Dr. Todd Hall – Satan Is Not The Author of Sin

touch them I tell them there's no failure in your future that's another sermon so they so they and I'm glad focus standing and talking now so they so they so they stepped up on man it stepped up on me because I made this statement and I must make it now in this church I said Satan the devil is not the author of sin yep and they got quiet just like y'all see if you're gonna preach salvation you got to know the author of salvation if you're gonna breach sin you got to know where that come from – so you don't send it back to where it didn't come from oh it got quiet maybe I'll stand here – this is where most of the questions are no no the Bible simply first let me say this and see if I can get some tacos who want to go on that bridge Satan has never cussed anyone out you have oh y'all ain't Oh you ain't never heard the devil cuss ever Satan has never smoked a joint you have and so have I you have see you that can't confess you a liar already I'm so saved so long I don't remember everybody remember good joint you a liar that night let me talk to you even though y'all now that's prophets and preachers trying to have like you got amnesia some of y'all that I know when you weren't preaching at all now you got in this dis important Walker yours I'm still the Prophet for over 25 years and everybody play drums and everything on our bishops they don't pass me you don't get a title to a car a house until you pay it off y'all gettin big titles without payment hold on how you become from here to there tell me your testimony cuz if you ain't got a real one you ain't touching me you ain't laying hands Satan has never fornicated never you have I had some of y'all don't fall in all these categories but thus far I've fallen in all three I've cussed before see y'all ain't real I've had sex before and I've hit it before now mines been years some of y'all's been Satan has never had Jambi kvass a Long Island nothin mudslide martinis you have and I have before Satan y'all are missing it you can't even talk because I'm talking about your opponent and you feel like if your talk about them you give them power Satan has never had a desire ever ever never never to be a homosexual or lesbian you have on this one I haven't I gotta bail out of that one brothers and sisters even under the influence of a joint marijuana spliff a fifth of Bacardi or some Grand Marnier but the car game I still now I'm not against some of you who get upset Satan did not found sin Satan for folk that won't talk to me it's not even going to hell for sin so if Satan y'all miss Lee brothers is going to hell and cannot escape it you need to find out what he did so you don't repeat it Oh y'all mighty quiet cuz everything I just named that you did you can be forgiven of oh oh hold on wait a minute soul you need and I need to find out what did that idiot tell come on think about it let it saturate as I say let it marinate the reason why Satan hates 40 of us who were praising jump it's because we've done worse than him and still going to heaven his issue he's an accuser they just slept together they just had a joint but they came to church and repented and I created a system see y'all don't like this conversation cuz some of y'all preach faith perception of perfection the Bible says concerning sin for one talker for the next ten minutes through one man sin see that's simple for whoever was asking I know which one it is but let me answer you through one man sin sent into the world not through the devil the devil was going to hell before he got here he just did a drive-by y'all a fly by y'all either this is basic information that we don't want to talk about but we want to be deep I want to know tonight from my forty people how many of us want to get the devil out of every area of our life and I promise you I won't be up here but about 45 more minutes and I'm out of here I got to go to Milwaukee than the California then the Memphis I got a devil to chase through one man sin which is Adam that's why Jesus became the second Adam and took on the sins of the world he had to take on to take off what he put out there if it was through a man that he came in must leave be through a man that it leads y'all mighty quiet you women helped us sin but I can't blame y'all but y'all got the power of the devil Eve does not you Eve that the power of the devil I'll tell you how and see if three women jump because she spoke to the serpent he gave her influence see Satan does not sin he influences you where's God now you better swing on that pole you got to pay bills for your children you better go to another town and join us trip club you better sleep with your supervisor cuz he gonna give you a promotion and then go to church and fake it like God is blessing me and when we give God praise for what he knows he did not do he starts stripping the false prese cuz he said that is not mine you're thanking me for it cuz you don't want folk to know what you did to get it but every person that seemingly is prospering don't mean God is behind it y'all don't hear me y'all won't talk to me top too bad so what did Satan do I'll tell you one day God is looking for that certain time that even did with Adam at the cool of the day Adam would come to God and meet him every day Satan didn't show up for work one day said you didn't read that either huh and God acts Michael where's Lucifer Michael said he's exalting his throne above your throne he's not showing where he tired of giving you praise he says he should be praised and he's influenced a third y'all each oh oh yeah oh y'all quiet he he's got other folk under DUI y'all ain't up it said he said I shall y'all won't talk to me preacher Sarma let the members I shall exalt my throne which meant he already constructed the throne it is that my bill one I shall exalt it which meant I've been building my thing behind your back all the time how you think churches split