16 thoughts on “Dr M dismisses Turkish author's remarks over comments against Jews

  1. Is he working for the good of the country or representing himself, acting in a manner because he thinks he can

  2. Tun, you no double standard before? You are an incurable double standard artist and the world knows it.

  3. KABALI 😃😃😃😃😃

  4. Sokong tun walaupun orang lain mahu menjatuhkan tun

  5. This oldman talk nonsense!! His own son trade with Israel Jews!! He's just doing it to gunner attension!! Kih³

  6. Support Tun comments regarding Isreal and Jews…. if no US backing, Isreal will still be Palestine.

  7. Going for fight against israel is stupid. They got saudi and US backing, malaysia army wont even win against singapore or thailand.

  8. Lmao jews are disrespectful!! the only jews who arent are orthodox jews

  9. We go for war Tun…Malaysia tak pernah berperang .Askar Malaysia bolih.

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