Dunlap Poem

The poem we will be reciting is:
Why did you come to school today? by Julia Ansley Why did you come to school today? Did you come to learn, or did you come to play? Did
you come to smile or to wear a frown? Are you here to build or to tear things down? Will you be a minus or another plus? Are you here to help and work with us? Or do you need
a vent for your frustration over all the wrongs in our homes and nation?
Are you here to reach out and unite? Or are you often a person who needs to fight? Are
you simply in school because you’re forced to come? Do you know that education helps
to make someone educated and verbal, ready for a job so you don’t have to go out to
beg or rob? You come to school to learn things that you
really need to know. You must study and learn and your skills will grow. Stop fighting and
fussing and join the team that works hard to spread the American dream.
The teachers can’t possibly do it all! You’ve got to have pride, and stand up tall.You’ve
got to first want to be someone then to study and learn and get the job done. The way to
improve things is to be a star, instead of crying and hating where you are. Instead of
hating yourself and those around you, try improving yourself and the things that surround
you. Learn to read, write and spell. Learn to add
and subtract. Learn to work a computer and you’ll improve, that’s a fact. Follow
rules, do your work, cooperate and obey these three things guarantee that you’ll have
a nice day! It shouldn’t matter if others disrupt class
and act like fools. It’s the followers and “wannabes” who cause problems in our schools.
No matter what you do in class, no matter what you say. The most important question
to ask yourself is, “Why did I come to school today?”

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