Don’t say F##K! How to Swear in British English. #learnenglish #britishswearwords

Hi guys and welcome back to love English.
Today a little bit of a controversial lesson, yes that’s right I’m going to
teach you to swear like a Brit to really sound British when you’re feeling
frustrated and angry and annoyed but to avoid using this word F##K… there is no
getting away from it this word (F##K) is rude it is vulgar it is not
nice and it doesn’t sound good to use it and to be honest in British English we
have so many other ways to swear that although rude are not as strong and
offensive as Ffff….you know the word I’m talking about! so before I teach you to swear like a
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right so let’s start with one of my favorite British swear words bloody
bloody it can be used to add emphasis to well anything it’s bloody hot I’m bloody
freezing I am so bloody tired of this today when talking about a difficult
situation what a bloody nightmare that was at the party last night with
everyone arguing add some exclamation oh bloody how I can’t believe I forgot to
call her use it with an adjective to intensify it
she is bloody crazy what a bloody awful party or use it with a noun what a
bloody mess what bloody weather we’re having today but be careful although
bloody is not as rude as that one you would want to be careful with how and
when you use it it can be considered to be blasphemous meaning insulting to God
and religions so the Brits came up with some alternatives you could say bleeding
or bleeding hell what a bleeding nightmare
blooming it’s bloomin hot today blinking I’m blinking tired what a blinking
nightmare and blasted blasted hell oh what a blasted nightmare for me I would
more commonly used bloody or bleeding oh bloody hell
Oh bleeding hell if I want to sound a little bit more polite our next British
swear word pissed now this can get a bit confusing because in American English to
be pissed is to be angry she was so pissed that I didn’t call her last night
but in English British English we would use piss
to describe someone being drunk and pissed off to describe someone being
angry but of course we like to use this swear word quite a lot so we would say
she is on the piss or they are on the piss when they are going out to get
drunk they’re out for the evening and they’re drinking a lot of alcohol with
the intention to get drunk they are on the piss to piss about means that that
you are messing around you’re being silly
maybe childish I’ll stop pissing about and help me do the washing up now more
advanced is to take the piss out of someone you could also say to stop
taking the piss it means that that you are perhaps joking mocking somebody and
not taking them seriously so it’s definitely a more advanced expression
but it is one that we would commonly used
she took the piss out of him when she saw what he was wearing to the party a
bloody off or Hawaiian t-shirt another very common British swear word bollocks
bollocks this is the more modern version of the anglo-saxon word bollocks which
has the same meaning essentially except not those kind if you catch my drift we
can use bollocks for many many reasons so it is super versatile and a very
useful word to know when you want to swear in British English when something
goes wrong if you break something if you forget something if you’ve done
something wrong Oh bollocks I bought the wrong paint for the house Oh bollocks I
forgot to give her the money I owed when you think someone might be lying to you
you could say bollocks I don’t believe you all that’s utter bollocks means
completely untrue I do not believe you utter meaning very really totally untrue
really you forgot my birthday present bollocks I don’t believe you you forgot
again you can also use bollocks when something is really good this phone is
bollocks it’s amazing and a more advanced expression it would be the
dog’s bollocks a little bit of an idiom tik expression but it is one we commonly
use so when something is the dog’s bollocks it’s not literally the dog’s
bollocks but it’s essentially the best amazing fantastic
for example love English is the dog’s bollocks and finally if you give someone
a Bala King if you Baalak them you are telling them off you are reprimanding
them my teacher gave me a right Bala King for not doing my homework I will
not be making that mistake again and finally Sode Sode actually means
earth that is covered with grass a piece of earth covered with grass so how this
became a swear word I’m not entirely sure but it is a very common one firstly
of course you can say sod off Oh sod off will you
meaning go away and it is slightly softer and more polite than telling
someone to off you know the word but remember it is all about intonation so
you could potentially use it in a more aggressive way will you thawed off oh
come on sod off it really does make a big
difference when you’re swearing but just in general – how polite you might sound
and in softening your language so be careful with that one you can also use
sod as a noun to describe a badly behaved person he owes me ten quid and
he forgot again what a salt don’t forget quid means one
pound in British English slang sorting sorting it can be used as an intensifier
in the same way that we use bloody it is bloody hot today it is sodding hot what
a Saudi nightmare that dinner was sodding awful I am not having fish and
chips again bloody English food has anyone seen my sodding pan I put it down
somewhere and I can’t see it when you have had enough and you don’t know what
to do you are tired worn out you can use Saadat thought it is an exclamation I
have been looking everywhere for my sunglasses sod it I give up oh I haven’t
done my homework again sort it I’ll just have to get a bowler King we can also
use a sod all nothing what have you done today
anything interesting so doll really now finally there is sods law sods law is
the equivalent British version of Murphy’s Law meaning if something is
going to go wrong then it probably will it is a little bit more pessimistic and
negative but then again so are the Brits just a little bit our wedding was booked
for the middle of summer but sods law it decided to rain so there we have it that
is it it really is as simple as that we have so many different swear words and
swearing expressions in British English that you do not need to use this word
using the word for you know the word using this word is rude and quite vulgar
it’s not very polite and it certainly doesn’t make you sound very intelligent
so avoid insulting people too much by using some of these more traditional
alternative swear words and please do comment below and let me know what are
your favourite British swear word coming listening out that you want to share
comment below and let us know thank you so much for watching and I’ll sort off
will you

