Du er //Visual Poem

You are her who smiles at everyone in the room Her who says yes And is a part of it all You are her with all the ideas A prodigy of creativity You are her who is missing when you are not there And her who we gather around when you are I would like to be you And I will start from today Can I take a picture of you? And hang it on the wall? You don’t have to answer Cause I don’t want to take it down I don’t just want to be something I want to be someone, …you said So I would like to be you Do you know that feeling? Where did you learn to be like that Where did you learn to move your fingers like that And laugh like you do Where did you learn to sit like that And look so pretty I have learned it all from you I saw you yesterday actually You passed right by me I stood by the cold display counter and you stood by the vegetables I saw what you bought And then I bought the same I thought about how we in this exact moment were alike That our hands had touched the same fruits And that we later both put them in our mouths With the fruit juice dripping from our chins And then it came to my mind that we tasted of the same in this moment and that i coud taste how it was to be you right now And then I became you In a way.. But where was I?

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