Drina Fried Talks About Her Art and Writer Taylor Caldwell on Vegas Live with Ninon

welcome back to Vegas live with me nan and I and you know funny but when I look at what I'm sitting here with I've actually just got framed I think M of one of these pictures I'm going to stand still but I'm surrounded by these beautiful pictures there if each one is as good as the next they're absolutely beautiful and Drina is the young lady that has painted all these pictures on that face I'm quite sure that they all have a story because I can see one hair is in Vegas and they're probably this looks like it could be Hawaii I don't know they're all there on that looks like they're celebrating some some champagne or something so how are you I'm good bye thank you well as far as the pictures go these are embellished fabric collage and if you look really close like here you can see fabric fabric this is entirely fabric and then I embellish it with this is a little bracelet that broke from India so I put it as if it was on the floor so this is beautiful but this is this is actually a couple of bottles of champagne that's right a solid celebration we're going to celebrate so we're celebrating after this if you can look at the lights if the lights shine then you can see it in the thread that I sewed in here you can see all the lights of this no what do you mean so because this is all done on fabric this is this is done this happens to be done on paper everything else is done on fabric okay and that's it but that's why when you said so do you mean you actually just sew it a night I laid down all the fabric and then I went back and sewed over it that's why it's called embellished glass obviously I haven't seen that before I know they do a lot of stuff with weight my friends used to think I'm gonna be well-known for this but certainly not in my lifetime would you do something okay we're gonna go how well-known out that was this I call maintenance free aquarium okay and the reason is free aquarium which it was actually answers the question because you don't have to feed the fish because in picture form did I get it right if you have an aquarium you're glad not to have to do it well they must have had one at one time and didn't know too much what I had a goldfish and then this is organza so you see behind it all the UH trams in it and all the different kind of but I did this for 20 years and I have a storage room full of my art and all of a sudden my brothers and I got the rights to Taylor Coughlin novels enough any of you know of Taylor Kawa you're probably a rarity but back in her day who was Taylor called you see even Ninon doesn't know am I now a lot of people she knows a lot of people Taylor crowd was about 40 books okay and this is about Genghis Khan Taylor cold with I think if I remember rightly I believe my brother or sister knows them if I remember rightly it says to look and pass so what do you do you look at your past got to read the book and as matter of fact in May I'm three different days which I hope will be on the screen at some point they are down pricing three of her books okay for a dollar ninety-nine usually their price like ten ninety nine to forty nine and and ebooks yes and my manager and I are going to go on a cruise to the Panama Canal on one of the ships that seems to go in the Holland American line I don't know if the euro dam was going and then but I'm hoping maybe some people want to come we'll have a little book club of those three books absolutely twenty years ago made you get involved with Taylor Cold War well she's my grandmother I'm her so now that the plot is opening up okay so now so that was your grandma and if I remember rightly when we're very young we seem to love our grandmothers because grandmothers never actually tell you not to do anything oh this wind yes oh she did oh she deals Church with you she was a little more strict than most grandmother's well especially were you naughty I saw that she was a naughty little girl I was smoking yeah I started when I was 16 but then I quit smoking in 1980 but I started you know that other little kind of cigarette which one you know the kind that isn't well you can so I can say marijuana of course your job and it took me you so you smoke marijuana for did the marijuana give you the creativity to paint all these pictures and now that into the okay what marijuana but marijuana did for me was I was afraid to swim under under water and swim in the water yeah I did it and and then but then I didn't need anymore and then I found myself addicted to it and so I weaned myself so you think that people can get addicted to marijuana I do for you do okay so what was the because you're going back some years how old were you when you started taking marijuana twenties I was 33 so you're stuck so very young on those days you know yeah back a little bit it wasn't gonna be that popular as it is now well there was a period when it was or with all the flower children yeah so so do you think that you kind of had a very different life and it was it was a two-year thing and then I thought and moved to Bakersfield I was a school psychologist for 32 years in Bakersfield I had a friend there say because I happen to know Baker sir what often nobody was babe I know Baker's fellow really sure anymore well there's nothing happening there Wow you work there you make a decent wage yeah st. the wage yes and then I got my