your light so you fit into the dull background of other people’s lives shine bright as you are those who really care for you will see that light and shine with you number three don’t allow your life to be controlled by your own limited beliefs now and warning with this woman these beliefs may be conscious but more than likely they’re unconscious they may be unconscious limitations that have been conditioned in you from a young age and throughout your entire life by listening to those around you who never reach for their own dream notice your own limit beliefs to tell them to shut up there is nothing you cannot do nothing you cannot have and no one you cannot become if you believe in yourself if you believe anything is possible guess what anything is possible when you change your belief from limited to unlimited your potential is unlimited imagine what you could achieve if you lived your life as though anything is possible as though miracles are a standard requirement of everyday as the saying goes when there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do you no harm when you have nothing inside holding you back there is nothing outside that can hold you back either your entire life will change the very instant you decide to change your mindset the instant you decide to see everything as a gift when you decide to see every circumstance and challenge as a blessing rather than a curse the very instant you become conscious to the fact that everything in it is as it should be and know that fighting what is is insane number four relationships a touchy subject but if you are always needing another to be happy to feel complete then you are always one moment away from a breakdown if that person leaves you or unhappiness if the relationship you are in is not going with I’m not suggesting to avoid relationships there is no force on earth that is greater than love and connection I am talking about those who can’t live if they aren’t in a relationship those who will be with just about anyone including all the wrong ones just to avoid spending a moment being single what I am saying is to develop enough mental strength that you get to the point where you don’t need others to make you happy you are just as happy being alone as you are in a relationship and number five this is what controls the majority of humans on the planet and you guess what it is money this does not mean you shouldn’t want abundance it doesn’t mean money is evil you know as well as I do what great things you can do and how many people you can help with money what this means is do not allow your decisions to be controlled by money if you are choosing something only on the factor of how much money is involved you’ve just made the wrong decision what you will find is that when you follow your heart and you lead with your intention to serve others to give your best to others every single time when you follow your intuition and truly give your soul and the money will come and it will come and far greater amounts than if you simply chase money for the sake of chasing money so challenge yourself to live the life you want to live free from being controlled by anything find your freedom live fully [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. If you want to live a GREAT life, don’t allow yourself to be controlled by any of these things.

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  2. But if your parents doesn’t really believe that you really can do it 😕

  3. Yea talk about freedom how people try to control your life god see how evil you people are. he knows where out fighting for him the right way not the wrong way

  4. These people are sick I feel bad for all the homeless kids in the world that are fighting demons everyday to live a normal life

  5. This really inspires me. Earlier I've been stuck in my past. I've a dream which I've been dreaming since I was a child. But I left aside those dreams since I was afraid of the consequences. I don't have that enough guts to let it go and follow my dreams. I knew I was on the wrong path and that it will take me nowhere, it'll gain me nothing, but I still choose to walk in those path of thorns. Unaware of the destruction it'll cause to my mental as well as physical life. But then I thought what if I follow my dreams inspite of walking in those path with full of thorns. The only thing which I was able to cope up with was watching the motivational videos. And this video really inspire me alot. ❤

  6. Agreed … pressed down in a in un- cordial environment is adapted- once found.. Weak minds minds are leaders of required..which congest pure insticts..
    Some reasons for solitude, non attachments to consider these ripples of loopholes of persons of un filled negative emptiness..

    My position stay my stead for my optics of gloss..never tarnish ..or have brassytones [ headstones]..


  7. Past is a cancelled cheque.
    Future is a promissory note.
    Present is cash 💰 in hand.
    So Enjoy

  8. Why is this in my recommendations? I believe in God and Jesus Christ, but this speaker NEVER SPOKE THEIR NAMES! This speaker wants you to rely on self!
    I can do NOTHING without Christ!
    Think about your beliefs before you practice self centered-ness..

  9. i need to forget the past , feel more self confident and live for the sake of myself, i h&ve enough of my self critic and overthinking
    thank you this video make me feel better because everydamn things is right i neeed to think that way and its hard to do it but i have to do it

  10. Right,,,,, But not for me,, caouse..I'm always in pain, And always Alone….
    I'm very poor person' Is not money for poor Only LOVE Poor person…….

  11. It is the best idea for all people in the world every day I try to do make bussiness

  12. Amen…to do needs the greatest courage…but do it and find the courage that is inherent in your soul.

  13. Thank you for yet another inspired video, it really makes a Positive Difference. Bless you my friend.

  14. U have changed my life thank u so much, I thought I will be happy if am with someone but u have change my mind set, am greatful to God for u sir.

  15. I have been through the prison of "past" lived my life and made decisions based on what everyone thinks or expects. I used to be the one that reads motivational books quotes and videos and procrastinate. I hope people take the courage to not just watch your video but to take action. Very motivational.😊

  16. 10M views? It makes me feel good that I am NOT the only one, when you FEEL like you ARE the only one!