they hang with you long enough to find out how you do it and behind your back they're influencing folk one by one by one and when you build something in the name of God that you did behind someone's back it's the death though still quiet huh I don't have my 40 people yet that's why he's taking some of our stuff because some of y'all know you did not spiritually obtain that thing if you rip a Mercedes emblem off of a car and put it on the mercury I don't care what the signs say it's still a mercury if you put bishop on the front of a person's name if you are not the best praiser of your church you need to pull that cross out your pocket cuz jesus said the high priest has to have bails on the bottom of his garment and if you don't hear the sound of the bells I killed it let me go back I'm sorry Hayes I know you don't want to fly this long to hear me preach but right now you need all this word from the Lord I'm paying you to hear me hear me Satan doesn't show up God tells Michael kick him out of here God says when I touch him he's going straight to hell but you hit him as hard as you can as a matter of fact Luke 10:19 because you love the Bible says that before Satan got evicted Jesus came down here and took a seat and said let me watch I beheld Satan that meant he came down here Jesus came down here first and said this is where I want him to land cuz this is where I'm going to create his opponent I must start me on heaven on earth it still got quiet this side is pretty good right now well I looked it up and this what I told them we need to find out what this Satan do cuz right now I did all this talking for 38 minutes because some of y'all are doing it Satan 1 2 bill is from Satan The Book of Ezekiel and all the stuff talks about here the tablets and pipes and his throat God created him to worship and one day he decides he gonna leave and that excludes praise I'm not gonna do what I was created to do I'm gonna do what I was called to do well you know praise is more important than preaching when you go to heaven won't be no need for you to preach but if you don't praise I bet you ain't going now hold on come on don't bobble hit me talk to me cuz death and life is in the power of the tongue they that love it shall live by the fruit thereof which means for my forty folk who want to be blessed by the end of August on the tip of your tongue is either your funeral or your future now this is where I am and when you get to church like you just listening and it never reaches your mouth that means you examine it with the mind not with the heart so you got the mind of God but you don't have the heart of God so you do a lot of thinking and less thinking and only difference in thinking thang is drop the I get you out to Picture that's the only difference this where we close so I pulled up his name Satan's name then now I'm ready to minister cuz I feel like I've done my job for the 40 folk that I need to reach Satan's name of course we learn all of these names Satanas Diablos born to be crushed and all of that son of the morning Red Dragon all of these names but his original name name in the origin of his name was Halil is where we get the word hello looking folk see everybody go bed school now and how loud by itself means celebrity yeah Halil halau means to celebrate but how leo by itself means celebrity and because of the way he was created and the way that the Bible talks about all the colors of the wings he had all the gifts and talents it got to him he been said don't none of this up here worked without me and he began to influence everybody cuz he's gifted oh yeah he's talented you know he can speak every language cuz he's got sinners in every culture oh yeah speak to the German Heatley I mean he's degree they go everybody who now the Devils leaving some of y'all cut your pasta changing Lord I gotta praise Him Lord I got blue writing in my Bible red pink for this yellow and my tongue is empty you know that Halil Satan becomes a celebrity but the highest praise of God is hallelujah Oh y'all enjoy hallelu yeah which means the suffix yah is God Halil is to celebrate the middle is you hallelu yeah which means you came here to celebrate him not to be a celebrity now when you don't praise him you are basically saying I run this piece and once you do that you have done something greater than sinning Satan is going to hell for refusal to praise and all of you that are tongue conforming to that you ain't got to do all that jumping shouting you are preaching a demonic message because David said bless the Lord you don't want to preach this o my soul then he says and all look better in the Hebrew it means to exhaust all physical energy says and when you do that I will even renew your youth some of y'all that don't praise you looking all that 30 you looking old at 18 you are dying before your time you working hard just to make that money you a hustler baby you are breaking your neck just to stay afloat cuz you got an infection in your throat galley Joe you are messed up then you call some of us who jumped shout scream holla crazy but we the ones experiencing the benefits forget not all of the benefits praises come with benefits you can't even get benefits now cuz you don't have a job cuz you quit your real purpose of being created I am not doing all that and now that I have more than I've ever had I'm still praising them like I don't have it cuz I study Joe I could have it today and lose it all tomorrow but the devil is a lie y'all ain't talking to me cuz one thing that you don't know about me I'm quiet after church I don't talk on phones I don't return calls but when I walk in the house of God that other me just come right on now and that is the one that says open up your mouth and give God glory before you go home and your house has been vandalized your girlfriend cheating your dog got a disease and you wonder how did all this happen to me it came through the vehicle called silence