doctorate and I worked as a posting psychologist and there's an impact so don't you have that very well-known hotel there the Fox no no no no that that's the cadre the Padres a very one of yes what leaves have the presidents used to go into this particular hotel I'm not see I do know it you do yes I'll just go through it no but this beautiful hotel because my husband and I we own some property in Paris so we Paris which was Riverside the other side so we were used to drive but we would drive through there at night early night we have to another and you'd come down the hill that race fine and it's beautiful and I was over sadness that you would never think this hotel was in Bakersfield in a million years it was so gorgeous it was like being in an old English mansion actually it wasn't gorgeous absolute gorgeous so how old were you when you started painting and started doing all this well when I was the school psychologist there was a teacher there a hummock teacher and she was teaching people how to sell and so I started when I was 15 I started 15 well hanging in a second how I'm looking off you're how old you are now but you don't look 50 soon okay this is a cool story but she lies I mean that guy I don't think I woman well yeah a young woman well no so wait so you went into obviously you ended it back up a little bit so so I brought my fabric in and I know you make a pair a pair of some silk I had I want to make a pair of pants and she said it she wanted to start me off with something easy I said no pair of pants 15 years later I had all this fabric and you know little snippets of things so I decided to back it with glue he'd said it how did you learn to play reading and then when I was starting to win some prizes in Bakersfield some artists there said we want you to come in our group and then they taught me to they told you yeah so was it's kind of something you fell into yes it was like a hobby well my grandmother Taylor Caldwell always said she wanted to be an artist but there was no money in it but I made my money people make money in Austria but my minuscule it would be one of those well you see this picture of yes the original is about like that so what I did and it took me about this took me about a month to do this about a month and a half there's a chandelier that's got all these diamonds and things it's the embellishment but the original is in one of my favorite what do you call them mentors no no patrons has the original is about like that so I took a picture of it shrunk it down so this is actually not the original no no but I took the the print and then I embellished the print and somebody's buying that and so I can make a little bit of money I'm hopefully he's gonna buy it Thursday or maybe this weekend I'm just out of curiosity how much for you $200 for that better than $100 right haha that's frame 200 now I wanted let's go all the way back again you obviously went to school for psychiatry and all this stuff to psychology psychology comes in your wet lab to university for that I went to the UOP which is in Stockton and then I was told you'll never finish your dissertation if you move too far from where you're getting that and I needed to make some money so I did my year of residency in Stockton and then I moved to Baker's and so you are able to make a good living and at that time were you doing any of these painting while you hadn't even started that you ever get an urge to do some to do something and I would do one or two and that'd be it yeah yeah yeah but because I didn't and I'm feeling that you have in your life you haven't quite done everything you wanted to do no you kind of the kind of sorry y'all have a bucket list my bucket list has been filled as we go along I'm had that very very very lucky one we're going going to the Panama through the Panama Canal was on my bucket list that's why I went through the panic on Panama Canal accidentally I never knew I was going through it when I was on a cruise with another girl because I was we were doing a modeling thing and everything from England to Jamaica right you know that was wrong and we were going through the Panama Canal oh wow well I'm gonna pay attention this pay good attention it's quite I mean you know the boat goes in to dry and you know the water comes out and then all the water goes in and off it goes alligator I don't notice you know it's go from one level to another so we're going to from Fort Lauderdale through the pin Rock and I'm we're turning around and going back a 10-day cruise oh I I might take a couple because I'm sure you wanna go few more no but you can have an exhibition you could burn up the cruise line I'm askin if there can have a if you can have an exhibition on there if that's an idea that works I would be but they have it all the time they have it all the time so this might be nice because it's unusual it a little different a couple of shots of Vegas so it might be a little different for people to see on the cruise and you know maybe it will pay for your critical maybe if they think oh please free I don't know man free I used to speak on the cruise and they gave me two tickets I so you want speaker as well as a psychologist as I spoke what was your main thing in psychology that you really hit every time when you're with people when you were trying to obviously help it that's a good getting rid of negative emotions getting rid of negative emotions