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  1. Hey there beautiful lady Leila,,,,, I'm IN dilemmas entirely,,, what shall I do at the moment as if the horrific night mare being took place in the dreams,,,, like making physical relationship with sabrah ma'am n wrong thoughts comes in my mind,,,, please get me the right suggestions and tips for my best,,, just help help help!!!!!

  2. Personally, I do not swear.
    It is helpful to know the meaning of certain (swear) words/expressions in case I read or hear these again in the future.
    (I make an effort to use clean language as I do not want to be perceived negatively.)

  3. It means that f**k is the worst of all swear words , American use it very often

  4. Bloody hell!
    Bloody awful party!
    Bloody mess!
    Bleeding nightmare!
    To be on the piss.
    Piss about/around.
    To take the piss out of someone.
    Oh Bollocks!
    That's utter bollocks.
    The dog's bollocks.
    To give someone bollocks.
    Sod off! Will u?
    What a sod!
    Sod it!- give up.
    Sod all.
    Sod's law!

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  9. Nice one, Leila, another bull's eye!

    This video is a handy compendium of content; for style, I'd recommend Colin Firth in "The King's Speech"; the clip is available on YouTube.

    A quick update: SOD as a swear-word has nothing to with bits of turf; it derives from SODOMY. I shan't elaborate. The word BUGGER (as a verb, e.g. Blast it & bugger it!") has the same provenance . Its noun form is fairly popular here in India as a mild cuss (What does that bugger think he's up to??)

    The religious objection to BLOODY arises from its origins as a contraction of "By Our Lady". The original expression is a favourite of Merlin's in T.H. White's "The Sword In The Stone".

    BOLLIX, an alternative to BOLLOCKS, can also be used as a verb, as in "my entire day's schedule was bollixed when the boss called a meeting" (story of my life).

    Personally, my go-to guide for a good ol' bout of cussing & name-calling is Captain Haddock. I wouldn't be surprised if his parents whacked him with an encyclopedia as a boy!!

    Stay well, keep smilin', & say "Hello" to Sabrah. 👋👋🍀

  10. Soon after Dr. Samuel Johnson published his dictionary, a lady he was seated next to at dinner remarked, "I noticed, Dr. Johnson, that you've left the naughty words out of your dictionary ".

    The good doctor replied, "So I have, Madame. Were you, by any chance, looking for them?"🍀

  11. Is "geriatric retard" swear? Or wanker, twat, cunt etc.?

  12. My favourite is "bollocks" …… can I use it also with the meaning "that / this sucks"? I mean as a translation of the Italian expression "che palle".
    Leila, I apologize for the words, it's just to understand and to learn (and not make mistakes).
    Thank you very much, cheers.

