Earth Day (Global Warming) | Spoken Word Poem

Those small blades of nature are always at
the ready to fight Their green vibrancy is an ode to the sunlight
They fought for the beauty they represent But we, we were hell bent to maim it all
We are nothing more than barbarians unable to understand the beauty that sleeps in front
of us in all its splendour We think we are above these pieces of exquisiteness
And thus we render everything to nothingness and that darkness back into convenience
We stepped away from the chain that bound us to the ground we walk on, we deluded ourselves
into thinking our weapons of destruction are wings of comfort to fly us to a place where
we burned everything that could hurt But in the process we lost our home and told
our eyes our hearts are wrong, because who wouldn’t want to be confined by walls of
stone Our fear of discomfort has even made you fear
being alone We turned death into a business and nature
into a variable in an economy convincing itself it’s a constant
Parasites feeding off its host, claiming they found lines that display ownership of something
they are too greedy to share Manmade constructs conquer the skies and ruin
the stars Poison the air and desecrate each piece of
beauty they may find Social constructs binds our fate to a path
it may never leave behind Our greed extends to levels unbecoming of
logic And society will always tell you, you cant
fight a company Because laws are there to protect currency,
humanity is secondary The same company that produced chemical weapons
for war produces your food, the banks that give you your money give it to countries as
too, and you think its all good But NOW we want to change, NOW we want to
do better Now its time for us to try something new
Change is only necessary after we have exhausted the resource
Our hindsight right now is only 5/20 the consequences of what we have done, will fall on our heads,
karmic retribution will come Our evolution has eroded our birthplace

6 thoughts on “Earth Day (Global Warming) | Spoken Word Poem

  1. Laws protect the currency. So true. ✋🏼👊🏼😀❤️ Awesome piece 👏

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