31 thoughts on “Dr. Todd Hall – Satan Is Not The Author of Sin

  1. The blind leading the blind will both fall into a ditch. Jesus said ,'My sheep hear My voice and a stranger they will not follow….'' l have never been able to hear Todd Hall messages nor the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking thru him. This is unsound doctrine.

  2. This man is a charlatan and a false teacher. He is arrogant, and self-important. Cussing, smoking and fornicating are human sins. Satan is NOT human. According to the Bible he is the power behind all of the sins of the flesh. Satan is not going to hell for sin? Again according to the Bible he is. The Bible says that hell was created for the devil and his angels. Sin is the transgression of the law! Satan was the author of sin. The verse he quotes from Romans "Through one man sin entered into the world" contradicts his premise. The text presupposes that sin was already in existence before it entered into the world. Satan according to Exek 28 and Isaiah 41 rebelled against God, defied God and wanted to be God! This is the origin of Sin. Satan then brought the same sin into the garden and taught Adam and Eve the same thing.

  3. Luke 10:19 "Jesus came down here, took a seat…" That is not what this scripture says.

  4. Man brought sin into the world, but Satan brought it into existence

  5. At least Creflo Dollar give you something to work with, when you listen to him preach the real truth…

  6. The devil is Also the author of confusion and this sounds like he's confused. Preach the word and get out of self…

  7. A nd he still doing it behind closed doors …. Smokers no smokers and drinkers

  8. That's not true! the first sinner to commit sin was Lucifer ! Iniquity was found in him saith the Holy Book !

  9. I was about to jump on the train that this is unsound theology and doctrine until he turned the corner about influence. If you pay attention he didn't say that Satan never told a lie or murdered, he named the stuff that we do prevalently. Please understand his point. Satan only has the power of influence, we act under the influence. Preach Hall

  10. The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work. 1 john 3:8
    You see People all you have to do is read the bible.

  11. You don't chase the devil prophet.. the Bible says resist the devil, and he will flee.. you pursue to recover what he stolen. Wake up congregations

  12. Man he's so twisted boy you better stop that stuff.. Satan is a liar deceiver and accuser of the brethren.. did we forget that he rebelled against God.. hmm.. isn't that a sin. And since Aiden can't do anything to God he messes with God's children.. come on prophet. Wake-up congregations

  13. People are so easily lead astray because it sounds good or deep. This is why God Compares his people to sheep; easily lead astray. Nobody wants to study.