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  24. Hello Laila,
    Wonderful lesson about British English Swear, I admire your efforts and learn new swear, their meanings and how to use its.
    Some other swear:
    1. "Rat- Arsed= drunk
    2. Muppet = someone stupid or gullible
    3. Cock – up
    4. Gormless = clueless
    5. Naff= Incredibly uncool.
    Thank you.

  25. …but when people watch tv and see  guys like Farage and Johnson soft swear like  – bloody ,or bleeding hell is not compatible with real feelings.and anger

  26. What a bloody useful lesson! 👍👍
    Love English is the dog's bollocks.
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  30. It is always helpful learning vocabulary like this to understand British comedy programmes. I thought you were going to mention other words like wanker, plunker, among others.

  31. Dear Leila, what a fruitful lesson!! I was astonished by the range of language Brits have for cussing/ swearing! In the following list I'm going to share a list of coarse language:
    1) bloody

    Bloody is an intensifier and it's used to express anger or to emphasise what you are saying in a slightly rude way.Some common examples:
    He's such a bloody dickhead!
    Today the weather is bloody awful!
    It's bloody freezing in here= It's brass monkeys in here( extremely cold)

    2) bloody hell
    Bloody hell a rude way of expressing great anger:

    Bloody hell! I've lost my wallet.

    3) bleeding
    Bleeding is used when you are annoyed with something:

    I can't get the bleeding car to start!

    4) blooming
    Blooming has two different meanings:
    1) Blooming is used to emphasise a noun, adverb, or adjective, or to express anger
    2) A person who is blooming has a healthy, energetic, and attractive appearance:

    Jo looked really well, positively blooming.

    5) blinking
    Blinking is an expression of anger:

    I wish they'd turn down that blinking music!


    bally uk old-fashioned informal

    6) Oh Bollocks!

    7) sod
    something or someone considered unpleasant or difficult:

    Apparently he's a sod to work for.

    What did you do that for, you stupid sod?

    It was a sod of a car to repair.

    uk offensive a person:

    He's won again – the lucky sod!

    8) damn ( it)!
    an expression of anger:

    Damn, I've spilled coffee down my blouse!

    9) that (really) takes the biscuit
    You say that something or someone (really) takes the biscuit when it or they have done something that you find extremely annoying or surprising:

    And you say she's opening your letters now? Oh, that really takes the biscuit!

    10) bally
    used instead of a rude word such as 'bloody' to express anger with something or someone:

    a bally stupid idea

    I bally well hope he finds the money he owes me.

    11) flaming
    slang used to add force, especially anger, to something that is said:

    Put that down you flaming idiot!

    a flaming row informal

    a very angry argument in which people shout at each other:

    We had a flaming row over it last night.

    Ps: Pass my greetings to Sabrah and wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and lots of luck and happiness in her hife!!❤❤❤

  32. Bloody is quite popular Brit swear wards for foreigner, but I feel Sod also so Brit.

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  34. I saw a bloody awful man this morning. It was a blinking experience to talk to him. I don´t know why there are such blasted people in the world. What a pain in the neck! I got really pissed off when he broke my window.I´m sure he was pissed. I could smell alcohol in his breath. I don´t remember when was the last time I was on the piss. I asked him to stop taking the piss out of me. He kept laughing and laughing. What a nutcase! Oh, bollocks! I punched him in his face, and I accidentally broke his nose. After that, I gave him a bollocking about how wrong he was. What a sodding day I had! At the end, I told him to sod off! I´m not sure if he will ever come back again.I hope not.

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    My favourite word is bollocks .
    The expression "to take the sh*t out of someone" is the same as "to take the piss out of someone"?

  37. Happy birthday my adorable teacher God bless u n your dream will come true

  38. Happy birthday my adorable teacher God bless u and dream will come true

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    When the student raised his hand to ask another question, the teacher pretended he couldn't see him.
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