I think that's the greatest thing cuz I miss positive I'm known as miss positive I'm always the part yeah we all have some sadness and fear and grief but that even when we do good talk embellish on it no but we can discharge it privately and then be free of it yes I think just get rid of all because it doesn't really get you anywhere no that's why you want to be rational relax just had a restful this is a guy on my show Jake and he was young Vince pictures rather for four years and didn't speak to his father for you for four years he now calls them every single day and I thought he told me that he had said I said you wanted to do and he said well I didn't speak to them and I said well that was probably yo you can't hurt not their mom sure ladies well but now they're happy together again and he regrets that he regrets those that he regrets those eight years so you know so I think holding of garage with anybody is what I feel is a waste of time because the only person who starts with yourself that's right it doesn't hurt anyone else think about it as if you if you learn how to release your emotions safely without hurting yourself and without hurting anybody else but not at that person then you can be more warm and relaxed and interested when you're with them it's not loving life it's like my brother says you know we get in arguments every now and then but but we always forget it oh you knew it my favorite my favorite saying is that we are not arguing we're having a discussion right and I said there's no such thing you're having your opinion and I'm in talking to my opinion as Ron you're entitled to go so I guess that's how it kind of works out yeah did you like doing that work I know you're still doing it no I'm not I'm not I got fired all when I moved from Bakersfield back here to Vegas I didn't want it they wanted me to go back to school after I had my doctorate and in order to get so you didn't so I did this for 20 years and now I'm ready to so would you really blow now she's ready for something I'm not quite sure what it is what are you really an American out there I come yeah oh you're ready for fun well I am I am I'm always wasn't an vicious woman and I want to be but don't ever stop I want to have two goals and one hip goals but I also want to have fun and I want to have people but why did you have fun with the goals why would the goals be nekkid eyes but I'm learning that's gonna be negative absolutely and that's what I'm doing I used to work 16 give me her lessons oh well that would be funny yeah 13 16 hours a day was it way too much weight but that's what you wanted to do at the time I know you think about it I think I've me know what's to do in Bakersfield I don't quite know good for that all that time it's soaking work breakfast lunch and dinner there the people there are very nice like they are here yes but it's very sort of quiet well I came from a place caught in a man called talky and that was also very quiet so I moved out when I was 16 I was gone I went to London oh I said I want a better place but anyway how can people reach you for your paid to buy a painting or they can get letit my telephone number I don't mind if you want to give me a number oh you can do whatever you want you can contact me at art by dreama D RI and a calm and that's where my website is okay and there's also an interview about Taylor Caldwell and I think this woman is fascinated Taylor calls many folks Anthony I don't know if she was really well known out though he was extremely well known as a matter of fact you know who discovered her Maxwell Perkins who also discovered after Scott's fist put strong and Ernest Hemingway and he advised her to only use part of her name Taylor cog well because they wanted to disguise it and everybody was going around after in 1938 her first novel was there before out I'm definitely selling novel then that everybody said Oh Taylor Carla he's such a great writer oh I just love to read his stories did you read the next one and then year after year they waited for the next one and then after when it finally came out that she was a woman what did it was good when you kept saying yes that's what they said they finally came out and and there was what I forgot what I wanted to quote it exactly they just said there was a public stir when people discovered Taylor Caldwell was a woman and there was a time when you know she was known as Cicero of our time because one of her books the color of iron was about Cicero another one's I think thanks hon she's written spiritual novels about fascinating woman grasses fabulous our mothers always are I love my two grandmother's they were fascinating yeah well you've been a fabulous guest I love your art of plants another Rock keep it on what she's doing she's our such a busy lady and you might catch up with her on that Cruise Lines is it this isn't the Euro den this is on the Holland America January 26 through February 5th because you can be on that cruise we'll talk about her books and you can maybe get some of them now for only a dollar ninety-nine certain days if she knew that price should ton in a grave I'm quite sure 99 was quite a bit of my boy in those days that's all the good way of looking at all things everybody yes she's been absolutely amazing little different angle on art books and everything will be right back biggest irony none

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