  17. I will choose to live my life like a hero in God's kingdom because Yesterday is history to me. God renews my strength every morning

  18. Thanx for your services am really glad to have found out this channel.

  19. I thnk u miss FORGIVENESS as part of moving on in number 1 and n number 2 let God's light shine n you.

  20. everyone should see this, i’m not surprised it’s at 10M views. my dad sent it to me he knows how i’ve been feeling lately i didn’t even have to tell him ;v;

  21. Thank you 🙏 Wishing all of you to live your life Fully! Live with Passion & Follow your heart 💓

  22. The video is very inspiring infact it made me cry while watching it and I realised dat people's opinion about u don't really matter kudos to who made the video

  23. Thanks a lot for this beautiful and meaningful video. Its a great motivation as what we listen and see, its just a word game to control the thoughts of mind. I am going through a breakdown after a 12 years long relationship and its been turning out difficult for me to move on and escape the thoughts. I just saw the video and I really felt the word game within and it made me lose the burden of my past off my shoulder. I will always keep on watching this video again whenever I will fell low and broken.. thanks again.. God Bless All Kind✌️✌️✌️✌️

  24. Thank you for your very valid information,spot on. Ameen. Mehrunnisa 🙏🏽👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️💙💚💜💛💕💞💝😊

  25. What about child support #1 you can think you can let go but they'll remind you real quick you're not going anywhere!

  26. Limitless Is the God who is in me and greater than all.🙂 I serve a limitless God thus in turn makes us all limitless beings for we were made in his image

  27. I'm returning to 2nd year of med school at 26 and I feel so old and bad about this 🙁 But I'm not giving up, I will become a doctor. I will not give up.

  28. If you feel like you're all alone, remember that are many people like us, fighting everyday
    and don't give up because you'll never know what will come after it
    Good luck everyone warm hugges

  29. The darkness of ma past will neva hinder me from seeing my bright future!! who is with me on this???
    Great stuff

  30. After watching this , i becomee strong , i feel happy or its also give me a strenght to do something bigger or better.

  31. REALLY very good speech brother and very nice English i like it from Mauritius👍✌👌

  32. so if i focus on building my future the only thing ill get is just money you cant buy happiness YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN

  33. How much does to live but I don't have any money. How am I supposed to live when I don't have my eyesight? how am I supposed to live when I don't have my health? How am I supposed to live when I have no family or friends? I don't even care anymore that I have no family or friends but I take care about the fact that I have no money. You need money to buy a home and take care of the home. You need money to live life and enjoy life. You also need health those things.

  34. Everything is as it should be in other words a person should be happy they're homeless. A person should be happy because they have cancer because things are as they should be according to you.

  35. Life is what we make it, our fate is determined by our actions..head on!Keep fighting

  36. I'm so poor. I have a big financial problem but I want see one day my son Become a Doctor I do everything for his upcoming future

  37. This video showed me by God coz of the situation that I'm in right now. Thanks much for the Word of encouragement, I accept it and download it right now. 😢 I have tears of joy. Praise God

  38. Learnt a lot. Thanks for this video, I needed it the time I am passing through.

  39. The ones that unliked this video are idiots his telling eveeything about life

  40. Dont listen other people's thoughts because some are very jealous of what you having and they dont have it that type of people do not worth and dont waste your time on that type of people just leave them and they will be leaved alone and god is watching everything so dont worry they will be damned by god someday and if some bullys you dont waste your time on depression because your opponent will be happy about that just leave the people you dont want to be with.

  41. Always good ppl have bad situations. They won't win immediately but they will win definitely. That's the power of good heart God always helps good ppl😏

  42. If you keep one foot in the past and one in the future, you will piss on the present which is a gift

  43. Great speech. Reminded me of the idea of "Arbol rojo" by Martin G Spataro, to whom I got randomly on Youtube (and still can´t believe why it isn't popular yet): There's this guy walking barefoot, dressed in a suit, dragging a supermarket trolley all around the town, seeking for a way out or something, all the time kind of determined to go for something transcendental, or so I interpreted. After letting go of the empty trolley itself, he finally finds out that his dream, goal, whatever (shown as a red tree, "arbol rojo"), can be easily reached by simply walking free, after a train passes by in reverse, like a metaphor of the whole big machine of social life and routines, or the past itself too. Well, just to say that I felt actually touched by that video, by the idea it is able to communicate in only a couple of minutes. Highly recommended. Shockingly unpopular too.

  44. Well, some these 5 things can be escaped except for money unfortunately cause if you do not gave it no one will give it to you.

  45. #1 had tears rolling down my face living in the past is what Is what i do.. That is when # 4 comes in play.. I would rather stay happy single than having the bad things that happened in #1 8 years wasted.

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