Dreamer by RocCity (spoken word poetry)

This is to all my dreamers out there A declaration to all my dreamers An oath if you will So listen up Dreamer I will not give in nor be persuaded I shall not let my mind be unwillingly raided With the negativity that the world can spew Telling me I can’t happen because it only happens to a few And I won’t answer them with hate, no, No, no, Cause I know it’s coming from their limited view Limited in the sense that they have no idea what’s inside of me The potential that resides in me, that resides in we, Reality? they said had called, I must have missed it Everything coming true, I’m a mystic Before this labelled a misfit Now I’m forging a rather large imprint This is foreshadowing at its finest From a measly peasant to your royal highness The world is created by the dreamers Who once were ostracized, kicked aside, and deemed extremists So let me reemphasize The world is created by the dreamers, by the dreamer, by the dreamers You have to fight for this it only seems fitting You can only lose if you let go otherwise you forever winning Oh dreamer, oh dreamer, oh dreamer Your vision is oh so mighty important Everything you see around you that’s man made Was made from a man’s vision that became true And if you persist in it..it will come through it will come to you So let failed attempts be lessons And not the destination Let failed attempts be blessings And not a reason for a lack of motivation Oh dreamer, oh dreamer, oh dreamer, You’re holding onto your ideals Even on those days when it feels out of reach And those will be the days when you look back Will be most sweet When you’re celebrating what once was said to be an unachievable feat Now get up and get on your feet Now get up and get on your feet ‘Cause once ‘Cause once they had no planes until the Wright brothers soar into their imagination Knowing that birds could not be the only ones that feel that Elation that human flight was possible Now we take it for granted every time we see a plane hovering through the sky Why? Once it was deemed impossible There were no telephones No internet no electricity no signals to intercept There were no cars, and railroads, across them oceans on them boats And once upon a time there was very little And would have stayed that way if those man creating wonders would have stopped In the middle But instead they challenged the status quo, even had friends turn into foes And all for the sake of a vision – that began with a dream And concluded with a dreamer making it seem oh so easy When it was anything but Hence the reason you too cannot give up Oh dreamer Oh dreamer Oh dreamer We shall reach our endeavour I said dreamer We shall reach our endeavour The time is now and the duration is forever I said dreamer, we shall reach our endeavour The time is now and the duration is forever Oh dreamer Oh dreamer Oh dreamer I See You Dreamer (End)

5 thoughts on “Dreamer by RocCity (spoken word poetry)

  1. Oh Dreamer we should reach our endeavor ..and our duration is forever! .. great work roccity 👍

  2. john s. as a musician/poet i am duly impressed with your message and delivery … something that needs to be heard to inspire in these uncertain times. keep it up.

  3. I hope this video inspired you get up and get on your feet. We need the dreamers, the ones to think of the impossible and make it possible. Stay positive and keep moving forward. Please leave a comment and if you liked my video I hope you'll subscribe.

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