100 thoughts on “Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think (3mins)

  1. it is not important to look beautyful, it's important that you like yourself! The word beauty always refers to other people judging you. One shouldn't let this influence be too big, or we become unhappy about ourselves, although there may be no real reason for it! Think about that…

  2. oh my..😢…love u guyzzz…doing a great job….with losts of love…

  3. hmm.. tell me more about all those
    male chauvinist advertising, Dove!

  4. What do you mean, your chin protrudes when you smile? How does that even happen?

  5. How I describe myself: Talkative potatohead with big front teeth. How others describe me: Obnoxious potatohead with big front teeth.

  6. Once I saw this on a youtube ads while I was trying to watch another video. I used to skip on youtube ads that take too long, but the first 5 seconds got me hooked, and I didn't skip it. This is the first and only time I didn't skip a youtube ads

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  8. people need to understand that we have to believe in our self's and also believe how much clean and clear our souls is.
    we all born in this world with an angel soul's and no one need to become a bad version of him/her self.
    just try to feel every morning that you've born again and become litter baby, trust me your day will be good.

  9. I always think that I am not beautiful 😕😕but after watching this video I feel very comfortable about my look!☺☺Very motivative video!!👍👍✌✌

  10. Dove.. why do you make me cry? We are all beautiful and blessed.

  11. 2:22 The woman literally says that physical beauty could not be more critical to one's happiness.

  12. If only psychologists and researchers didn’t debunk this theory😭😭😭

  13. The girl at 2:20 is about 10 times hotter than both her ugly drawings haha

  14. unilever is not just a cosmetic company. if you folkes go through its website and read the company principles, service to the community, nature, and people, you'll realise thier values. it purely meets to the value which unilever conveyed in this ad too.

  15. What I don’t like about this is most of the time both sketches don’t look as pretty as the girl

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  17. it was good that, i think a lot of people think like that, i know i do sometimes. it woulda been nice to see some guys on here too, we use soap aswell ya know, lol

  18. This video highlights an important point that we are often way too critical of ourselves! The majority of people are kind-hearted and see the best in others. It's important that we focus on the positives when we look into the mirror as well!

  19. I wonder were there ones were the second picture was worse than the first one haha

  20. Someone should do a skit of this video where there’s that one person who’s picture looks the same as they described or worse and they walk up to the drawings and laugh while saying, “ain’t no changing this mess.” or something 😂.

  21. so absolutely beautiful – every one has something beautiful to contribute to this world and we should all remember that.

  22. got goosebombs all over my body! awesome video with a positive vibe

  23. Genuinely falling for this bull shows that people are gullible idiots or desperate

  24. My guidance counselor sent me this video because I have been struggling so much with self-image and just hating myself physically, and it did really almost change how I view myself. Someone told me once, a while back, that you are the definition of someone's beautiful, and I think this video really reinforces that in a great way

  25. Damn, first time I saw this I was staying with a friend in Vancouver during my first time there. 6 years already?

  26. So emotional. Dove is finally that one company that that is trying not to ruin the minds of people who feel insecure with looks..

  27. this very video made me want to work in advertising. strong, powerful, still touching after 6 years

  28. Why is it that the African American woman was the only one who was described worse by the the stranger than she described herself? @2:16 and with an afro??

  29. We watched this in class and me and my two friends were crying after it. We are all pretty insecure and it kinda changed us after watching this video. Everyone else in the room looked unchanged

  30. People are looking too deep into this ad, LITERALLY, it’s not that deep y’all.

  31. Thank you for creating this video. I actually use this video for my Teen class at my local church to remind them not to be so critical of themselves because God created them all perfectly. I even tell the boys in the class that even though you don't see any men in the video that it still applies to you as well because even men are very critical of themselves at times. Once again thank you for creating this awesome video.

  32. Uhhh I'm not convinced. This may or may not be true, but it really seems like the artist is simply trying to make the first picture look ugly. Yeah, I completely believe that these people would describe them self as less beautiful as they really are, but…. I don't know, I feel like the first drawings always look less proportional and as if the artist wasn't as good at drawing faces.

    Am I the only one who DIDNT tear up watching this??

  33. Hi, I am Japanese.
    I watched this movie in my school!!
    I was very impressed(._.)
    I was cried……(T-T)
    This movie is my favorite!!

  34. Because thinking yourself as being physically beautiful is so very important for women.

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