  14. Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Lol Hahahaha Hahahaha Lol, I Just Love Prophet. Todd Hall & He's Telling The Honest Truth, And You Ain't Lying (Man of God) LoL hahaha (AMEN)

  15. Worship and praise is not isolated nor delegated to noise, shouting and lifting the hands. These have their place.

    Jesus said, "In vain do you worship me by teaching the doctrine of men."

    Therefore, worship is also found in the teaching of God's word.

  16. This man is sincere but knows nothing of scripture.

    Everything Todd is describing are the attributes of sin. Sin itself is iniquity, which is lust.

    Lucifer was perfect in all his ways until iniquity was found in him. He lusted for more power, more authority and lusted to sit in the place of the almighty and be worshipped.

    Lucifer the mighty lusted to be the almighty. He is the author of sin.

    James wrote that God does not tempt man to do evil. Why? He is not evil. So who tempts man to do evil? The author of evil, Satan.

    When lust is conceived it brings forth sin, and when sin is finished it brings forth death.

    Lucifer lusted to be like the Almighty. When his seed of lust was planted in the soil of his actions, he sinned and was cast out of heaven and fell to the earth like lightening.

    Satan crossed the line of redemption. He is reprobate, a blasphemer and is drunk from the fountain of abominations.

    He seeks to steal, and to kill, and to destroy all of mankind by his lust and sin infected anarchy against the Almighty.

    Don't follow this false prophet and his make believe ministry.

  17. There’s no way he actually believes this. This is the dumbest message I’ve ever heard! Why on earth are they standing?! My problem is that no one is stopping to compare what he’s saying the the Word. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. He isn't preaching a false doctrine. However he should have used for context and made more of a COMPLETE statement. Lucifer is the author of sin in its origin but he is not the author of sin into the world. Sin manifested in heaven and God booted satan out. However, satan made the suggestion, influenced the thoughts, and purposely tried to induce self inflicting rebellion. He was successful. But the choices of Adam and eve introduces sin into the world and that's the Prophets point. Its a matter of more complete context. He should just have clarified more but it seems he thought people would follow the context. So is satan the original author of sin period? Yes, but as for sin manifesting into the world satan is not. Remember what happened in Genesis…God addresses the snake that yielded his body to satan, eve for her role which is why women bear children in pain but He holds Adam ultimately responsible. Why? Becuz God was clear in His instructions to Adam. So Satan can make the suggestion, Eve can bring the fruit but only Adam can MAKE THE CHOICE TO DISOBEY….Hence "by ONE MAN sin entered the world…." So in context of what the Prophet is trying to convey man is the author of sin into the world but satan is the author of sin period and throughout. Yes satan lies and he is the father or "SOURCE" of them but man makes the choices to give into sin. Good teaching its just not complete in total context and understandably confusing or irritating or comes across as invalid to some. I see both sides of this issue. Also when the bible says he is murderer from the beginning lets not forget context. Satan didn't literally kill anyone at that time. The Word teaches that slander against your fellow brethren is murder. There's more than one type of murder which is to premeditate ending another's life literally and there's destroying your brother (or sister) with your tongue. satan is called "the accuser of the brethen" That's murder and he's been doing it since the beginning as scripture states. Jesus is our Elder brother announced discreetly in Genesis 3:15 and Satan has been trying to slander God, accuse God to His people and accuse people before God as seen with Job…..Context….objective context

  19. It's that church in mobile Alabama outside prichard Roberts place

  20. Issue is, the church has taught against "sin" for ever without defining what sin actually is. According to scripture, sin is transgression of the law. There is also iniquity which is perverting or twisting truth to convince yourself or others that sin is not sin. The church teaches that we are no longer under the law as "new testament christians". This is the issue. Now everybody is free to sin with out conviction. This is the true problem. He is right that satan has less power than the church likes to give him, but he is the orchestrator of the systems that lead people right i to sin, including the lie that we are no longer under the Torah.

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