4 thoughts on “Dr. William W. Wilson Talk 1 on Novel Oral Anticoagulants

  1. Why do these marketing reps for big pharma continue to lie about the Aristotle study and it is killing our elderly parents who still may have a great quality of life? Eliquis killed my dad in 9 doses. The VA DOES NOT USE NOACS…WHY?? BECAUSE IT KILLS..FAST…!! My dad successful on Wafarin for 21 years….has to stop for a period of time due to a blunt force blow to top of head by a thug…bleed out was stopped with vitamin k..praise the Lord…for 2 months dad works his butt off in therapy and 6 weeks from coming home..when an idiot doctor decided to put dad on Eliquis….the bleed out in top of head so bad… dad had massive seizures for 3 days around the clock..they stopped 2 hours before he passed…I am sick to my heart..and my mom was told they were putting dad back on "his blood thinner"..my mother would have never selected Eliquis with no antedote…but doctor did not have any dialog with mom as my dad's primary caregiver and power of attorney….now I promote to you…DO NOT LET DOCTORS FIX WHAT IS NOT BROKEN!!! AND DO MAKE SURE PATIENT /CAREGIVER APPROPRIATELY INFORMED!!

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