4 thoughts on “Dorota Masłowska – Talkman Prize for Literary Translation

  1. Being a native Polish speaker I could digest the English translation more easily than the original passage. It seems that English is a lot more limited as a language, a lot less plastic and Dorota's style is so particular, that it's perhaps untranslatable.

  2. If you people think you are going to learn anything about Poland by studying D. Maslowska books, you may as well, think of a daily mail as a main source of knowledge about Britain. D. Maslowska is a product to sell on local market. She is a pop star in a world of polish literature. She if full of anger and hate, and, most of all, her writing is a bit silly and very offensive towards certain values. Can you imagine any writer attacking HM the Queen and British values to be advertised all around for his skills and wit?! No? Of course not. Because, trust me on this one, there is no literature in modern Poland. There is only small local propaganda market, that sometimes go abroad, locked in cage like a dangerous animal, to be shown to the broader foreign public. The real writers, who don't take money from newspapers, or gov/EU projects, have to do any other job to survive.

  3. Niezbyt dobrze wyszło to tłumaczenie. Czy ktoś w UK zrozumie co to Big Star? I nie chodzi tylko o markę, ale cały kontekst. To samo jest z figurką z Lichenia,

  4. Współczuję Pani, że musi rozmawiać z kimś takim jak pani Kim.
    Dziennikarz, opiniotwórczego portalu, który nie wie co to jest sarkazm.
    Faktycznie , społeczeństwo jest niemiłe.

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